The third round of Monster Energy Supercross took place in Anaheim, California on January 18, 2020. Explosive crashes and controversy marred the 250SX class while Eli Tomac finally saw some action in the 450SX class. Read more in the race report below.

2020 Anaheim 2 Track
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

The start of the 450SX main event was unsurprising. Though it was exciting to see Ken Roczen start in the front again, it was old news to see Eli Tomac starting out of the top 5 again. After two weeks of slower racing and a puzzling lack of passes from Tomac, it seemed as though Anaheim 2 would be just another chapter in the same book. After the first few turns, Roczen was leading with Aaron Plessinger, Blake Baggett, Zach Osborne, Cooper Webb, and Jason Anderson in the mix of the top 5.

Blake Baggett at Anaheim 2 2020 SX
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A few minutes in, however, and the landscape of the race was changing. Baggett had made his way into 1st place momentarily before falling back and outside of the top 10 entirely. More surprising than that, Tomac was actually making an impressive charge, forcing his way into the top 3 after edging around Anderson for 3rd place. Webb in 2nd place was next to be passed, and then, after a few minutes, Roczen was passed as well. Finally, and with 13 minutes to go, Tomac was in charge of the race.

Ken Roczen at Anaheim 2 2020 SX
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With Roczen all but settled in 2nd place behind Tomac, the focus shifted to the final podium position. Plessinger was out of contention for the spot as a crash sent him back to 15th place, but Cianciarulo had waded into the top 5 and into the fight with Anderson, Osborne, and Webb for 3rd place. Spots shuffled around, but in the end Webb secured the final podium position with Osborne, Anderson, and Cianciarulo rounding out the top 6 spots.

450SX Podium at Anaheim 2 2020 SX
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After those passes, the podium positions remained solidly with Tomac, Roczen, and Webb. Those three riders finished in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, respectively, at the checkered flag.

450SX Results

Pos.No. RiderBikePointsOverall
13Eli TomacKawasaki2661
294Ken Roczen*Honda2366
31Cooper WebbKTM2153
416Zach OsborneHusqvarna1946
521Jason AndersonHusqvarna1857
69Adam CianciaruloKawasaki1756
710Justin BraytonHonda1646
827Malcolm StewartHonda1546
951Justin BarciaYamaha1463
1015Dean WilsonHusqvarna1333
1164Vince FrieseHonda1234
1246Justin HillHonda1135
1337Martin DavalosKTM1019
144Blake BaggettKTM942
157Aaron PlessingerYaha832
1619Justin BogleKTM722
1734Tyler BowersKawasaki612
1822Chad ReedHonda512
1949Chris BloseHonda412
2071Ryan BreeceSuzuki33
2161Alex RayKawasaki26
2250Benny BlossYamaha17


250SX Results

Right off the gate, it was Christian Craig who ripped the holeshot and took the early lead of the race. His teammate, Jett Lawrence, followed suit as Austin Forkner and Dylan Ferrandis kept pace a few positions behind. By the end of the first lap, Craig was looking smooth and fast – just not as fast as his teammate. By the end of the second lap, Lawrence had come careening around the inside to steal the lead. At 16 years old, the Australian rookie was leading his first laps in the professional class.

Christian Craig at Anaheim 2 2020 SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As Lawrence charged to grow his lead, Ferrandis was making his charge for the top position. The defending champion had a lot of ground to make up from his last two disappointing races, and his eagerness for a win was starting to show. He quickly made his way into 3rd place after firing past Forkner, but his most aggressive pass of the night (and arguably the most aggressive pass anyone has seen in a while) was on Craig in 2nd place. With nine minutes left on the clock, Ferrandis flew over the finish line jump and slammed right into Craig, launching the Honda rider a few feet into the air and away from his bike. Ferrandis went down as well, but quickly recovered and rejoined the race in his newly earned 2nd place. Craig, on the other hand, was left with a yard sale of a bike and a DNF for the night. People were furious in the stands, booing and calling for the officials to review the pass and perhaps even dock Ferrandis some positions or points.

Jett Lawrence at Anaheim 2 2020 SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With Craig out, team GEICO Honda’s hope for the podium relied solely on Lawrence. The rookie was still leading, but it was an all-too familiar picture when considering the disaster for the team last week. Up front, though, Lawrence was staying away from most of the chaos behind. After Craig crashed out, Forkner lost control in the whoops and crashed as well, though he was able to rejoin the race for an ultimate 17th place. Other riders were making risky passes for a podium positions along the tight and technical track.

250SX Podium at Anaheim 2 2020 SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The race was more than halfway over and Lawrence was still leading, but the gap between 1st and 2nd place was shrinking. Ferrandis was laying down fast lap times and had the win in his sights. In the end, he got it. In the final turn of the last lap, Lawrence went down hard and couldn’t get up to finish the race. It was later released that the Honda rookie would be out for the rest of the season with a broken collarbone and concussion. Though Ferrandis, Justin Cooper, and Brandon Hartranft ended up on the podium, Lawrence was able to salvage a 9th place finish for the night. Ferrandis was also not docked any points or positions for his pass on Craig.

250SX West Results

11WDylan FerrandisYamaha2660
232Justin CooperYamaha2372
330Brandon HartranftKTM2158
428Michael MosimanHusqvarna1941
526Alex MartinSuzuki1850
6101Luke CloutHonda1735
740Mitchell OldenburgHonda1638
845Jacob HayesHusqvarna1544
983Jett LawrenceHonda1446
1090Killian AubersonKTM1330
11106Jay WilsonYamaha1218
1295Carson BrownHusqvarna1133
13108Aaron TantiYamaha1020
1472Robbie WagemanYamaha924
1588Logan KarnowKawasaki813
1655Martin CasteloHusqvarna719
1752Austin ForknerKawasaki650
1857Derek DrakeKTM533
19952Ludovic MaclerKawasaki46
20118Cheyenne HarmonHonda37
21284Lorenzo CamporeseKawasaki22
2262Christain Craig*Honda123


Eli Tomac Wins Anaheim 2 2020 SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

At the end of the night, Ken Roczen and Justin Cooper walked away with the red plates. We’ll see how long they can keep them when Supercross returns at Glendale!

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo