Zip Tie for Quick Brake Bleeding

In order for your machine to perform well, a properly bled and functioning front brake is critical. Small air bubbles often get trapped in the brake line and interfere with the performance of your brakes. Letting the brakes bleed out overnight, or even for a few days, can help that performance. While this tip is no replacement for brakes that need to be fully bled or have the fluid replaced, it’s an easy way to keep your brakes fresh and responsive when they are sagging just a little. All you have to do is simply pump your break lever and pull it towards the bar. While holding the lever in, slip a zip-tie around the grip and lever, then let it sit. This will bleed out those little bubbles. Make sure to pull or cut the zip tie off before you take the bike off the stand for the next outing. Take a look at the video below for a simple demonstration.

If it really is a full brake bleed that you need to get your brakes working like they should, check out our in-depth article for a video and a tutorial on how you can get the job done.

By Jay Clark