Sand Hollow Dunes St. George Utah

Few things are better than putting the paddle tires on and hitting the sand dunes. Hours of riding with the ability to go just about anywhere at any speed are just two of the reasons I love the dunes. Here in Utah, we are lucky to have three sand dune recreation areas, recently my brother and I decided to hit the Sand Hollow dunes. Sand Hollow is located 20 minutes outside of St. George in the southwestern part of the state. I love this area because there are so many things to do: ride the dunes, hit the lake and camp – all within minutes of each other. We were spending the weekend in town and planned to hit the dunes on Friday, expecting it to be a little less busy than Saturday. However, the rest of our crew had some plans, and we forgot our flags so we pushed it back a day which gave us time to drop by the Rocky Mountain dealership in town to look at machines and pick up flags.

St. George Utah Sand Hollow State Park

Room To Ride

We arrived early Saturday morning, and I was surprised that our rig was the first one in the staging area. With it being a long weekend, I expected to see a lot more riders. I do suggest arriving early because it can take a decent amount of time to get past the guard gate when busy. One of the primary reasons that I love the dunes is you can go anywhere. Choose a line and go… for miles. We headed to the primary section of the dunes right off the bat, looking for some hills to climb as well as some jumps. The Sand Hollow dunes often have abrupt inclines and lips which makes finding the right dune for jumping a little more difficult when looking for a jump with a good runways. However these smaller-lipped dunes are great for jumping off of as most are not to very tall.

St. George Sand Dunes

Just over 15 minutes into our ride, I saw something black in the sand that looked like a part. Sure enough, it was my brother’s shift lever. Not far ahead of me, my brother was looking around in the sand for it. We were lucky that we were able to find it; otherwise it would have cut a great trip way too short. Using a handy tool kit under the seat, we had it back on, and we were on our way. We spent the bulk of our ride exploring the dunes along the perimeter. The dune portion of this park can be ridden in a half-day depending on how long you stay in each area. The surrounding trails system can keep you busy for an entire weekend, so I suggest you bring your dirt tires if you plan on riding for an entire day. After exploring the bulk of the dunes, we went down a few of the surrounding trails until we no longer felt comfortable with our paddle tires as sand turned to dirt.

Enjoying the Dunes

Once we had explored the outer edge we zig-zagged across east to west looking for places to jump and fun hills to climb. There are several large climbs and tons of bowls to fly around in. Throwing a great roost at the peak of a dune is what this type of riding is all about for me. During the ride we found two jumps that we really enjoyed; both had a good runway and landing. While neither of us are great jumpers, we still had a blast and spent well over 30 minutes at each. Below is a picture and some footage of my brother hitting the better of the two jumps we ran across.

Sand Hollow Dunes Utah


Short But Sweet

While we only spent a half-day riding, we had a great time. The Sand Hollow dunes are a ton of fun, have amazing views and are perfect for off-season riding due to warmer weather in this part of the state. Early spring and late fall are ideal. I love that several sections of the dunes are lined by red rock formations like this one:

Sand Hollow Rocks

The entire park is incredibly beautiful with its deep red sand and scenic surroundings. I suggest leaving the paddles at home or keeping your dirt tires close by as a lot of trail riding can be accessed via the dunes. If you want to take a long weekend to ride the area, there are several places to camp within the park. You can follow this link to learn more about extended stays.

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By Jared Oldham