The first round of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season took place in Anaheim, CA, on January 5th. The season kicked off with an uncharacteristic mud race for A1 and mixed up the playing field right from the beginning.

450SX Starting Gate
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

When the gate dropped for the start of the 450SX class, the racers were met with a slick, muddy track as they headed into the first turn. Cooper Webb seemed to be in line for the holeshot when he went down in the first corner, taking Joey Savatgy and Ryan Breece down with him. Dean Wilson moved ahead instead to grab the holeshot and take the early lead. Malcolm Stewart fell into position behind Wilson with Jason Anderson in 3rd for the first couple of laps.

Dean Wilson at Anaheim 1 2019
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Dean Wilson continued to hold onto the lead for the majority of the race, despite the continual pressure of Stewart close behind him. However, the lineup behind the top two riders was anything but consistent. The wet track conditions added an extra element of difficulty to an already technical track, contributing to the shuffling of positions.

Justin Barcia at Anaheim 1 2019
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Justin Barcia worked his way into 3rd a few laps into the race as Anderson fell back in the ranks. Barcia quickly reeled in Stewart and then patiently waited for his chance to make a move. Roczen also worked his way up, riding in 4th place behind Barcia throughout the first half of the race.

Eli Tomac at Anaheim 1 2019
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Eli Tomac had a less than stellar start, beginning the race in 10th place. But, he quickly started navigating through the mud to pick his way towards the front as well. Midway through the race, he was able to make his way forward and find himself riding behind Roczen on the track. Lappers started to really come into play at this point, so the top riders had to be even more diligent.

Malcolm Stewart at Anaheim 1 2019
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Shortly after the halfway point, Stewart made a push to get close to Wilson but slid out on a corner after going a little too hard on the brake. His slip up was just the advantage that Barcia needed to get into 2nd behind Wilson. Roczen made it past Stewart as well to move into 3rd place.

450SX Podium at Anaheim 1 2019
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With only a few minutes left in the moto, Barcia was finally able to reel in Wilson and make a quick pass in a corner for the lead. A lap later, Roczen also passed Wilson, putting the 14-lap race leader into 3rd place. Wilson did everything he could to hold onto the final podium position, but Tomac took it away in final lap of the night. The final podium saw Barcia in 1st with his first supercross win since 2013, Roczen in 2nd place, and Tomac rounding out the podium with 3rd. Wilson finished a respectable 4th, and 450SX rookie Aaron Plessinger finished the night with 5th place.

450SX Results

151Justin BarciaYamaha2626
294Ken RoczenHonda2323
33Eli TomacKawasaki2121
415Dean Wilson*Husqvarna1919
52Cooper WebbKTM1818
67Aaron PlessingerYamaha1717
727Malcolm StewartHonda1616
825Marvin MusquinKTM1515
922Chad ReedSuzuki1414
1014Cole SeelyHonda1313
1110Justin BraytonHonda1212
124Blake BaggettKTM1111
1342Vince FrieseHonda1010
141Jason AndersonHusqvarna99
1546Justin HillSuzuki88
1617Joey SavatgyKawasaki77
17805Carlen GardnerHonda66
1841Ben LamayHonda55
1919Justin BogleKTM44
2086Ryan BreeceYamaha33
2143Tyler BowersKawasaki22
2211Kyle ChisholmSuzuki11


250SX Report

The 250SX West season kicked off at Anaheim 1, with Shane McElrath taking the first 250SX holeshot of the year. The first corner coming out of the start straight proved to be tight and tricky in the wet track conditions, and Adam Cianciarulo was shoved outside of the tough blocks and off of the track. He quickly worked his way back onto the course and focused on working his way forward

250SX Start at Anaheim 1 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Though McElrath had the early lead after grabbing the holeshot, Colt Nichols soon brushed past him to claim first place, where he ended up staying for the rest of the race. The first several laps didn’t see much of a change to the lineup, with Nichols in the lead, McElrath following in second, RJ Hampshire in 3rd, Dylan Ferrandis in 4th and Cameron McAdoo in 5th. In fact, Nichols was able to incrementally space himself apart from the pack, earning a wider gap by every lap.

Adam Cianciarulo and RJ Hampshire at Anaheim 1 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Cianciarulo had another bobble which resulted in him once again getting ejected from the track, but once again he came back and was able to dial things in enough to get passed RJ Hampshire on the track. The two battled back and forth before making contact when Cianciarulo backed Hampshire up in a corner. Hampshire quickly retaliated and delivered the same favor back to Cianciarulo in the next corner, taking his line and causing Cianciarulo to run out of track and into the tough blocks, tipping over on the track.

Dylan Ferrandis at Anaheim 1 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

By the final few laps of the race, Ferrandis had caught up to McElrath and was able to pass him and they battled through a rhythm section. Nichols finished the night in 1st place with a spectacular lead, earning his first ever overall SX win. His teammate Ferrandis finished behind him in 2nd place and McElrath came in behind Ferrandis in 3rd.

250SX Podium at Anaheim 1 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The stage has been set after the rainy day in Anaheim. Will the current leaders hold their positions on the leaderboard? Guess we’ll find out next week in Glendale!

250SX West Results

139Colt NicholsYamaha2626
234Dylan FerrandisYamaha2323
312Shane McElrath*KTM2121
431RJ HampshireHonda1919
592Adam CianciaruloKawasaki1818
661Garrett MarchbanksKawasaki1717
764James DecotisSuzuki1616
8156Jacob HayesYamaha1515
9111Chris BloseHusqvarna1414
10160Jess PettisKTM1313
1144Cameron McAdooHonda1212
1236Michael MosimanHusqvarna1111
1372Martin CasteloSuzuki1010
14194Jerry RobinKTM99
1567Enzo LopesSuzuki88
1640Sean CantrellKTM77
17221Matthew JorgensenKTM66
18321Bradley LionnetYamaha55
1968Brandon LeithHusqvarna44
20910Carson BrownHusqvarna33
21773Thomas DoSuzuki22
22471Logan KarnowKawasaki11


Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo