The 17th and final round of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross season took place in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 4. By the end of the night, three champions – 450SX, 250SX West, and 250SX East – were named, but not without some intense racing and fierce competition. Check it out.

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450SX Report

Headed into Vegas, the championship was close to guaranteed for Cooper Webb. With a 23 point lead, he had to finish 21st or better in the main event to win the championship over Eli Tomac in 2nd place. The end of the race was likely to be determined by the start, so all eyes were on Tomac and Webb as they made their way into the first corner after the gate drop.

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After exceptional starts, Tomac and Webb were sitting in 1st and 2nd place. Marvin Musquin was close behind in 3rd, with Zach Osborne and Blake Baggett rounding out the top 5. Musquin quickly made a pass on Webb, shaking up the top 3, but not the championship standings. Webb would have to crash out of the race for anything to happen, but it didn’t look like Webb would be relinquishing the title at any point during the night. And, with Tomac one position ahead of Musquin, it seemed like Musquin wouldn’t be able to make the pass for 2nd overall, either.

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By the halfway point of the race, the top 3 of Tomac, Musquin, and Webb hadn’t changed. In fact, most of the action was happening behind. Roczen, who had finally gotten the better start he needed in 6th place, had passed Osborne and Baggett for 4th. Seely was also making a charge, sitting in 7th place after a poor start out of the top 10. As the top 3 riders held their lines, other riders in the top 10 all battled for better positions.

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As the clock ticked down, things started to settle for all of the riders in the top 10. The podium was all but locked in, and it was clear that the championship title was going to go to Webb. Sure enough, as Tomac, Musquin, and Webb crossed the finish line in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, Webb earned enough points to secure the title that he had been chasing all season.

450SX Results

13Eli Tomac*Kawasaki26361
225Marvin MusquinKTM23350
32Cooper WebbKTM21379
494Ken RoczenHonda19319
516Zach OsborneHusqvarna18154
614Cole SeelyHonda17211
74Blake BaggettKTM16290
843Tyler BowersKawasaki15155
946Justin HillSuzuki14162
1019Justin BogleKTM13171
1110Justin BraytonHonda12163
1241Ben LamayHonda11113
1311Kyle ChisholmSuzuki10119
1486Ryan BreeceYamaha948
1562Alex RaySuzuki873
1649Henry MillerKTM714
17805Carlen GardnerHonda653
1897Adam EnticknapSuzuki516
19224Charles LefrancoisSuzuki411
20211Tevin TapiaYamaha33
2199Austin PolitelliHonda224
22184Scott ChampionYamaha13


450SX Points Standings

Pos. No.NameOverall
12Cooper Webb379
23Eli Tomac361
325Marvin Musquin350
494Ken Roczen319
54Blake Baggett290
615Dean Wilson223
714Cole Seely211
817Joey Savatgy208
919Justin Bogle171
1010Justin Brayton163
1146Justin Hill162
1243Tyler Bowers155
1351Justin Barcia154
1416Zach Osborne154
1522Chad Reed151
167Aaron Plessinger123
1711Kyle Chisholm119
1841Ben Lamay113
1962Alex Ray73
2042Vince Friese65
21805Carlen Gardner53
2286Ryan Breece48
231Jason Anderson46
24111Chris Blose42
25800Mike Alessi37
2633Joshua Grant34
2771Cole Martinez29
2899Austin Politelli24
2960Justin Starling18
3027Malcolm Stewart17
3197Adam Enticknap16
3249Henry Miller14
33201Cedric Soubeyras12
3412Shane McElrath11
35224Charles Lefrancois11
36606Ronnie Stewart9
37282Theodore Pauli8
3863John Short6
39118Cheyenne Harmon6
40393Daniel Herrlein5
4174Cade Autenrieth4
42941Angelo Pellegrini4
43211Tevin Tapia3
44383Casey Brennan3
45330AJ Catanzaro 3
46184Scott Champion3
47412Jared Lesher2
4880Heath Harrison1

250SX Report

Two championships were on the line for the 250s. The final race, an East/West showdown, would decide the fate of East Coast points leader Chase Sexton and West, Adam Cianciarulo. Both were leading their competition, Dylan Ferrandis and Justin Cooper, by just under 10 points, so any significant mistakes could result in a forfeit of the title. With the championships on the line and the pressure to win, the riders revved their bikes at the start gate and flew down the line as the race began.

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Rounding the first corner, RJ Hampshire took the holeshot, with teammate Cameron McAdoo closely following in 2nd. Ferrandis and Sexton made up 4th and 5th, with Cianciarulo all the way back in 6th. Cooper got the worst start by far, sitting in 15th place after the first corner. By the end of the first lap, spots slightly shuffled and Ferrandis took the lead while Sexton and Cianciarulo both moved up a position.

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Five minutes in and Ferrandis was still leading. Cianciarulo had made a pass on Sexton to move into 4th place, a position high enough for him to maintain his points lead. Sexton’s title chances were also looking good with his biggest competition, Cooper, in 11th place. As the clock continued to tick down, it seemed as though the points leaders would both secure their titles by the end of the race…until disaster struck for Cianciarulo.

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With under five minutes of racing left, Cianciarulo went down in the rhythm section. Though he quickly picked up his bike and resumed the race, he was all the way back in 9th place and there was clearly something wrong with his bike. He then pulled off into the mechanic’s area where his team tried to straighten out his bent handlebars, but it wasn’t enough to save the bike or Cianciarulo’s championship hopes. Ferrandis, who had been riding steadily in 1st all night, was going to inherit the title.

Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With Cianciarulo out of a podium position, the other riders scrambled to secure top finishes. For a few minutes, McAdoo and Sexton were holding down 2nd and 3rd, but Hampshire tore through the pack to pass them both. A 4th place finish was fine for Sexton, though. Even with missing the podium, he still took the most important thing home – a 250SX title. He was joined by Ferrandis, the race winner, who took the 250SX West title.

250SX East/West Showdown Results

Pos. No. RiderBikePointsOverall
134Dylan FerrandisYamaha26226
231RJ Hampshire*Honda23168
344Cameron McAdooHonda21149
423Chase SextonHonda19193
526Alex MartinSuzuki18139
639Colt NicholsYamaha17180
736Michael MosimanHusqvarna16144
832Justin CooperYamaha15180
973Martin DavalosKawasaki14148
1061Garrett MarchbanksKawasaki13113
1145Brandon HartranftYamaha12130
1255Kyle PetersSuzuki11126
1352Jordan BaileyHusqvarna10101
1463John ShortHonda952
1556Lorenzo LocurcioKawasaki874
1660Justin StarlingHusqvarna767
1796Chase MarquierHusqvarna639
1864James DecotisSuzuki5133
19123Mitchell FalkKTM440
2092Adam CianciaruloKawasaki3211
2137Kyle CunninghamHonda2110
22111Chris BloseHusqvarna1120


250SX West Coast Standings

Pos. No.RiderOverall Points
134Dylan Ferrandis226
292Adam Cianciarulo211
339Colt Nichols180
431RJ Hampshire168
544Cameron McAdoo149
636Michael Mosiman144
764James Decotis133
812Shane McElrath123
9111Chris Blose120
1061Garrett Marchbanks113
11156Jacob Hayes91
1272Martin Castelo83
1340Sean Cantrell72
1460Justin Starling67
15160Jess Pettis66
1667Enzo Lopes50
17141Robbie Wageman39
1835Mitchell Harrison38
19194Jerry Robin34
2054Dylan Merriam31
21471Logan Karnow29
22221Mathias Jorgensen25
23910Carson Brown23
24122Chris Howell20
2583Killian Auberson19
26321Bradley Lionnet19
2768Brandan Leith17
28184Scott Champion12
29216Devin Harriamn10
30170Michael Leib9
31773Thomas Do9
32427Deegan Vonlossberg7
33621RJ Wageman6
34355Johnny Garcia5
35952Ludovic Macler2
36446Blaine Silveira2
37188Gage Schehr1

250SX East Coast Standings

Pos.No.RiderOverall Points
123Chase Sexton193
232Justin Cooper180
324Austin Forkner152
473Marin Davalos148
526Alex Martin139
645Brandon Hartranft130
766Mitchell Oldenburg128
855Kyle Peters126
937Kyle Cunningham110
1052Jodan Bailey101
1156Lorenzo Locurcio74
1270Joshua Osby71
1328Jordon Smith70
1463John Short52
15123Mitchell Falk40
1696Chase Marquier39
1749Henry Miller37
1865Anthony Rodriguez31
19101Fredrik Noren29
2081Joshua Cartwright28
21264Ryan Sipes24
2274Cade Autenrieth24
2393Blake Wharton23
24112Thomas Covington20
25511Steven Clarke19
26161Justin Thompson14
27700James Weeks10
28367Hunter Sayles8
29116TJ Albright8
30346Kevin Moranz7
31285Marshal Wltin6
3290Jeremy Hand5
33986Lane Shaw4
3438Christian Craig3
35332Dustin Winter3
36159Jace Owen3
3798Wilson Fleming3
38119Isaac Teasdale2
39125Luke Neese2
4078Ramyller Alves2
4157Bradley Taft1

It was a thrilling end to an exciting season, so much so that we can’t wait to see what happens in Motocross. Bring on the outdoors!

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo