RMFantasySX Winners Attend VIP Customization Trip for New Kawasaki KX™450F and KX™250F Bike Prizes

The Custom-Built Kawasaki Bikes for the RMFantasySX Winners
The winners of RMFantasySX received custom-built Kawasaki bikes.
Photo credit: Michael Lindsay

Jeff Lambe and Kenny Wagner received 1st and 2nd place in www.RMFantasySX.com this year, respectively. On June 16-17, they attended a special event at the Pro Circuit headquarters in California to customize new Kawasaki bikes. Jeff was awarded a KX™450F, and Kenny was awarded a KX™250F.

RMFantasySX Winners and Their Bikes
Jeff and Shannon Lambe and Kenny Wagner show off their new Kawasaki bikes.

The inaugural year of RMFantasySX was a huge success. Nearly 32,000 Monster Energy Supercross fans participated, trying to predict each event’s 1st-5th standings (along with a wild card). With new prizes every week, RMFantasySX was a popular subject in the industry, even among major personalities like former supercross star Jeff Emig.

The most excitement was generated over the prizes for the two overall season winners – a fully customized 2014 Kawasaki KX450F and KX250F. It was an exciting competition all the way to the finish. The overall winners were determined in the final round.

The season’s continual shakeups in the standings made things interesting for RMFantasySX participants, and with double points awarded during the East Rutherford round, it was uncertain who would end up on top. Ultimately, Jeff landed in 1st with 721 points, and Kenny achieved 2nd with 715 points. Kenny actually moved from 6th place to 2nd in the final round.

The Kawasaki bikes were prepped in the Monster Energy Pro Circuit Kawasaki race team’s shop.

“For its first year, RMFantasySX was an incredible experience,” said Dan Thomas, CEO of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. “A lot of supercross fans were able to engage with their favorite sport on a level that they never had before. But it’s especially exciting to see the end results – two lucky winners received brand new, fully customized bikes. We’re extremely pleased with the results of RMFantasySX for 2014 – and I think it’s safe to say that Jeff and Kenny are as well.”

During the trip, Jeff and Kenny shared their strategies for winning. In the end, the only strategy they had in common was simply to play the game. One chose to make picks the moment they were open; the other chose to make his just before the races started. One chose to stick to a consistent set of racers week after week; the other chose to mix it up as much as reasonably possible. In fact, Kenny didn’t even start playing until after the first round was completed. If anything, their diverse strategies proved that any supercross fan with enough enthusiasm to play the game every week could win.

To learn more about RMFantasySX, the winners, and the trip to Pro Circuit to customize their new bikes, check out this video from the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC YouTube channel:

Considered an overwhelming success by participants, RMFantasySX will return again next year for the 2015 season.

The Two Customized Dirt Bikes
The fully customized Kawasaki bikes stand ready at the Pro Circuit headquarters.
Photo credit: Michael Lindsay