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The Lombard 2 jeans are a great choice for casual rides. Shanda Hurst photo.

When fit, style, protection and quality craftsmanship combine in a piece of riding kit, I feel like I’ve hit the jackpot. One of the latest items to provide that sense of striking it rich are the REV’IT! Lombard 2 jeans.

The Lombard 2 is one of the best pairs of jeans I’ve tested all year, hands down. To start, the jeans completely deliver as a transition piece off the bike. The look is indistinguishable from a normal pair of denim and the REV’IT! regular fit cut is stylish without being too tight. One of the biggest gripes I have with jeans designed for riding is when they’re too baggy or have exterior seams above and below the knees (just don’t like the look), so the Lombard 2 is already ahead of the game on these two fronts.

REV'IT! Lombard 2 Jeans Review 1
The regular fit Lombard 2 jeans are true-to-size and comfortable on and off the bike. Shanda Hurst photo.

Construction quality is superb. The seams that do exist utilize safety stitching, a method designed to prevent ripping at weak spots in the event of a crash. REV’IT! goes even further at the fly, with triple stitching in this area for even more resilience. These touches are unnoticeable when wearing the jeans.

The highly flexible SEESMART CE-level 1 protectors at the knees are nearly as inconspicuous also. This impact armor forms naturally to the body and takes up minimal space in the interior pockets. I can hardly tell it’s there when on or off the bike and it doesn’t affect the fit or look in the slightest.

REV'IT! Lombard 2 Jeans Review 2
Length was a tad long, but rolling the cuffs was a quick, easy solution and a strip of reflective material is revealed to improve visibility. Shanda Hurst photo.

The 12.5-ounce Cordura denim is combined with COOLMAX fabrics, creating a multi-functional chassis aimed to protect and provide comfort. In use, this means you get denim that feels as if it’s a heavy-duty cotton such as you’d find at a department store, yet with up to four-times better abrasion resistance when compared to standard 12.5 ounce denim. The COOLMAX component allows for improved breathability. They’re as comfortable as a standard pair of jeans but built to withstand a slide across the pavement, in other words.

As such, they were the perfect complement to the autumn riding season in southern Oregon on the Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer, and during my day on the XSR700 in San Diego. From 50 to 60-degree days up to the idyllic mid-70s of Southern California, the Lombard 2 jeans were an exemplary choice. I stayed cool without getting cold and remained cozy in every dry condition I rode in. These aren’t a waterproof option, like REV’IT!’s Orlando H2O jeans, but would be a reliable three-season piece of kit when the sun’s shining.

REV'IT! Lombard 2 Jeans Review 3
High quality construction down to every seam. Shanda Hurst photo.

Another nice touch is the double-layered PWR|shield in the seat and knees, a reinforcement to improve cut and tear resistance. Here again is an element that creates rigidness and bulkiness in other jeans, but in the Lombard 2’s this safety measure integrates seamlessly.

All these elements would be worth dirt if it weren’t for the fact that the Lombard 2 jeans fit really well. I went for my standard 32-inch waist, 32-inch inseam and they are almost faultless. The waist and legs aren’t too tight, so no uncomfortable Euro-size surprises, and the length provides plenty of coverage when in the ride position. The 32-inch inseam is a bit longer than I need, but a slight cuff roll solved that problem.

REV'IT! Lombard 2 Jeans Review 4
The 32-inch waist is spot on, not too tight and not too loose. Shanda Hurst photo.

Thankfully, I’ve not been in circumstances to test the durability in a crash scenario, but the construction, high-grade materials and fit give me as much confidence as I’ve ever had in a pair of riding jeans of the Lombard 2’s ability to mitigate injury during an off. As for style, these are jeans I’d gladly wear day-in and day-out. I am particularly keen with the Dark Grey option, but for a more traditional look REV’IT! does offer a Dark Blue version also.

Pricing is a little steep at $229.99, but the cost does get you an excellent piece of kit. When it comes to safety, a little more money can result in a higher degree of protection. For me, that’s worth it.

REV'IT! Lombard 2 Jeans Review 5
Price may be a little steep, but the REV’IT! Lombard 2 jeans are a worthwhile investment. Shanda Hurst photo.
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The Lombard 2 jeans are quite comfortable in action. Kevin Wing photo.

REV’IT! Lombard 2 Jeans Highs & Lows

    Fit is true to size
    Quality protection in a low-key design
    Three-season capable
    Leg length is a tad long in my normal size
    Price may be prohibitive for some

REV’IT! Lombard 2 Jeans

MSRP: $229.99
Sizes: 32-38
Colors: Dark Grey, Dark Blue
Warranty: One year with optional two year coverage with product registration