The 48th Baja 1000 took place November 20-21, following a loop that started and ended in Ensenada, Mexico. This concluded the 2015 season of the SCORE World Desert Championship.

Pro Moto Unlimited Report

Colton Udall had enough of a lead in points that merely finishing would be enough to win the championship. However, that didn’t stop his team from going full force. The number 5X was the first motorcycle to cross the finish line. Ricky Brabec’s team came in 2nd, followed by Francisco Arredonde.

Udall won the championship by a large margin. Mark Samuels came in 2nd for the year, and Brabec finished the season in 3rd. The difference between Samuels and Brabec was only four points.

Pro Moto Unlimited Results

Pos.No.Rider of RecordBikePointsOverall
15XColton UdallHonda132375
21XRicky BrabecKawasaki126321
345XFrancisco ArredondeHonda122152
43XMark SamuelsHonda119325
521XDustin McCarthyHonda117197
614XRaul HernandezKTM116277
781XJoseph JepsenKTM115115
813XRicky de la PenaHonda114114
935XNick GustKTM113231
107XJoseph WingfieldHonda112112
DNF11XUlises FierroKTM4141
DNF6XGarrett PoucherHonda4060

Pro Moto Unlimited 2015 Standings

Pos.No.Rider of RecordPoints
15XColton Udall375
23XMark Samuels325
31XRicky Brabec321
414XRaul Hernandez277
535XNick Gust231
621XDustin McCarthy197
745XFrancisco Arredonde152
881XJoseph Jepsen115
913XRicky de la Pena114
107XJoseph Wingfield112
1119XScott Meyers77
1213XJon Winlelman74
1320XJose Carrasco73
148XCR Gittere72
156XGarrett Poucher60
169XArnulfo Verdugo57
1726XJim Owens52
1811XUlises Fierro41

Pro Quad Report

Javier Robles Jr finished in 1st almost three hours ahead of the next team, which was Francisco Vera. The only other team in the class that started was Gustavo Ameca. As a result, they got 3rd even though they didn’t finish the race. All three teams finished in those same placements for the overall season standings as well.

Pro Quad Results

Pos.No.Rider of RecordQuadPointsOverall
11AJavier Robles JrHonda125335
27AFrancisco VeraHonda119319
DNF49AGustavo AmecaHonda45194

Pro Quad 2015 Standings

Pos.No.Rider of RecordOverall
11AJavier Robles Jr335
27AFrancisco Vera319
349AGustavo Ameca194
412AOscar Ruiz81
516AJuan Sandez56
617ASaid Meza53
73AJuan Gonzales32

1900 Pro UTV Report

Terry Hui took 1st place for the pro UTV class. Brandon Schueler followed up in 2nd, and Justin Lambert placed 3rd. Over half of all entries in the class didn’t even finish.

Schueler’s excellent finish allowed his team to jump to the top of the overall standings, allowing them to win the championship. Derek Murray’s team placed in 2nd for the season. Scott McFarland’s team placed 3rd.

1900 Pro UTV Results

Pos.No.Driver of RecordUTVPointsOverall
11971Terry HuiPolaris144319
21932Brandon SchuelerPolaris138439
31908Justin LambertPolaris134172
41939Dan FreshPolaris131131
51923Benjamin BischoffCustom129129
61904Cory SappingtonCan-Am128293
71949Alonso LopezPolaris127320
81927Ben WilsonPolaris126295
91922Tyler BackusPolaris125125
101917Derek MurrayCustom124428
DNF1921Johnny AngalPolaris53301
DNF1918Michael CafroPolaris52198
DNF1930Sean CookPolaris51160
DNF1958George FelixPolaris5050
DNF1924Raul GonzalezPolaris49244
DNF1915Thomas GravesPolaris48190
DNF1943Tom LongshorePolaris4747
DNF1942Scott McFarlandPolaris46348
DNF1910Ryan McIntirePolaris4545
DNF1988Wes MillerPolaris4481
DNF1916Cody NygrenPolaris43126
DNF1961Cody RahdersPolaris4242
DNF1903Jaime RomeroArtic Cat41131
DNF1901Greg RowUnknown4040

1900 Pro UTV 2015 Standings

Pos.No.Rider of RecordOverall
11932Brandon Schueler439
21917Derek Murray428
31942Scott McFarland348
41949Alonso Lopez320
51971Wayne Matlock319
61921Johnny Angal301
71927Ben Wilson295
81904Cory Sappington293
91924Raul Gonzalez244
101918Michael Cafro198
111915Thomas Graves190
121908Justin Lambert172
131930Sean Cook160
141903Jaime Romero131
151939Dan Fresh131
161923Benjamin Bischoff129
171905Marc Burnett127
181916Cody Nygren126
191922Tyler Backus125
201952Jonathon McVay86
211937Marc Behnke85
221911Rodolfo Navarro82
231946Jose Juarez81
241988Wes Miller81
251906Alejandro Rodriguez73
261909Roberto Balderrama64
271958George Felix50
281943Tom Longshore47
291910Ryan McIntire45
301961Cody Rahders42
311901Greg Row40
321938George Felix36
331920Aaron Montufas30
341980Scott Webster21