Rocky Mountain ATV/MC to be Title Sponsor of the Spring Hero Racing Series

Sprint Hero Series in 2018

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has recently signed with Podium Promotions LLC to be the title sponsor of the newly AMA Sanctioned Sprint Hero Racing series. The series features 10 rounds across five events and will take place at venues across the west in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Podium Promotions LLC first introduced sprint enduro racing to the West in 2018 and the events quickly gained popularity across the racing community. Inspired by existing sprint enduro style races, the format of the Sprint Hero Racing Series includes two “special tests” that racers in each class will attempt to race three times each for a total of six special tests per day, per rider. The first test is the Cross Test and is primarily a sand or grass track. The second test is the Enduro Test, a primarily off-road race course. Riders compete one at a time in each test, leaving the starting line in 20-second intervals and competing against the clock instead of other riders. At the end of the day, the rider with the fastest combined times wins. Points are accumulated based on overall finishing positions and are awarded each day of a round. Overall points at the end of the season will determine the championship winner.

Part of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC’s involvement as title sponsor of the Sprint Hero Racing series includes awarding $10 in Race Gas credits to every competing racer for each weekend that they attend. This is provided through Rocky Mountain ATV/MC’s Race Gas program, which provides credits that can be used for any product on the website.

“The Sprint Hero Racing program is an incredible new type of racing for the West Coast and we are excited to be the #1 program,” says Sean Reddish of Podium Promotions LLC. “Sprint Hero has partnered with the AMA for 2019 to promote our core mission: developing and sending America’s best racers to represent the USA at the ISDE events held annually. The champions will be awarded AMA #1 plates. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is a valuable partner in helping ensure Sprint Hero Racing is the most professional sprint racing program in the country. Each racer will get valuable Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas credits for each weekend.”

“We’re happy to partner with Podium Promotions LLC to sponsor the Sprint Hero series,” says Dan Thomas, CEO and Founder of Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. “The sprint format provides a fun twist for racers to focus on speed and go all out on the track. It’s an innovative and exciting way to race, and we are glad to be able to play a part in supporting this new series in the West.”

The 2019 Sprint Hero Racing series began on January 5 in Devore, CA, at Glen Helen Raceway. The next event will take place on February 16-17 at Canyon MX, in Peoria, AZ. For more information, please visit For more information about the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Race Gas program, please go to