The fifth round of the 2016 Monster Energy Supercross season took place in Glendale, AZ, on February 6. Although it was the first time supercross had been to the University of Phoenix Stadium, the series has a longstanding tradition of visiting the Phoenix area dating back to 1986 and consecutively since 1997.

250SX West Race at Glendale 2016Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

Davi Millsaps grabbed the holeshot, but Ken Roczen had a good start as well and wasted no time getting around him. Once in 1st, it was Roczen’s race to lose, and he put down the majority of his best laps in the first half of the race in an effort to stay up front and out of the fray. Eli Tomac started in 3rd and managed to get around Millsaps on lap 3. From there, Tomac worked on Roczen. In a few cases, Tomac was able to put in faster laps than Roczen, but the difference was minimal, and it simply wasn’t enough to get Tomac in front.

Eli Tomac at Glendale 2016Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Cole Seely followed behind Tomac, taking over 3rd from Millsaps on lap 5. Ryan Dungey, who started as far back as 10th, came through the ranks and positioned himself behind Seely. When Seely’s bike stalled on lap 6, Dungey took over the final podium spot and set his sights on Tomac. Seely reentered the race in 9th, but at that point, the damage was already done for him, and the best he managed to salvage by the end was 8th.

Ryan Dungey at Glendale 2016Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Jason Anderson followed behind Dungey for the first few laps, but he got stuck behind Chad Reed in 6th on lap 4. Although Anderson had made several passes and positioned himself behind Dungey again by lap 9, the delay had cost him, and Dungey’s gap over Anderson was too great for the younger rider to overcome.

Jason Anderson at Glendale 2016Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Dungey spent about 10 laps slowly whittling away the gap between Tomac and himself. Tomac’s speed began to fade in the latter half of the race, allowing Dungey to get ever closer. On lap 16, Dungey finally had his opportunity, and he made the pass to move into 2nd. At that point, he had to work on Roczen. Although he was able to shorten the distance between the two of them, there wasn’t enough time. Roczen took the win, his first in over a year. Dungey placed 2nd. Although Anderson’s final lap times were better than Tomac’s, it wasn’t sufficient to catch up, and Tomac finished in the final podium spot.

Ken Roczen at Glendale 2016Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Although Dungey did not take the win, his consistent podium finishes have kept him at the top of the overall standings. Roczen’s performance has moved him into 2nd, 21 points behind Dungey. Anderson moved back ahead of Reed and is currently in 3rd overall. Dungey has remained in 1st place in the overall standings since he first was positioned there after San Diego 1. However, the riders in the spots behind him have continually shifted. It will be interesting to see if one of them – perhaps Roczen – can solidify himself in 2nd and start catching up to Dungey.

450SX Results

194Ken RoczenSuzuki2598
21Ryan DungeyKTM22119
33Eli TomacKawasaki2088
421Jason AndersonHusqvarna1893
518Davi Millsaps*KTM1661
622Chad ReedYamaha1590
710Justin BraytonKTM1461
814Cole SeelyHonda1383
925Marvin MusquinKTM1263
1054Wil HahnKawasaki1141
1128Weston PeickYamaha1027
12800Mike AlessiHonda933
13377Christophe PourcelHusqvarna835
1412Jake WeimerSuzuki753
1547Tommy HahnYamaha615
16778Lawson BoppingYamaha513
1734Phillip NicolettiYamaha48
1855Vince FrieseHonda317
1979Nick SchmidtSuzuki210
20761Cade ClasonHonda12
21314Alex RayHonda11
22240Bryce StewartYamaha11


450SX Podium at Glendale 2016Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

250SX West Report

Jimmy Decotis took the holeshot and got off with the early lead, but Christian Craig followed closely behind him. By the end of lap 1, Craig had made the pass and was leading the race. Lap 1 also saw a gnarly wreck that took down four riders, including Zach Osborne, who wasn’t even able to remount and complete a single lap.

Jimmy Decotis at Glendale 2016Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Cooper Webb suffered an unfortunate 21st at Oakland due to his bike stalling, but he didn’t seem fazed by it, moving up a position every lap until he was in 2nd on lap 4. From there, it was just a matter of reeling in the leader, a tactic Webb has successfully completed many times this season in order to take a win. On lap 10, Webb was finally within striking range, and he took his opportunity around a turn. However, misfortune struck, and he went down, allowing Craig to take off and create another gap between them.

Cooper Webb at Glendale 2016Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Meanwhile, Joey Savatgy had spent the first leg of the race getting into 3rd. On lap 6, he was in the podium position and behind Webb, though Webb just kept pulling away from him. When Webb went down, it looked as though Savatgy might have an opening to move up to 2nd. It was not to be, however, as Webb managed to get back on the bike and continue in 2nd before Savatgy could make up the distance.

Joey Savatgy at Glendale 2016Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Savatgy put in one of his best laps as he tried to catch Webb after the fall, but when it was obvious he wasn’t going to be able to, he slowed on the final three laps and rode comfortably into a solid 3rd place. Webb didn’t seem to give up the chase on Craig, but there simply wasn’t enough time left in the race to close the gap. Craig finished with the win, and Webb placed 2nd.

Christian Craig, Winner at Glendale 2016Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Webb and Savatgy are now tied in championship points. Although it’s clear that Webb has been faster this season, it only takes a small misfortunate to make up the difference, as was seen last week and nearly seen again with this race. Craig’s win has moved him up to 3rd in the overall standings, while Osborne’s DNF has moved him back to 5th.

250SX West Results

138Christian CraigHonda2587
21Cooper WebbYamaha2298
337Joey SavatgyKawasaki2098
442Mitchell OldenburgKTM1866
569Colt NicholsYamaha1681
635Chris AlldredgeKawasaki1537
726Alex MartinYamaha1442
845Kyle CunninghamSuzuki1354
958Jimmy Decotis*Honda1271
1040Kyle PetersHonda1162
1185Michael LeibYamaha1040
1268Cole MartinezYamaha933
13127Cole ThompsonKTM831
1443Fredrik NorenHonda719
1572Hayden MellrossYamaha629
1676Scott ChampionYamaha520
1782Trevor ReisYamaha418
1896Noah McConahyHusqvarna33
19212Chase MarquierHonda27
20222Chris HowellHusqvarna19
2187Austin PolitelliYamaha11
2216Zach OsborneHusqvarna174


250SX West Podium at Glendale 2016Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo