The Red Bull RedBud race is an annual 4th of July tradition, something that the locals – and to be truthful, the entire motocross community in America – looks forward to every year. 2014’s event proved to be an exciting one, full of great racing and a number of good battles for the podium spots. In the end, however, it was the existing points leaders who were able to press forward and take the wins in both the 450MX and 250MX classes.

450MX Report

Trey Canard has had a season of living in the shadow of the giants, but RedBud saw that change. In the first moto, he fought diligently with Ryan Dungey over the top spot and even passed him. However, Ken Roczen – the overall points leader – wasn’t going to allow them to battle without him. After coming from a less-than-favorable start, he pushed past the top competitors to get just behind Canard and Dungey – and then passed them as well. Roczen moved on ahead, leaving Canard and Dungey to struggle for 2nd place, not 1st. In the end, Canard took 2nd over Dungey.

In the second moto, Roczen started off better and took the holeshot, but Canard wouldn’t let him get away so easily. Canard quickly took the lead. The two traded places a number of times, but after a few laps of this, Roczen was finally able to pull away, unchallenged for the rest of the race. Behind them, Eli Tomac and Dungey were having their own battle for 3rd. Canard crashed, and while it didn’t end his race, it did allow Tomac and Dungey to move past him, and he wasn’t able to regain the lost ground before the end of the moto. In the end, Dungey wasn’t able to beat Tomac and took 3rd place.

450MX Results

194Ken Roczen^KTM1150280
23Eli TomacHonda424080
35Ryan Dungey*KTM3340254
441Trey CanardHonda2440226
529Andrew ShortKTM5532134
633Josh GrantYamaha6630159
722Chad ReedKawasaki8727132
824Brett MetcalfeKawasaki7827168
910Justin BraytonYamaha1092342
1011Kyle ChisholmYamaha13131647
1180Fredrik NorenHonda17101572
1248Ben LamayYamaha12151570
1344Matthew GoerkeKTM11161559
1454Christian CraigHonda14141414
1534Malcolm StewartHonda93212120
1639Ryan SipesKTM23111026
177James StewartSuzuki39129196
1827Nicholas WeyKawasaki161799
19606Ronnie StewartSuzuki1534612
2095Evgeny MikhaylovKTM1819525
2177Jimmy AlbertsonKTM3618332
22123Kevin RookstoolKTM192326
23761Cade ClasonHonda4020112
24131Noah McConahyHonda202615
25168Tucker HibbertHonda242100
26452Sean Hackley, Jr.KTM292202
27987Matthew BabbittHonda262400
28993Austin WagnerHonda282500
29285Tony ArcherKawasaki252700
30950Nathen LaPorteYamaha302800
31861Eric MontreuilYamaha342900
32841Jeffrey WalkerKTM333000
33140Johnny MooreHonda313100
34945Michael StrykerSuzuki273300
35881Jerry Lorenz IIIYamaha323500
36869Robert LindYamaha373600
37219Shane SewellKTM213700
3892Kellian RuskYamaha3538034
3940Weston PeickSuzuki38390131
40535Joey PetersYamaha224001

*Moto 1 Holeshot
^Moto 2 Holeshot

250MX Report

Matt Bisceglia took the holeshot in the first moto, and he managed to stay in 1st throughout the opening lap. However, on the second lap, he was passed by Christophe Pourcel and became largely irrelevant for the remainder of the race (as far as podium positions go). With Pourcel came Jeremy Martin, who had his sights on reestablishing the dominance that he set in the beginning of the season. Pourcel went down, allowing Martin to take the lead. Before long, Blake Baggett was in 2nd. Baggett made multiple attempts to pass Martin, but in the end, he just couldn’t take over the top spot. Jason Anderson managed to move into 3rd place by the end of the race.

The beginning of the second moto saw Jeremy Martin, Cooper Webb and Justin Bogle all battle for the lead position. All three of them stayed close for several laps, but then Bogle went down, and Webb pulled ahead. Webb and Martin struggled throughout the remainder of the moto, but Webb maintained the spot and pulled off a moto win. Meanwhile, Marvin Musquin – who has always been one of the top contenders, but has never managed to land on the podium this season – made his way into 3rd.

250MX Results

119Jeremy MartinYamaha1247250
225Marvin MusquinKTM4338181
317Jason AndersonKTM3438167
44Blake BaggettKawasaki2736222
537Cooper WebbYamaha14132227
615Dean WilsonKawasaki952864
721Cole SeelyHonda8628143
855Alex MartinYamaha692798
932Justin BogleHonda51225191
1035Justin HillKawasaki10824127
1130Kyle CunninghamHonda71520100
1296Matthew Bisceglia*Honda13141578
13267Anthony RodriguezYamaha15131434
1471Zachary BellHonda11171483
1543Joseph Savatgy^KTM19101369
16377Christophe PourcelYamaha391110176
1750Jessy NelsonHonda12419125
18371Dakota AlixKTM1619725
19410Jace OwenHonda1818610
2047Kyle PetersHonda3716548
2191Jacob BaumertKawasaki1723421
2270Brady KieselHonda4120120
23874Zack WilliamsHonda202518
2462Mitchell OldenburgHonda362107
2578Matthew LemoineKawasaki3522055
26418Erki KahroKTM222400
27353Kody KammHonda252600
28273Conner ElliottHonda242700
29620Brad NaudittHonda232800
30449Dakota KesslerHonda402907
31243Joseph DalzellKawasaki333000
32798Cody GraggYamaha273100
33421Vann MartinHonda213200
34904Jarett PesciHonda323300
35683Brandon RiehmKawasaki283400
3683Dakota TedderKawasaki343503
37479James CoenHonda303600
38791Dillon FinleyHonda313700
39975Jake LobergKawasaki293800
4099Justin StarlingHonda383907
41826Matthew BurkeenKTM264000

*Moto 1 Holeshot
^Moto 2 Holeshot