The 49th Annual Baja 1000 took place November 15-20 on an 850-mile loop starting and ending in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico.

Pro Moto Unlimited Report

Colton Udall crossed the finish line first in the Pro Moto Unlimited class, and his team was actually the first to do so outside of the Trophy Truck class. Ray Dal Soglio finished a little more than 30 minutes later – impressive considering the race lasted over 18 hours for these racers. Francisco Arredondo followed up in 3rd.

While Udall needed to finish the Baja 1000 to take the SCORE championship, he didn’t need one of the top finishes. However, his win both added another Baja 1000 victory to his belt and secured the 2016 championship. Arredondo finished the year in 2nd, while Dal Soglio placed 3rd overall for the year.

Pro Moto Unlimited Results

Pos.No.Rider of RecordBikePointsOverall
11XColton UdallHonda129350
23XRay Dal SoglioHonda123302
345XFrancisco ArrendondoHonda119322
437XKevin MurphyHusqvarna116300
514XRudolfo PatronHonda114114
688XJorge RamirezYamaha113113
735XNick GustYamaha112112
825XAbel BurguenoHonda111111
DNF10XSkyler HowesYamaha40113

Pro Moto Unlimited Season Results

Pos.No.Rider of RecordPoints
11XColton Udall350
245XFrancisco Arrendondo322
33XRay Dal Soglio302
437XKevin Murphy300
515XLarry Serna134
614XRudolfo Patron114
788XJorge Ramirez113
810XSkyler Howes113
935XNick Gust112
1025XAbel Burgueno111
1112XRobert Allen72
1246XMax Eddy57
1347XTroy Vanscourt52
147XBraxton Gallian51
156XJay Rabjohn30

Pro Quad Report

Javier Robles Jr finished a dominating year with another victory. Not only did he finish as the first quad, but he had an impressive 23rd overall finish. Of the 22 competitors that placed higher, only seven were not in the Trophy Truck class (four of which were motorcycles). Said Sanchez finished over five hours later, placing 2nd. Charles Laviolette placed 3rd in the class.

With a win at each of the four SCORE events this year, Robles easily took the championship. His greatest rival was Sanchez, who finished the year in 2nd. Due to the high amount of points awarded at the Baja 1000, Laviolette placed 3rd for the year.

Pro Quad Results

Pos.No.Rider of RecordQuadPointsOverall
11AJavier Robles JrHonda125340
27ASaid SanchezHonda119312
333ACharles LavioletteYamaha115115

Pro Quad Season Results

Pos.No.Rider of RecordPoints
11AJavier Robles Jr340
27ASaid Sanchez312
333ACharles Laviolette115
412AOscar Ruiz79
53AHeriberto Marquez55
618AAndres Amaya25
79AJuan Dominguez20

Pro UTV Turbo Report

The Pro UTV Turbo class had 21 entrants, but only six of them managed to finish the grueling race. It was Branden Sims who took the win, followed by Wayne Matlock and Brandon Schueler. Cory Sappington missed out on the podium by only three minutes, an incredibly low margin for a race that took his team 24 hours to complete.

The Baja 1000 was a disappointment for Marc Burnett, who was leading the class in points prior to the race. After suffering a DNF, he was pushed back to 4th overall for the year. Meanwhile, for Scheuler, he jumped from 4th to 1st in the overall standings. Murray took 2nd for the year, while Sappington placed 3rd in championship points.

Pro UTV Turbo Results

Pos.No.Driver of RecordUTVPointsOverall
12913Branden SimsPolaris141171
22971Wayne MatlockPolaris135229
32919Brandon SchuelerPolaris131316
42904Cory SappingtonCan-Am128285
52918Justin LambertPolaris126214
62917Derek MurrayCan-Am125316
DNF2921Johnny AngalPolaris4090
DNF2923Tyler BackusPolaris4070
DNF2920Scott BergenCan-Am4040
DNF2905Marc BurnettPolaris40253
DNF2975Mike CafroPolaris40240
DNF2930Sean CookPolaris40120
DNF2974Sheldon CreedArctic Cat4040
DNF2977Justin ElenburgCan-Am4040
DNF2947Levi GilkisonCan-Am4040
DNF2906Aaron QuesadaPolaris4040
DNF2916Cody RahdersPolaris40173
DNF2933Todd RomanoArctic Cat4040
DNF2903Jaime Romero SrArctic Cat4040
DNF2945Jeff ScolmanCan-Am4040
DNF2910Scott TraftonPolaris40187

Pro UTV Turbo Season Results

Pos.No.Driver of RecordPoints
12919Brandon Schueler316
22917Derek Murray316
32904Cory Sappington285
42905Marc Burnett253
52975Mike Cafro240
62971Wayne Matlock229
72918Justin Lambert214
82910Scott Trafton187
92916Cody Rahders173
102913Branden Sims171
112930Sean Cook120
122921Johnny Angal90
132936Jacob Carver79
142923Tyler Backus70
152920Scott Bergen40
162974Sheldon Creed40
172977Justin Elenburg40
182947Levi Gilkison40
192906Aaron Quesada40
202933Todd Romano40
212903Jaime Romero Sr40
222945Jeff Scolman40

Pro UTV Report

The victory for the Pro UTV class went to Rhys Millen. Not only did he finish 1st in his class, he also finished before any of the Pro UTV Turbo competitors did. Kristen Matlock and Dodge Poelman placed 2nd and 3rd in the Pro UTV class.

While Alonso Lopez didn’t manage a podium finish at the Baja 1000, his 4th was enough to solidify his position at the top of the charts, and he won the class championship. He was the only competitor in the class to finish all four races this season. Matlock jumped up from 5th to take 2nd overall for the season. Daniel Parker recorded two DNFs this season, but combined with a finish at the Baja 1000, he managed to get into 3rd in championship points for the year.

Pro UTV Results

Pos.No.Driver of RecordUTVPointsOverall
11967Rhys MillenPolaris136136
21954Kristen MatlockPolaris130214
31962Dodge PoelmanPolaris126126
41949Alonso LopezPolaris123332
51907Daniel ParkerPolaris121171
61923Ben BischoffPolaris120120
71955Paul ChampionPolaris119149
DNF1913Dean ActonYamaha4040
DNF1958George FelixPolaris4070
DNF1939Dan FreshPolaris4040
DNF1991David LaurencePolaris4040
DNF1910Ryan McIntirePolaris4040
DNF1901Gregory RowPolaris40106
DNF1928Phil SpeetPolaris4040
DNF1929John StegermanArctic Cat4040
DNF1998Bill WhittingtonPolaris4070

Pro UTV Season Results

Pos.No.Driver of RecordPoints
11949Alonso Lopez332
21954Kristen Matlock214
31907Daniel Parker171
41955Paul Champion149
51992David Nance146
61967Rhys Millen136
71962Dodge Poelman126
81923Ben Bischoff120
91915Thomas Graves115
101901Gregory Row106
111983John Estrada88
121903Jaime Romero Sr82
131909Roberto Balderrama73
141958George Felix70
151998Bill Whittington70
161910Ryan McIntire40
171913Dean Acton40
181928Phil Speet40
191929John Stegerman40
201939Dan Fresh40
211991David Laurence40
221902Cole Wilson30
231952Jonathan McVay30
241985Adrian Orellana30
251926Eddie Pimentel21