The tenth round of the Monster Energy Supercross Series took place on March 13, 2021 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The first of three races in Texas, Arlington 1 did not disappoint in terms of action-packed passes and eyebrow-raising crashes. Read all about both in the race report below.

The Start at Arlington 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

The 450SX main event kicked off with an unexpected holeshot from Dean Wilson. The Husqvarna rider did not lead for long, however, as Cooper Webb came speeding around him to overtake the lead. Dylan Ferrandis made a pass on Wilson next to shift into 2nd place, while Justin Barica, Malcolm Stewart, and Jason Anderson moved their way through the top 5. In just the start of a disastrous night for Ken Roczen, the points leader was well out of the top 5 after getting buried in the start.

Jason Anderson at Arlington 1 2021
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Spots shuffled within the top 5, and soon the running order was Webb, Barcia, Wilson, Sexton, and Ferrandis. Stewart had fallen out of the top 5 after a failed pass attempt, and Sexton had been on the throttle since the drop of the starting gates. He was so fast, in fact, that he made it around Wilson and started to close the gap on Barcia.

Chase Sexton at Arlington 1 2021
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Behind Sexton’s charge for 2nd place, Ferrandis got into some trouble with Anderson. Both took a turn wide, and Anderson pushed the Frenchman to the ground and out of the race. Anderson then moved into the top 5, where he made quick work of Wilson to slot into 4th place. Behind Anderson was Aaron Plessinger who made his way around Wilson as well. Plessinger’s pass wasn’t as fast as Anderson’s, however, so by the time Plessinger made it into 5th place, Anderson was already several seconds away chasing Sexton.

Ken Roczen at Arlington 1 2021
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Further back, Roczen was making minimal progress. He was still several positions away from the top 5 and being run down by Joey Savatgy. Focused on riding defensively rather than offensively, Roczen’s red plate was slipping away in real time.

450SX Podium at Arlington 1 2021
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In the race for 1st, Webb was still in the lead and maintaining a few-second lead over Barcia. Sexton had been trying to reel Barcia in, but he slowed up enough to eventually get passed by Anderson. There were still over five minutes left in the race, but no positions changed before the checkered flag. Webb finished in 1st, Barica in 2nd, and Anderson in 3rd, with Sexton and Plessinger rounding out the top 5. In 6th place – his first finish out of the top 5 all season – Roczen officially passed the red plate off to Webb for Arlington 2.

450SX Results

12Cooper WebbKTM26223
251Justin BarciaGASGAS23176
321Jason AndersonHusqvarna21137
423Chase SextonHonda1944
57Aaron PlessingerYamaha18152
694Ken RoczenHonda17216
717Joey SavatgyKTM16111
81Eli TomacKawasaki15190
915Dean Wilson*Husqvarna1484
1036Martin DavalosKTM1370
1140Vince FrieseHonda1272
1219Justin BogleKTM1167
1310Justin BraytonHonda1096
1427Malcolm StewartYamaha9152
1511Kyle ChisholmYamaha856
1634Max AnstieSuzuki721
1783Alex RayKawasaki615
1885Kevin MoranzKTM55
19280Cade ClasonKawasaki411
2037Benny BlossHonda348
21184Scott ChampionYamaha22
2214Dylan FerrandisYamaha1122


250SX Report

It was Seth Hammaker who took off with the holeshot for the 250 class, ending the first lap with a few seconds to spare between himself and Jalek Swoll, Jordan Smith, Hunter Lawrence, and Alex Martin. Points leader Cameron McAdoo and former points leader Justin Cooper were noticeably absent from the action as mid-pack starts had left them scrambling for a top-10 position. The race had just started, however, so both had plenty of time to make it into the top 5 before the checkered flag.

Jordon Smith at Arlington 1 2021
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Quick passes were certainly the name of the game for McAdoo and he moved up to 4th place in just a few short minutes. Up front, Hammaker was still leading, but Swoll had fallen in positions and Lawrence had made it around Smith for 2nd place. McAdoo, still on the offensive, came up on Smith with immense speed. Smith, trying to ride defensively, crashed hard and eventually pulled off the track clutching his shoulder. In what felt like no time at all, McAdoo had overtaken the final podium position.

Justin Cooper at Arlington 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

It wasn’t all smooth sailing for McAdoo, however. Cooper had managed to climb up into the top 10, too, and was mounting a charge on Mcadoo from 4th place. As the two title contenders prepared to battle, Hammaker and Lawrence were riding in a race of their own several seconds ahead.

250SX Podium at Arlington 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With the gap finally whittled down, Cooper tried to make a move around McAdoo. He got close to making it, but ended up taking a small spill instead. He was able to remount and resume the race in his same position – 4th – but McAdoo kept his podium position and increased his points lead ever so slightly. Hammaker ended the night with his first-ever podium and win all in one, with Lawrence taking 2nd.

250SX West Results

1150Seth Hammaker*Kawasaki2655
241Hunter LawrenceHonda2358
331Cameron McAdooKawasaki2170
432Justin CooperYamaha1964
548Garrett MarchbanksYamaha1857
647Jalek SwollHusqvarna1751
767Stilez RobertsonHusqvarna1644
835Mitchell HarrisonHonda1524
960Chris BloseGASGAS1437
1091Nate ThrasherYamaha1328
1172Coty SchockHonda1237
1256Kyle PetersHonda1127
13220Ramyller AlvesHusqvarna1019
1426Alex MartinYamaha926
1566Jordan BaileyYamaha817
1669Robbie WagemanYamaha721
17201Cedric SoubeyrasGASGAS620
1875Ty MasterpoolGASGAS511
1968Jace OwenYamaha417
20951Ryan SurrattKawasaki38
2159Jarrett FryeKawasaki217
2280Jordon SmithKawasaki117


With his first-place finish, Cooper Webb has officially taken over the points lead for the 450s. Cameron McAdoo, meanwhile, has added a few more points to his lead over the 250s. It won’t be long until they race again, however, so we’ll see where the red plates are after Arlington 2 on Tuesday.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo