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Supercross is back in SLC for the final two rounds, and the RMFantasySX season is coming down to the wire. If you need help getting some last-minute advice, you’re in the right place. Tune into the SXperts LIVE on Friday, and catch up on all the stats and trends below.

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SLC 1 2021 Track Map

Atlanta 3 Race Recap

  • Cameron McAdoo had a rough night
  • Cooper Webb came in with another last-minute pass on Ken Roczen
  • Plessinger got another top-5 finish

Round 15 Results

  • 1st – Cooper Webb
  • 2nd – Ken Roczen
  • 3rd – Eli Tomac
  • 4th – Aaron Plessinger
  • 5th – Justin Barcia
  • WC (13th) – Broc Tickle

Atlanta 3 2021 Lap Chart

Rider Trends

  • Cooper Webb, Ken Roczen, and Eli Tomac have won every round since Justin Barcia won round 1 – can anyone else get a win this season?
  • Your lowest score will be dropped after round 16 if you made picks for every round up to this point

Track Trends

  • Long start straight
  • Several rhythm lanes
  • Decently-sized whoops section


  • Adam Cianciarulo and Zach Osborne are out
  • Justin Bogle is still injured
  • Kyle Chisholm and Mitchell Oldenburg are banged up
  • Vince Friese missed last round with broken ribs

Top Contenders

Points Standings

  • Cooper Webb: 339
  • Ken Roczen: 323
  • Eli Tomac: 299

Cooper Webb

  • Last five finishes: 1-1-3-6-1; Last five starts: 1-2-2-2-3; Last five qualifying: 3-5-9-6-7
  • Won ATL 3 despite qualifying in 7th – that’s the worst qualifying he’s had in a round he won since round 13 in 2019
  • Is 16 points up on Ken Roczen right now – was 18 points ahead of Eli Tomac heading into the last 2 rounds in 2019 when he won the championship
  • Has seven wins in the 15 rounds this season
  • 2021 average finish: 2.67
  • Took 1st or 2nd in 6/7 SLC rounds last season and led laps in five of those rounds
  • Needs just 37 points over the last two rounds to lock down the championship – essentially average a 4th-place finish
  • Has three more wins than Ken Roczen despite leading 33 less laps than him this season

Cooper Webb at Atlanta 3 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Ken Roczen

  • Last five finishes: 3-2-9-1-2; Last five starts: 3-1-10-1-2; Last five qualifying: 4-3-7-2-3
  • Has led 44 laps over the last four rounds but won only one of those rounds
  • Average 2020 SLC finish: 4.57; start: 4.28
  • Took only one podium at SLC last year – won round 15 after qualifying 2nd
  • Has finished exactly one spot ahead of where he’s qualified in four of the last five rounds
  • Has only one holeshot this season
  • Has led laps in 7/15 rounds this season
  • Has taken 2nd 5X this season

Eli Tomac

  • Last five finishes: 2-3-1-5-3; Last five starts: 2-4-4-8-6; Last five qualifying: 1-2-6-5-6
  • Averages season to season:
    • 2021: Start = 6.33, Finish = 4.33
    • 2020: Start = 7.48, Finish = 2.57
    • 2019: Start = 6.43, Finish = 3.57
    • 2018: Start = 5.14, Finish = 5.56
    • 2017: Start = 4.76, Finish = 3.35
  • Has the fifth-best average start this season and third-best average start
  • Has only started better than 4th in one of the last six rounds
  • Hasn’t gotten a holeshot since round 4 – his only holeshot this season
  • Did well in SLC last season – won 2/7 rounds and was off the podium only 1X

Eli Tomac at Atlanta 3 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Spoilers & Wildcard Watch (7th)

Aaron Plessinger

  • Last five finishes: 6-9-6-8-4; Last five starts: 8-11-1-13-1; Last five qualifying: 16-14-3-8-14
  • Has gotten the holeshot and started in 1st in two of the last three main events
  • Finished 10 spots better than where he qualified last round
  • Is finishing an average of five spots ahead of where he qualifies
  • Has led laps in two of the last three rounds
  • Finished between 9th-12th place in SLC last season

Justin Barcia

  • Last five finishes: 4-4-10-4-5; Last five starts: 12-3-14-6-4; Last five qualifying: 2-8-8-10-9
  • Didn’t have the best results in SLC last season – best finish was an 8th and he got two DNFs
  • Has the fourth-best average finish (6) and sixth-best average start (6.87) this season
  • Has gotten four holeshots this season but hasn’t gotten one since round 9
  • Has finished exactly where he qualified only once this season – 9th in round 2
  • Is finishing an average of three spots ahead of where he qualifies
  • Has finished out of the top 5 in only one of the last six rounds

Malcolm Stewart

  • Last five finishes: 13-6-11-21-6; Last five starts: 7-10-8-6-7; Last five qualifying: 9-6-4-12-4
  • Has taken 6th 2X in the last four rounds but hasn’t been in the top 5 since round 9 at Daytona
  • Did well in SLC last season – made the top 5 in 3/7 rounds
  • Has started worse than 10th only once this season
  • Has taken 7th 2X this season

Malcolm Stewart at Atlanta 3 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Dylan Ferrandis

  • Last five finishes: 8-7-5-11-7; Last five starts: 11-12-15-9-13; Last five qualifying: 8-9-11-7-8
  • Has finished 6th-8th place 6X this season
  • Has taken 7th in two of the last four rounds
  • Has made the top 5 only 2X this season
  • Made the highest number of passes of all riders last round
  • Hasn’t started better than 9th in the last 5 rounds
  • Did not finish in the top 5 in any of the three rounds that he qualified in the top 5

Chase Sexton

  • Last five finishes: 5-21-2-2-10; Last five starts 4-6-3-3-8; Last five qualifying 6-1-2-3-2
  • Has started worse than 6th in only two of the nine main events he’s been in this season
  • Won 3/5 SLC rounds as a 250
  • Has the fourth-best average start of all riders this season (5.11)
  • Has an average finish of 12.25 when starting 6th or worse this season (4X)
  • One of the nine riders to lead laps this season – has gotten close to winning two rounds

Jason Anderson

  • Last five finishes: 7-5-4-3-14; Last five starts: 19-7-8-7-14; Last five qualifying: 5-7-1-1-1
  • Got penalized 3 positions for cutting the track after crashing with Dylan Ferrandis last round
  • Has not led laps since round 8 last season
  • Does well in SLC even though he suffers from extreme elevation sickness
  • Was in the top 5 in 5/7 rounds in SLC last season – led 15 laps in the final round before he lost his seat
  • 2021 average start: 10.5
  • Has finished in 6th-8th place in 7/15 rounds this season
  • Has only made the top 5 only when qualifying 7th or better this season (3X)

Jason Anderson at Atlanta 3 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Marvin Musquin

  • Last four finishes: 22-7-7-9; Last four starts: 10-7-4-10; Last four qualifying: 11-14-9-11
  • Has taken 7th in two of the last three rounds and 3X total this season
  • Has made the top 5 only 3X this season and not since round 8
  • Has not made the top 5 in any rounds where he qualified worse than 7th
  • Has started in the top 5 4X this season but only finished in the top 5 in two of those rounds
  • Has finished exactly two spots better than where he qualified in the last two rounds

Joey Savatgy

  • Best finish of the season was 7th in round 10 at Arlington
  • Has finished 8th 4X this season and in two of the last four rounds
  • Hasn’t finished more than four positions away from where he qualified more than once this season – don’t pick him for the wildcard if he’s qualifying in 12th place or worse
  • 2021 average finish: 11.13; 2021 average start: 10.6; 2021 average qualifying: 11.87

Dean Wilson

  • Got his best finish of the season last round (8th)
  • Has finished only 8th-10th in the last six rounds
  • Last three finishes: 10-9-8 – can he continue the trend to take 7th?

Dean Wilson at Atlanta 3 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Prize Recap

It’s getting close to the end, so here are some of the last weekly prizes that you can win:

  • 1st – Cylinder Works Standard Bore Cylinder Kit – Up to $908.95 MSRP
  • 2nd – MSR Gear Set: Jersey, Pants, Gloves and Helmet – Up to $479.80 MSRP
  • 3rd – Moto-9 MIPS Helmet – $419.95 MSRP
  • 4th – Moto Stuff Blade Oversize Brake Rotor Kit – $318.00 MSRP
  • 5th – 1 Set of Bridgestone Battlecross Tires – Up to $270.95 MSRP
  • 6th – Cycra $250 Spending Spree
  • 7th – Fox Casual Spending Sprees – Up to $200.00
  • 8th – LS2 Subverter EVO Helmet up to $199.98 MSRP
  • 9th – Fly Racing XC100 Hydro Pack, Extra Bladder and Offroad Pack – Up to $169.85 MSRP
  • 10th – Acerbis $150.00 Spending Spree
  • 11th – 100th – $10 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Gift Card

And, just in case you forgot, here are the grand prizes that you’ve been playing for all season:

  • 1st: Race-Prepped KTM 450 SX-F Factory Edition
  • 2nd: Race-Prepped KTM 250 SX
  • 3rd: Dunlop MX 33 Tires for a Year
  • 4th: $2,500 RMATVMC Spending Spree
  • 5th: Alpinestars Gear and Casual Spending Spree
  • 6th: Tusk Megabite Tires/Wheel Kit
  • 7th: Milestone Video Games Supercross 3 the Game, 4K HDR TV, and Console
  • 8th: Fly Racing Gear Package
  • 9th: STACYC Stability Cycle and Accessories
  • 10th: Motion Pro Tools Prize Pack

450SX Start at Atlanta 3 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

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