The 13th round of Supercross took place on March 30th in Houston, Texas. It was the final Triple Crown event of the season, and each main event was packed full of excitement. Check it out!

Start at Houston SX 2019
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450SX Report

Off the first gate drop, Ken Roczen and Cooper Webb were racing to the holeshot. They crossed the line at the same time, but Roczen got the credit and the early lead. As he finished the first lap and started to gap the riders behind him, the spots behind him began shuffling. Dean Wilson made his way past Webb in 2nd place, leaving Webb to fend off Marvin Musquin in 4th. The two were bar-to-bar, and, after an aggressive pass by Musquin, it was clear they weren’t playing nice.

Marvin Musquin at Houston SX 2019
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Their battle continued for a few laps until Webb got physical with Musquin and ran his bike off the track. Webb was able to stay on his bike and in 3rd place, but Musquin fell all the way back to 6th place. There was still time for him, however, and he managed to climb back up to 4th place and in a position to take on Webb again. He didn’t get his shot before coming in contact with Wilson though, who sent Musquin off the track and into 6th place for a second time that race. There were 52 seconds to go, and Musquin was once again trying to find his way back into a top spot. He wasn’t able to climb back up to 4th, but was able to make a last-minute pass on Tomac over the finish line for 5th place. Ahead of him, Roczen, Webb, Wilson, and Seely took the top 4 spots.

Ken Roczen at Houston SX 2019
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As the riders lined up for the second main event, Roczen knew he needed another good start. He was poised to get it, too, until he caught some elbows and the back of Wilson’s bike in the start straight. The force knocked him to the ground and to the back of the race. He was able to get up, but could only limp over to his bike, and he didn’t ride very far before pulling off the track and back to the pits. Now out of the running, Roczen left room for Webb, who was leading the race, to secure the overall for himself.

Cooper Webb at Houston SX 2019
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Nothing was in the bag yet, though, something Wilson was making clear for Webb. From 2nd place, Wilson was putting serious pressure on the race leader. Wilson soon got gapped by Webb, however, as he had to shift his focus from offensive to defensive, fending off Cole Seely in 3rd place and Musquin in 4th. As the three battled for the top positions, Tomac was fighting just to get in on the action. He was back in 6th place after a bad start and was just trying to recover. With just two minutes to go, the top 3 had shifted slightly. Webb was still leading, but Musquin had made his way past Wilson to take 2nd. He started closing in on Webb, but didn’t get the chance to make a pass before Wilson made a last minute pass before the checkers. Crossing the finish line, Webb, Wilson, and Musquin took the top 3 spots.

Dean Wilson at Houston SX 2019
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Going into the third main event, Webb was sitting in 1st place overall. Wilson and Musquin were rounding out the top 3, and would need top finishes to secure their spots on the podium. Roczen wasn’t sitting as pretty. After his DNF in the second main event, it was revealed that he had injured his toe and was sitting out of the top 10. In an attempt to salvage some points, he decided to ride through the pain and lined up for the final gate drop of the night. He was able to stay on his bike off the start, but was buried in the middle of the pack. Up front, Joey Savatgy got the holeshot, but was quickly passed by Musquin, Zach Osborne, Webb, and Tomac. Savatgy was sent all the way back to 5th place, leaving the top 4 to battle for a better position.

450SX Podium at Houston SX 2019
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Webb was trying to make the pass on Osborne for 2nd place, but was getting too much heat from Tomac to be aggressive. Though Webb eventually made his way around Osborne, he left room for Tomac to do the same. There were just under seven minutes to go, which gave Tomac enough time to put the moves on Webb and make the pass for 2nd place. No other passes were made in the top 3 for the rest of race, but that was fine for Webb. His 3rd place finish was enough to secure the overall win, and the final podium of the night saw Webb, Musquin, and Wilson.

450SX Results

Pos. No. NameBikeM1M2M3TotalPointsOverall
12Cooper WebbKTM213626288
225Marvin MusquinKTM531923271
315Dean WilsonHusqvarna3251021201
43Eli TomacKawasaki6721519262
514Cole SeelyHonda44111918160
616Zach OsborneHusqvarna1064201780
719Justin BogleKTM8572016124
84Blake BaggettKTM9962415215
917Joey Savatgy Kawasaki71192714173
1094Ken RoczenHonda12183013252
1146Justin HillSuzuki148103212119
1243Tyler BowersKawasaki1210123411103
1311Kyle ChisholmSuzuki151213401078
1441Ben LamayHonda16131443972
1597Adam EnticknapSuzuki18171550811
1662Alex RaySuzuki17141950747
1751Justin BarciaYamaha111920506150
1899Austin PolitelliHonda20151651513
19805Carlen GardnerHonda19161752438
2033Joshua GrantYamaha1320215433
21224Charles LefrancoisSuzuki2118185722
22800Mike AlessiHonda22222266127

250SX Report

The first 250SX main event of the night started off with some action. Going into the first corner of the race, Cameron McAdoo was leading with the holeshot. Adam Cianciarulo was close behind and looking for a way around, but he didn’t have to look for long as McAdoo lost control and sailed off the track and over some tough blocks. This sent him back to 22nd place, far behind Cianciarulo, Jimmy Decotis, and RJ Hampshire in the top 3 spots. McAdoo wasn’t the only one far behind them, however. Dylan Ferrandis hadn’t gotten the start he wanted either, and was stuck in 8th place – one spot behind his teammate, Colt Nichols.

Dylan Ferrandis at Houston SX 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Hot off his win in Seattle, Ferrandis wasn’t going to let the start keep him from another podium. He began his charge and didn’t stop until he reached 4th place. A top 3 finish was so close, but Ferrandis would have to make his way around Decotis in 3rd, who was currently battling Hampshire in 2nd place. Decotis and Hampshire took turns passing each other, but ultimately Hampshire maintained his position. Decotis started to fall back, and Ferrandis pounced on the opportunity. He passed the weary Decotis, and, in the final lap, passed Hampshire for 2nd place, too. It wasn’t enough to catch up to Cianciarulo, however, who had led the entire race and finished in 1st.

Adam Cianciarulo at Houston SX 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

To get another win in the second 250SX main event, Cianciarulo needed another good start. He was the fastest rider on the track, but was only three one hundredths of a second faster than his steepest competition, Ferrandis. Another uncontested win would all come down to his start, so Cianciarulo peeled off the gate and set his sights on the holeshot line. He had the speed, but it wasn’t enough to put him at the front of the pack. Caught in the middle, Cianciarulo got bumped off the track. He managed to stay on his bike, but by the time he resumed the race, he was in 9th place and Ferrandis was already closing in on Chris Blose in 1st. To make matters worse for Cianciarulo, a quick spill at the base of the over under made for another huge delay. The yellow flag was waving as he tried to pick up his bike, but many riders didn’t see it in time. Cianciarulo almost got hit head-on by one rider, while another jumped right onto his Kawasaki. After he finally got his bike up and started, Cianciarulo rode straight into the mechanics’ area for a quick fix. Though he got back on the track in just a few seconds, he was in 18th place and close to getting lapped by Ferrandis. The rest of the main event was a battle for Cianciarulo, but he managed a top 10 finish in 10th place with Ferrandis, Hampshire, and Nichols taking the top 3 spots.

RJ Hampshire at Houston SX 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

After the second main event, Cianciarulo had 11 points and had fallen back to 5th place overall for the night. Decotis was in 4th place with 11 points as well, so Cianciarulo would have to make up two points on Colt Nichols in 3rd place to get a podium at the end of the night. Meanwhile Ferrandis, after his 2nd place finish in the first main and 1st in the second, was sitting in 1st place overall, with a two point lead over Hampshire in 2nd. The pressure was on for all of these riders to secure podium finishes, and they launched off the starting gate. In another bout of bad luck, Cianciarulo got caught in another pileup in the first lap, sending him to the ground once again.

250SX Podium at Houston SX 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

That was just what Ferrandis needed. His good start put him up in 2nd place, right behind his teammate, Nichols. Behind them were Honda teammates Hampshire and McAdoo, but they weren’t putting much pressure on each other or Nichols and Ferrandis. The top 4 raced steadily in their positions until Cianciarulo made his comeback with just under three minutes to go. He had worked his way up from the middle of the pack, and was ready to challenge McAdoo for 4th place. With 15 seconds and a lap to go, Cianciarulo made his move, and made passes on not just McAdoo, but also Hampshire. This gave Cianciarulo a 3rd place finish, behind Nichols in 1st and Ferrandis in 2nd. While it was a great recovery, it wasn’t enough to secure an overall podium for Cianciarulo. At the end of the night, Ferrandis, Hampshire, and Nichols were at the top.

250SX West Results

134Dylan FerrandisYamaha212526177
231RJ HampshireHonda324923126
339Colt NicholsYamaha5411021142
492Adam CianciaruloKawasaki11031419182
564James DecotisSuzuki6561718112
644Cameron McAdooHonda9652017111
760Justin StarlingHusqvarna1288281645
840Sean CantrellKTM11713311561
961Garret MarchbanksKawasaki10319321499
10111Chris BloseHusqvarna81973413111
1172Martin CasteloHusqvarna15129361271
1236Michael MosimanHusqvarna418143611110
13156Jacob HayesYamaha72010371091
14170Michael LeibHusqvarna169224799
15471Logan KarnowKawasaki17131141820
1654Dylan MerriamHusqvarna13112044717
1768Brandan LeithHusqvarna19141548617
1883Killian AubersonKTM14161848510
19221Mathias JorgensenKTM20151651425
20122Chris HowellHusqvarna18171752317
21321Bradley LionnetYamaha21212163213
22141Robbie WagemanHonda22222266129

Cooper Webb Wins at Houston SX 2019
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

At the end of the night, both Cooper Webb and Adam Cianciarulo were able to keep their red plates. Their points leads are narrowing, however, and it could be an all-out war by the time Supercross reaches its climax in Las Vegas.

We’ll be back for Nashville!

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo