The 14th round of the Monster Energy Supercross Series took place at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, Georgia on April 13, 2021. Sure, the track was the same as Atlanta 1’s, just backwards, but the skies were clear, sun was shining, and everyone came ready to race.

450SX Start at Atlanta 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

Atlanta 2 is what Ken Roczen has been waiting for. After ripping the holeshot, Roczen led Chase Sexton, Cooper Webb, and Marvin Musquin around the first turn of the race. It looked like Sexton was going to make a pass for the lead, but Roczen shut the door on that. Webb then got around Sexton and started to put his own pressure on Roczen, but Roczen wasn’t having any of that, either. He got on the throttle and gapped Webb, who had heat from Sexton to deal with.

Chase Sexton at Atlanta 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Through the whoops, Sexton passed Webb back to slot back into 2nd place. That was the start of Webb’s uncharacteristically tough night. After Sexton made his move around the points leader, Justin Barcia and Jason Anderson, who had both already passed Musquin, made their way around as well. Quickly approaching was Eli Tomac who was on the throttle after a bad start.

Jason Anderson at Atlanta 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Back up front, Roczen and Sexton had pulled away from the pack. Anderson and Barcia were battling for 3rd and Webb was just regaining some speed to close in on Anderson from 4th. Barcia wasn’t easy to pass, but Anderson finally made his move over a wall jump to overtake the final podium position. Then it was Webb’s turn to pass Barcia, but Bam-Bam wasn’t going to let another rider by. He rode in his typical defensive style until Webb tried to make a move over a different wall jump. There, Barcia cut inside and blocked Webb’s line, leaving Webb to tip over and let Tomac slip by.

450SX Podium at Atlanta 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

By that point, there wasn’t enough time to make any other passes. Roczen took the win with Sexton finishing in 2nd place and Anderson finishing in 3rd. Barcia and Tomac rounded out the top 5 with Webb finishing back in 6th place.

450SX Results

194Ken RoczenHonda26300
223Chase SextonHonda23110
321Jason AndersonHusqvarna21211
451Justin BarciaGASGAS19246
51Eli TomacKawasaki18278
62Cooper Webb*KTM17313
725Marvin MusquinKTM16168
87Aaron PlessingerYamaha15215
915Dean WilsonHusqvarna14124
1017Joey SavatgyKTM13166
1114Dylan FerrandisYamaha12183
1236Martin DavalosKTM11113
1320Broc TickleHonda10100
1434Max AnstieSuzuki948
1544Tyler BowersKawasaki823
1684Josh HillYamaha77
17280Cade ClasonKawasaki628
1881Justin StarlingKTM517
1970Henry MillerKTM44
20184Scott ChampionYamaha35
2127Malcolm StewartYamaha2192
2249Mitchell OldenburgHonda129


250SX Report

Whatever fire Nate Thrasher picked up at Atlanta 1 carried through to Atlanta 2 because he flew out of the starting gate with the holeshot. He didn’t stay in the lead for, though, as Justin Cooper made a quick pass in the first corner. Back in 2nd place, Thrasher had to hold his ground against Garret Marchbanks, Hunter Lawrence, and Cameron McAdoo.

Justin Cooper at Atlanta 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Then, McAdoo crashed. Over the tunnel jump, McAdoo endoed into the face of the jump, flew to the top of it, and landed on the side, all while being stuck to his bike. Just like Ken Roczen’s 2017 crash has been replayed over and over again, this crash will assuredly be another marvel. At that point, it was a question of if McAdoo could even get up. The race was quickly flagged and the other riders returned to the starting gate. To everyone’s absolute shock, McAdoo lined up with them! He’d been cleared by the medical crew and displayed absolute grit by not only restarting the race, but starting in the front.

Hunter Lawrence at Atlanta 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Along with McAdoo, Thrasher, Marchbanks, and Cooper were up front on the restart as well. McAdoo was in 1st place for only a few turns as he got passed by Marchbanks and then Cooper. McAdoo wasn’t done, though. He pushed past Marchbanks to retake 2nd place and stayed on the gas for the first half of the race. Then, he started to slow up a little, giving Lawrence enough time to close the gap. Lawrence had gotten a bad start on the restart, so he spent the first half of the race just climbing positions. Finally up to McAdoo, though, Lawrence made a quick pass for 2nd place.

Cameron McAdoo at Atlanta 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the final podium position, McAdoo had a few laps to go and Thrasher right on his rear wheel. After coming back from that insane crash, McAdoo wasn’t going to relinquish 3rd place for anyone. He rode defensively for the last laps, securing the podium behind Cooper in 1st and Lawrence in 2nd. It was an incredible ride for all of the top riders, but especially McAdoo who had the ultimate comeback.

250SX West Results

132Justin CooperYamaha26157
241Hunter LawrenceHonda23141
331Cameron McAdooKawasaki21148
491Nate Thrasher*Yamaha19101
548Garret MarchbanksYamaha18120
635Mitchell HarrisonHonda1775
772Coty SchockHonda1686
845Pierce BrownGASGAS1550
9150Seth HammakerKawasaki14121
1047Jalek SwollHusqvarna13121
1156Kyle PetersHonda1293
1268Jace OwenYamaha1148
1375Ty MasterpoolGASGAS1038
14220Ramyller AlvesHusqvarna931
1560Chris BloseGASGAS886
1659Jarrett FryeYamaha737
1750Enzo LopesHonda624
1877Jerry RobinHusqvarna56
19201Cedric SoubeyrasGASGAS445
2090Dilan SchwartzSuzuki39
2133Derek DrakeSuzuki24
2239Carson MumfordHonda120


It was exactly the night Ken Roczen needed. With his win, Roczen slashed Cooper Webb’s points lead from 22 points to 13. It’s going to be tough for Roczen to still take the title, but it’s not as far-fetched a hope as it was last week. As for the 250s, Cameron McAdoo’s Herculean effort has kept him in 2nd place overall and situated him 9 points behind Justin Cooper.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo