The 14th round of Supercross took place in Nashville, TN, on April 6, 2019. The Music City’s inaugural race was not lacking in crashes, passes, and excitement. Check it out in the Race Report below!

The Start at Nashville 2019 SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

If it were ever a night for Ken Roczen to take 1st place, it was in Nashville. His stiffest competition – Cooper Webb, Marvin Musquin, and Eli Tomac – had all already had a rough night. Webb got cleaned out by Mike Alessi in his heat race, Marvin had crashed in the whoops in his heat race and barely made a transfer spot, and Tomac had to race in the LCQ after getting a DNF in his heat race due to mechanical problems. Roczen had the first gate pick, the fastest qualifying time, and an insatiable desire to win. The podium just seemed like his for the taking…until the starting gates dropped.

Ken Roczen at Nashville 2019 SX
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As the riders tore off the start, Roczen quickly got buried in the middle of the pack. Webb made it around the corner first and nabbed the holeshot, while positions chaotically shuffled behind him. Musquin, Blake Baggett, Dean Wilson, Zach Osborne, and Joey Savatgy were all in the mix, and it wasn’t clear who was where until the end of the first lap. Webb was still leading, with Musquin, Savatgy, Wilson, Baggett, Roczen, and Osborne making up the top 7 spots. Elsewhere, Tomac had struggled to get a good start from his 19th gate pick, and was trying to pick up the pieces in 11th place.

Eli Tomac at Nashville 2019 SX
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The top 5 spots quickly began to close in. Musquin was only .8 seconds behind Webb, with Savatgy, Wilson, and then Roczen less than two seconds behind him. The pressure was on, and it proved to be too much for Musquin. After getting close enough to Webb to make a pass for first, Musquin made a mistake in the whoops and went down. The other riders sped past Musquin and his smoking bike on the ground, leaving Musquin to pick the race back up in 20th place.

Joey Savatgy at Nashville 2019 SX
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Up front, the riders were benefitting from Musquin’s untimely departure. Roczen had made his way into 3rd place behind Savatgy, with Wilson and Baggett rounding out the top 5. Just .4 seconds behind Savatgy in 2nd place, Roczen looked as though he was ready to make a pass and take on Webb in 1st. He was close behind Savatgy and had the speed, but it didn’t pay off the way he expected. In a slick corner, Savatgy lost traction and laid his bike down. Roczen had no room or time to react, and ran right into the downed rider. The force sent him flipping over a berm and, when he got back on his bike, was back in 21st place. Savatgy, clutching his wrist, was helped off the track by the medical crew and was out for the rest of the night.

450SX Podium at Nashville 2019 SX
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After two catastrophic crashes for two top contenders, the top 5 spots were shuffled up once again. Webb maintained his lead, but Wilson was then in 2nd place, followed by Baggett in 3rd, Tomac in 4th, and Osborne in 5th. The night had already been unbelievable, but it wasn’t over yet. Tomac, after making some incredible passes to get up to 4th place, made a few more. He sailed past Baggett and Wilson, moving up to 2nd place and into the perfect position to challenge Webb. Tomac was ready for a battle, but Webb wasn’t putting up much of a fight. After making quick work of the time gap, Tomac made quicker work of Webb, and took away the lead by taking the better line through a corner. This left Webb wide open for Baggett, who had moved up to 3rd place to make his own pass. It took him a few minutes, but Baggett ultimately took away 2nd place from Webb, pushing the points leader back to the final podium position. At the end of the night, the podium stayed the same: Tomac took the win with Baggett and Webb joining him in 2nd and 3rd place.

450SX Results

13Eli TomacKawasaki26288
24Blake BaggettKTM23238
32Cooper Webb*KTM21309
415Dean WilsonHusqvarna19220
516Zach OsborneHusqvarna1898
625Marvin MusquinKTM17288
714Cole SeelyHonda16176
894Ken RoczenHonda15267
919Justin BogleKTM14138
1043Tyler BowersKawasaki13116
11111Chris BloseHusqvarna1237
1241Ben LamayHonda1183
1311Kyle ChisholmSuzuki1088
14800Mike AlessiHonda936
1560Justin StarlingHusqvarna812
1699Austin PolitelliHonda720
1762Alex RaySuzuki653
1886Ryan BreeceYamaha521
1951Justin BarciaYamaha4154
2046Justin HillSuzuki3122
2133Joshua GrantYamaha25
2217Joey SavatgyKawasaki1174


250SX Report

The 250SX East main event was already going to be a game-changer before the gates had even dropped. After suffering from a nasty crash in qualifying and missing his heat race at the start of the night show, Austin Forkner announced that he would not be racing in the main event. With the points leader and dominator of East Coast races out, runners-up Chase Sexton and Justin Cooper knew that this was their chance to close the points gap between Forkner and take their shot at the championship title. As the gates dropped on the race, both riders knew they were racing for the top step of the podium.

Chase Sexton at Nashville 2019 SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Around the first corner, Cooper got the holeshot and the early lead of the race. Close behind in 2nd was Sexton, and he wasn’t going to let Cooper run away with the lead. Going into the rhythm section, Sexton made a clean pass and took the lead for himself. As the two rode fender-to-fender, Martin Davalos was stalking them from 3rd. After passing Mitchel Oldenburg, who slid in a corner, Davalos was in the perfect position to steal the lead if Sexton or Cooper made a mistake. Davalos’s chance came sooner than what he probably thought: less than a lap after getting passed, Cooper tried to repay the favor by passing Sexton, but a botched block pass ended with both riders on the ground. Davalos whizzed by, leaving Cooper and Sexton to pick up their bikes and resume the race. Cooper got up quickly and picked up race pace in 8th place, while Sexton was left to work his way up from 16th place.

Martin Davalos at Nashville 2019 SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With the top contenders Sexton and Cooper struggling to make it back to a podium position, Davalos, Mitchell Falk, and Brandon Hartranft were the new leaders of the race. Davalos had already gained four and a half seconds over Falk in 2nd place, and six on Hartranft in 3rd. Meanwhile, Cooper went down again, losing some of the ground he had gained, while Sexton cleared nine positions in just a few short minutes. This put him in 7th place, one spot behind Cooper, though not for long. Sexton was on a warpath, and quickly moved passed Cooper in 6th and Ryan Sipes in 5th place to get closer to a podium position.

Justin Cooper at Nashville 2019 SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Up at the front of the race, Hartranft was starting to feel some serious pressure from Kyle Peters. After following closely for a few laps, Peters finally made his pass, pushing Hartranft out of 3rd and just under a second ahead of Sexton in 5th place. Peters continued his climb up positions by trying to make a move on Falk in 2nd, while Sexton quickly closed the gap on Hartranft. Soon, Peters was in 2nd place and Falk, Hartranft, and Sexton were all in a line with just under two seconds separating them. After taking a slower outside line, Falk lost two positions to Hartranft and Sexton and, though he tried to recover a spot from Sexton, he wasn’t able to make a pass stick and was moved back to 5th place. Sexton wasn’t settling for a 4th place finish, though, and he made his pass on Hartranft just a few seconds later.

250SX Podium at Nashville 2019 SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

There were five minutes left of the race, and Sexton was just over a second behind Peters in 2nd place. He had successfully climbed his way up from 16th to a podium position, but he still had one more pass to make. After a few minutes of following behind Peters, Sexton made his way around and into 2nd place. Davalos was over 14 seconds ahead, too far away for Sexton to catch by the end of the main. Behind them, however, Cooper still had some of his own passes to make. After moving past Falk and Hartranft, Cooper was in 4th place and closing in on Peters. There were 27 seconds and a lap to go, just enough time for Cooper to make his play for the podium. At the checkered flag, Davalos, Sexton, and Cooper took the top 3 spots with Peters and Hartranft rounding out the top 5.

250SX West Results

Pos. No.RiderBikePointsOverall
173Martin DavalosKawasaki26115
223Chase SextonHonda23148
332Justin Cooper*Yamaha21144
455Kyle PetersSuzuki1998
545Brandon HartranftYamaha18100
666Mitchell OldenburgYamaha17105
737Kyle CunninghamHonda1697
8264Ryan SipesKTM1524
9123Mitchell FalkKTM1428
1026Alex MartinSuzuki13105
1152Jordan BaileyHusqvarna1276
1256Lorenzo LocurcioKawasaki1152
1363John ShortHonda1036
14101Fredrik NorenHonda919
1581Joshua CartwrightYamaha828
16700James WeeksYamaha77
1796Chase MarquierHusqvarna629
1874Cade AutenriethHonda515
19346Kevin MoranzKawasaki47
2070Joshua OsbyYamaha359
2165Anthony RodriguezHonda218
22511Steven ClarkeHonda119


Eli Tomac at Nashville 2019 SX
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

After what was perhaps the most unpredictable night of racing, both Cooper Webb and Austin Forkner still managed to maintain their points leads. That being said, Eli Tomac pushed Marvin Musquin out of 2nd place while Chase Sexton shrunk Forkner’s 26 point lead down to four.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo