Race Gas Corner

Race Gas is a program we offer to powersport clubs or events (such as races and rallies) at no charge. Club or event organizers collect the names of individuals who sign up for the club or event. Once Rocky Mountain ATV/MC receives this list, we send out a $10 RM Cash account credit to every person on the list. (Information from this list is not used for any other purpose.) That’s it! It’s a great way to promote clubs and events while simultaneously offsetting the cost that members or attendees have.

Every participant is eligible. Competitors at local races can get a free $10 gift card. Riders at rallies can get a free $10 gift card. New members to clubs can get a free $10 gift card. And here’s the best part: We offer this program at absolutely no charge to the club or event organizers. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. We’ll even send along materials to advertise the program and help boost attendance or membership.

If you’d like more information, you can visit our official Race Gas page or send an email to [email protected].

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas Promotion Poster

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my gas?
The Race Gas program doesn’t actually dispense gas or gas credits. Instead, you receive a $10 RM Cash credit on the account tied to your email address at www.RockyMountainATVMC.com, which can be used to purchase gear, parts or accessories. It cannot be used to purchase fuel. The Race Gas name suggests that since participants must carry the cost of their gas to ride, it would be nice to receive some sort of compensation. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC provides this compensation in the form of account credit.

Can I use my Race Gas credit on any order?
There are no restrictions on what products your credit can be used for, and there is no minimum required purchase.

If I race three different classes, do I get the $10 credit three times?
No. Due to the way the program is set up, only one $10 credit may be provided to a single participant per event. If you race multiple times in a single event, you will only receive one gift card.


We can’t think of a quad racer around in our Kams ATV Series here in Kansas that doesn’t appreciate the Rocky Mountain Race Gas program. It makes every one of us a winner! The Rocky Mountain Race Gas program is a proven winner! From our racers to the sponsors to their mechanics, the benefits have been outstanding! The Race Gas program is a great way that Rocky Mountain ATV helps us give back to our racers that come to our Kams Series races. You definitely can’t go wrong with the Race Gas program for any off-road series. – Dion Priddy

The Race Gas program is really a unique one and extremely popular with the riders of AMRA. Aside from the generous support from RMATV/MC, it’s amazingly easy to use; simply provide the list of racers from an event and RMATV/MC does the rest. I can’t say that there’s an easier or more popular sponsor program that AMRA works with. I was extremely pleased to see it continuing this year and hope it continues for a long time. – Mark Smertneck

WHR Motorsports has had the privilege of being involved with the Race Gas program for the last three seasons. Thank you for sponsoring our NW Arenacross Nationals Tour, NW Flat Track Tour, Stateline Supermoto Challenge and Evel Knievel Days races. The riders have had numerous conversations about how great it is to get something back at the races. The riders have used this program to purchase new gear and parts to help offset their racing costs. WHR Motorsports is proud to be sponsored by Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Thank you for your continued support. – Lee Collins

I would like to thank you for the Race Gas program, I have 3 boys who race/ride motocross, and the Race Gas program is like getting free money every time we go to the track. With the economy like it is, this really helps. Thank you for giving back to the riders. – Sherry Robbins

My husband and I have been part of the Rocky Mountain Race Gas program for two years now and it has been amazing! What seemed at first like it was too good to be true has helped us so much with our racing budget! We have purchased tires, parts and gear with the credit, and they’re delivered right to our doorstep. Thanks Rocky Mountain! – April Montello

I love racing motocross, but it is an expensive sport with all the parts that wear out and/or break. With the Race Gas program, it’s great to know Rocky Mountain has our backs! Thanks Rocky Mountain! – Jeff Whitaker