The 9th round of the 2019 AMA Monster Energy Supercross series shot it out in the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Gorgia. Technically difficult, the Atlanta track forced riders to be more cautious, and any mistake made would be quickly exploited by one or two close pursuers. Particularly vexing was a horseshoe bend sand section finishing with a table-top overpass.

Cooper Webb at Atlanta SX 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

The podium looked like a KTM showcase. Cooper Webb took the holeshot and kept his lead throughout the race to finish 1st. Blake Baggett moved steadily into 2nd, and Marvin Musquin shared the podium at 3rd. Ken Roczen and Aaron Plessinger completed the top five.

The Sand at Atlanta SX 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

It was in the devilish corner that Plessinger, who was having trouble with his timing all night, crashed to give Roczen his advantage. Some contact between Musquin and Webb in the soft, sharp curve gave Baggett the opportunity to move into second place.

Blake Baggett at Atlanta SX 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the standings, Webb remains in 1st, Roczen is 2nd, Musquin holds his place at 3rd, Baggett advances two spots from 7th to 5th, and Plessinger moves up one spot to 8th.

Marvin Musquin at Atlanta SX 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Results

12Cooper Webb*KTM26199
24Blake BaggettKTM23142
325Marvin MusquinKTM21182
494Ken RoczenHonda19186
57Aaron PlessingerYamaha18122
63Eli TomacKawasaki17177
710Justin BraytonHonda16113
815Dean WilsonHusqvarna15137
917Joey SavatgyKawasaki14106
1014Cole SeelyHonda13107
1146Justin HillSuzuki1271
1243Tyler BowersKawasaki1162
1322Chad ReedSuzuki10124
1419Justin BogleKTM979
15201Cedric SoubeyrasHusqvarna88
16800Mike AlessiHonda77
1711Kyle ChisholmSuzuki649
1841Ben LamayHonda547
1962Alex RaySuzuki433
2071Cole MartinezSuzuki329
21412Jared LesherHonda22
2216Zach OsborneHusqvarna115

* Holeshot

250SX Report

The Atlanta track provided an occasion for the 250 class to refine their talents as well. Adam Cianciarulo’s race was on point as he handled the technical track with precision. He showed that he can focus, follow through, and control his race. It paid off with a 1st place win. Dylan Ferrandis crossed in 2nd, and Austin Forkner arrived at the podium in 3rd.

Adam Cianciarulo at Atlanta SX 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Ferrandis’ injuries from the prior year may have caused some apprehension, but a strong podium position is a far cry from last year’s Atlanta. Forkner came to the event with three straight wins under his belt, but the perplexing track forced him to back off the throttle a bit, which allowed Cianciarulo and Ferrandis to pass him.

Dylan Ferrandis at Atlanta SX 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Chase Sexton and Justin Cooper rounded off the top five finishers that night.

Austin Forkner at Atlanta SX 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Congratulations to Cianciarulo on his third East/West showdown win!

250SX Results

192Adam CainciaruloKawasakiWest26140
234Dylan FerrandisYamahaWest23125
324Austin Forkner*KawasakiEast2199
423Chase SextonHondaEast1979
532Justin CooperYamahaEast1881
612Shane McElrathKTMEast17123
739Colt NicholsYamahaWest16120
873Martin DavalosKawasakiEast1558
936Michael MosimanHusqvarnaWest1480
1045Brandon HartranftYamahaEast1341
11158Jacob HayesYamahaWest1277
1231RJ HampshireHondaWest1186
13111Chris BloseHusqvarnaWest1080
1426Alex MartinSuzukiEast951
1537Kyle CunninghamHondaEast843
1644Cameron McAdooHondaWest779
1752Jordan BaileyHusqvarnaEast633
1828Jordan SmithKTMEast565
1965Anthony RodriguezYamahaEast416
2061Garrett MarchbanksKawasakiWest374
2155Kyle PetersSuzukiEast244
2270Joshua OsbyYamahaEast125


250SX West Coast Standings

Pos. No.NamePoints
192Adam Cianciarulo140
234Dylan Ferrandis125
312Shane McElrath123
439Colt Nichols120
531RJ Hampshire86
636Michael Mosiman80
7111Chris Blose80
844Cameron McAdoo79
9156Jacob Hayes77
1061Garrett Marchbanks74
1164James Decotis73
12160Jess Pettis66
1372Martin Castelo51
1440Sean Cantrell46
15194Jerry Robin27
1667Enzo Lopes23
17910Carson Brown23
1835Mitchell Harrison22
19221Mathias Jorgensen21
20141Robbie Wageman16
2160Justin Starling16
22184Scott Champion12
23216Devin Harriman10
24773Thomas Do9
2554Dylan Merriam8
26427Deegan Vonlossberg7
27621RJ Wageman6
28321Bradley Lionnet5
2968Brandan Leith4
30122Chris Howell4
31471Logan Karnow3
32952Ludovic Macler2
33188Gage Schehr1

250SX East Coast Standings

Pos. No. NamePoints
124Austin Forkner99
232Justin Cooper81
323Chase Sexton79
428Jordon Smith70
526Alex Martin60
673Martin Davalos58
745Brandon Hatranft54
837Kyle Cunningham51
966Mitchell Oldenburg50
1055Kyle Peters46
1152Jordan Bailey39
1256Lorenzo Locurcio31
1370Joshua Osby26
1493Blake Wharton23
1581Joshua Cartwright20
1649Henry Miller19
1765Anthony Rodriguez16
1863John Short15
19112Thomas Covington12
20511Steven Clarke11
2196Chase Marquier9
22285Marshal Weltin6
23123Mitchell Falk6
24116TJ Albright4
2574Cade Autenrieth3
26161Justin Thompson3
2738Christian Craig3
2898Wilson Fleming3
29367Hunter Sayles2
3078Ramyller Alves2

From soft, twisty Atlanta on to the open straightaway in Daytona FL; we’ll see you there!

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo