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With only three races left in the season, it’s time to dig deep and score some RMFantsySX points to win one of the grand prizes! Tune into the SXperts live on Sunday and keep reading this article to get some help doing just that.

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Race Recap

  • Ken Roczen and Cooper Webb battled through their heat race – Webb pulled his signature look back at Roczen after crossing the finish line in 1st
  • Martin Davalos has been putting in some impressive rides
  • Eli Tomac got a bad start and spent most of the race trying to recover
  • Justin Barica and Malcolm Stewart both crashed out of the race
  • Cooper Webb led the entire race from start to finish

Round 14 Results

  • 1st – Webb
  • 2nd – Osborne
  • 3rd – Tomac
  • 4th – Baggett
  • 5th – Roczen
  • WC (7th)- Anderson

450SX Lap Chart for SLC 4

SXperts’ Points

  • Christian didn’t submit his picks?!
  • Chase: 51 points, 653 total

RMFantasySX Stats

  • Average score: 36.7
  • There were no perfect scores this round – our streak is over
  • Only three players got five picks correct
  • 53% of players had at least one pick right
  • 33% of players had Cooper Webb picked to win – 62% had Eli Tomac
  • 73% of players had Ken Roczen in their top 5
  • Only 21% of players had Blake Baggett in their top 5 despite him qualifying fastest
  • 65% of players had Zach Osborne in their top 5 somewhere

450SX Start at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo


  • Adam Cianciarulo is out

Top Contenders

Eli Tomac

  • Has won 6 of the last 10 rounds
  • He’s 27 points up on Cooper Webb – Webb would have to gain 9 points on Tomac every round going forward to take the title
  • Has led laps in 8 of the 14 rounds this season
  • Has finished exactly where he qualified in the last two rounds
  • Last three main event starts: 12-3-9
  • Still hasn’t finished worse than 4th overall since A1
  • Has only won rounds that he qualified 2nd or better at – qualified 3rd last round and didn’t win
  • Has the best average finish per gate drop (2.44)

Ken Roczen

  • Last four overall finishes: 5-10-5-3
  • Last four overall starts: 2-5-8-8
  • Has fallen off pace and lost spots at around lap 15-16 in the last two rounds
  • Has finished in the top 5 every time he’s qualified in 5th or better
  • Has finished within 3 spots of where he’s qualified in the last 6 rounds
  • Could hang onto a top-5 finish if he gets a top-3 start

Ken Roczen at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Cooper Webb

  • Has finished on the podium in every standard round this season except one (12th at STL)
  • His fastest lap was faster than Eli Tomac’s last round
  • Has taken 1st or 2nd place in the main if he qualified in 4th
  • Has led 44 laps over the last three rounds (had only led 5 up until round 12)
  • Last four overall finishes: 1-2-1-2
  • Last four overall starts: 1-2-2-6

Jason Anderson

  • Last four overall finishes: 7-3-4-4
  • Last four overall starts: 7-4-7-13
  • Fell back to 13th place at the start of the race and made it up to 7th by lap 14
  • Has not led a lap in standard rounds this year
  • Has only been out of top 5 3X this year
  • Doesn’t spend a lot of time in the 1st – has only led 5 laps this season
  • Still hasn’t finished better than 3rd overall all season

Zach Osborne

  • Last four overall finishes: 2-4-3-5
  • Last three overall starts: 1-1-3
  • Had his fastest lap in lap 10 last round – that was the latest for any rider
  • Qualified in 10th place last round
  • Kept his lap times pretty consistent last round – worth putting him in the top 5
  • Has qualified as far back as 17th and still finished in the top 5 (4th overall at A2)

Zach Osborne at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo


Blake Baggett

  • Qualified in 1st, started in 4th, and finished in 4th in the main last round
  • Hadn’t been in the top 5 since round six
  • Says his body is becoming acclimated to the elevation and new bike changes have helped
  • Has qualified as far back as 16th this year and still made the top 5

Martin Davalos

  • Last four overall finishes: 6-8-11-6
  • Last four overall starts: 8-8-6-7
  • Has only made the top 5 once this season – qualified in 9th that round
  • Ran in the top 5 from laps 6-10 last round before being passed by Eli Tomac

Dean Wilson

  • Last three overall finishes: 8-6-6
  • Last three overall starts: 13-11-5
  • Needs a good start to place in the top 5
  • Average start per main event gate drop for 2020: 10.56
  • Has started in the top 10 only once in the last four rounds

Dean Wilson at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Malcolm Stewart

  • Last three overall finishes: DNF-5-7
  • Last three overall starts: 9-6-20
  • Has finished one position better than where he qualified the last two rounds
  • Was making passes last round before he left the track because of mechanical issues

Wildcard Watch (14th)

Vince Friese

  • Last four overall finishes: 15-16-16-18
  • Average overall finish for 2020: 12.89

Tyler Bowers

  • Took 14th last round but placed 20-21-20-21 before that…
  • Has finished 14th-15th 4X this year

Chad Reed

  • Last four overall finishes: 11-14-17-19
  • Last four overall starts: 5-14-14-15
  • Ran in 5th place for six laps last round and stayed in the top 10 until lap 19
  • Average finish per main event gate drop for 2020: 16.71

Chad Reed at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Benny Bloss

  • Last six overall finishes: 10-13-13-13-12-13
  • Has started in 14th place or worse in every main he’s raced this season – means he’s usually working his way up to 14th
  • Average finish per main event gate drop for 2020: 14.4

Justin Hill

  • Average finish at SLC: 13.5
  • Last four overall finishes: 13-15-10-16

Kyle Cunningham

  • Last four overall finishes: 19-19-15-14
  • Last four overall starts: 20-22-13-19
  • Has gone to the LCQ in 3 of the 4 SLC rounds

Broc Tickle

  • Took 17th place last round
  • He’s got the speed to make it – riskier wildcard pick

Broc Tickle at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Kyle Chisholm

  • Last four overall finishes: 16-18-18-15
  • Last four overall starts: 18-17-12-21
  • Average standard round finish for 2020: 17
  • Has gone to two LCQs in SLC

Prize Recap

Here are the prizes we’re giving away this week:

  • 1st – Cylinder Works Standard Bore Cylinder Kit + Supercross 3 Video Game – Up to $959.94 MSRP
  • 2nd – 6D ATR-2 Helmet – Up to $695.00 MSRP
  • 3rd – 2 Sets of Bridgestone Battlecross Tires – Up to $528.30 MSRP
  • 4th – TLD SE4 Composite Helmet – Up to $479.00 MSRP
  • 5th – Fly Racing F2 Carbon MIPS Helmet – Up to $299.95 MSRP
  • 6th – Pro Honda Prize Pack – Up to $270.74 MSRP
  • 7th – $250.00 Acerbis Spending Spree
  • 8th – Fox Casual Spending Spree – Up to $200.00
  • 9th – ODI CFT Podium Handlebars & (2) Two Sets of V2 EMIG MX Lock-On Grips – Up to $195.85 MSRP
  • 10th – Bell MX-9 MIPS Helmet $169.95 MSRP
  • 11th – 100th – $10 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Gift Card

If you haven’t signed up to play RMFantasySX, it’s still not too late to play. You may not win a grand prize, but we still have plenty of exciting weekly prizes coming down the pike. Click the link below to sign up, and get your picks in before the main event begins.

Cooper Webb Wins at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo


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