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The SXperts return this week to talk all things Supercross and San Diego. Plus, Team Rocky Mountain ATV/MC-KTM-WPS manager Michael Byrne calls in to weigh in on the season. Check it out.

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San Diego 2020 Track Map

Oakland Race Recap

  • Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen battled for the win
  • Cooper Webb passed Ken Roczen for 2nd place in the last lap
  • Justin Barcia had bike issues in the heat race – had to get an engine
  • Blake Baggett was fast in his heat race
  • Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen are the only riders who have led laps in the main over the last three rounds
  • Adam Cianciarulo finished in the top 5 again
  • Dean Wilson and Justin Hill rode to strong top-10 finishes – best finishes of the year for both of them

Oakland Results

  • 1st – Eli Tomac
  • 2nd – Cooper Webb
  • 3rd – Ken Roczen
  • 4th – Adam Cianciarulo
  • 5th – Jason Anderson
  • WC (13th) – Brayton

Lap Chart Oakland 2020
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

SXperts’ Points

  • Christian: 80 points, 155 total
  • Chase: 51 points, 235 total

RMFantasySX Stats

  • 46.7% of users picked Eli Tomac to win – 34% had Roczen
  • 66% of users had Adam Cianciarulo in their top 5 – 16% of those users had him in 4th
  • 16 users got a perfect score
  • 69.8% of users had at least one pick right
  • 34% of users had Vince Friese in the WC – only 2.6% had Justin Brayton

San Deigo 2019

  • Was a mudder
  • Controversy with lime in the dirt
  • 2019 Results:
    • 1st – Eli Tomac
    • 2nd – Marvin Musquin
    • 3rd – Ken Roczen
    • 4th – Justin Bogle
    • 5th – Chad Reed

San Diego 2019 Podium
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Injury Report

  • Justin Bogle, Chris Blose, Chad Reed

Track Trends

  • A lot of triples around the track
  • Ken Roczen and Cooper Webb have history in San Diego– Webb’s pass last week may be setting the stage for more action
  • Back-to-back whoops section separated by a 180° turn with a 180° sand section right after

Top Contenders

    Ken Roczen

    • Average start is 2.14 – three spots better from the next rider at 5.14 (Jason Anderson)
    • Still has the best average finish per gate drop this year: 2.14
    • Has won four out of the seven main event gate drops this year
    • The only rounds he hasn’t finished 1st or 2nd place in are the ones he qualified worse than 4th at
    • Has gotten a holeshot in the last two standard rounds
    • Took 3rd place in San Diego in 2019 and ended his season there in 2018 after crashing into Webb and getting him arm sucked into the rear tire
    • Had a minor injury to his foot after coming together with Webb in Oakland

    Eli Tomac

    • Has won the last two standard rounds
    • Has qualified in 2nd place every round
    • Has led laps in the last three rounds
    • Won in San Diego in 2019 and DNF’d there in 2018 after colliding with Roczen at the start
    • Has the ninth best average start (9) but second best average finish (3.25) in standard rounds
    • Was the only rider to average under 60-second lap times at Oakland last week

Eli Tomac at 2020 Oakland SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

    Justin Barcia

    • Last three overall finishes: 6-5-9
    • 3rd in overall points
    • Has only made the top 5 this year when qualifying 8th place or better
    • Has the exact same average start per gate drop (7.71) as Eli Tomac
    • DNF’d at San Diego last year and took 8th place there in 2018
    • Is tied with Jason Anderson for the third best average finish in standard round this year (4.5)

    Jason Anderson

    • Has the exact same average start (6.75) and finish (4.5) as Justin Barcia in standard rounds this year
    • One of the fastest riders this year to have not led any laps
    • Has only finished in 3rd place and 5th place this year
    • Has been getting decent start (average of 5.86 per gate drop) and is still finishing better than where he’s started every standard round
    • Didn’t race San Diego in 2019, dominated there in 2018

Jason Anderson at 2020 Oakland SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

    Cooper Webb

    • Last three overall finishes: 2-4-3
    • Last three main event starts (Triple Crown rounds included): 4-2-2
    • Has been in the top 5 in every round this year except for STL
    • Double whoops section this week could slow him down
    • Hasn’t led any laps this year
    • Has taken the podium in both rounds this year that he’s qualified in 6th place or better at


    Adam Cianciarulo

    • Only has two top-5 overall finishes this year despite qualifying fastest every round this year
    • Has the second best average start (5.14) per gate drop this year
    • Has the fifth best overall average finish this year (4.75)
    • His worst overall finish this year was at the Triple Crown
    • One of the five riders to lead laps in a standard round this year – led seven

Adam Cianciarulo at 2020 San Diego SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

    Malcolm Stewart

    • Finished in 10th place last week – three previous overall finishes were 7-8-6
    • Ran in 11th place from lap 4-18 last week
    • Starts in standard rounds are hurting him – average standard round start is 11.5

    Justin Brayton

    • Finished in 13th place last week – four previous overall finishes were 6-7-8-8
    • Finishes an average of two spots ahead of where he qualifies

    Zach Osborne

    • Has finished poorly in the last two rounds: 11-18
    • Has been getting mostly solid starts in standard rounds this season: 5-3-1-13
    • Has made the top 5 this year even after qualifying as far back as 17th place
      • He can get a good start – harder for him to avoid mistakes and not fade

Zach Osborne at 2020 Oakland SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Wildcard (8th)

    Malcolm Stewart

    • His average overall position this year is exactly 8th
    • Finishes of this year have been 6-7-8-9-10 (not in order)
    • Average finish per gate drop: 8.14
    • Finishes an average of one spot behind where he qualifies at standard rounds

    Justin Brayton

    • Has finished between 6-8 in four of the five rounds this year
    • Finishes an average of 1.5 spots better than where he qualifies in standard rounds
    • Took 8th place back-to-back this year (A1 and STL)

    Blake Baggett

    • Average overall standard round finish: 9
    • Has only finished better than 9th overall one time this year (4th at A1)
    • Last four overall finishes: 9-14-10-9
    • Starts have been inconsistent in standard rounds this year: 13-2-10-8
    • Finishes an average of two spots better than where he qualifies in standard rounds

Blake Baggett at 2020 Oakland SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

    Justin Hill

    • Finished in 8th place at Oakland after qualifying in 7th place
    • Finishes an average of three spots behind where he qualifies in standard rounds
    • Has qualified and started in the top 10 at every standard round this year

    Dean Wilson

    • Last two standard round finishes: 7-10
    • Has started in 8th place in the last three standard rounds
    • Ran in 8th place for 11 of the 21 laps last week

SXperts’ Picks

Christian Chase
1st Eli Tomac Eli Tomac
2nd Ken Roczen Ken Roczen
3rd Blake Baggett Jason Anderson
4th Jason Anderson Adam Cianciarulo
5th Cooper Webb Blake Baggett
WC Dean Wilson James Stewart

Note: Christian and Chase reserve the right to change their picks.

The Start of the 2020 Oakland SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Prize Recap

Take a look at prizes we’re giving away this week:

  • 1 – Shoei VFX-EVO helmet – Up to $529.00 MSRP
  • 2 – 2 Sets of Bridgestone Battlecross Tires – Up to $528.30 MSRP
  • 3 – $400.00 Acerbis Spending Spree
  • 4 – $300 Pivot Works Spending Spree
  • 5 – Pro Honda Prize Pack – Up to $270.74 MSRP
  • 6 – Fox Shuttle Roller Gear Bags – Up to $239.95 MSRP
  • 7 – 100% Armega Goggle, Tear-Offs and Replacement Lens – up to $205.00 MSRP
  • 8 – Fly Casual Spending Spree – Up to $200.00
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  • 10 – Bell MX-9 MIPS Helmet $169.95 MSRP

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  • 4 – Dunlop MX33 Tires for a Year
  • 5 – Alpinestars Casual/Gear Spending Spree
  • 6 – Tusk Impact Wheel Set and Honda Generator
  • 7 – Fly Racing Gear Set
  • 8 – Milestone Video Game Prize Pack
  • 9 – Motion Pro Tool and Accessory Package
  • 10 – Oakley Goggles and Sunglasses

Eli Tomac Whips Over the Finish Line at 2020 Oakland SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

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We’ll be back for the first East Coast round next week.


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