The seventh round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross series took place at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida on February 13. The day may have started with some heavy rain, but it ended with some impressive rides and unexpected podiums. Keep reading to see how the riders finished and where the points are headed into the weekend.

450SX Start at Orlando 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

For the 450s, it was Zach Osborne who launched out of the start gate with the holeshot. With his bad starts and noticeable absence from the top 5, it was refreshing to see him up front once again. He led the field through the first turn, but was followed closely by Justin Brayton, Ken Roczen, and Cooper Webb. Brayton was close enough behind that, when Osborne bobbled in the whoops, he was able to push right past, leaving room for Roczen and Webb to do the same thing.

Zach Osborne at Orlando 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

At this point, all eyes were on Roczen and Webb. Webb has a reputation for being able to pass Roczen, and it was very early in the race for Roczen to have to ride so defensively. That probably factored into Roczen trying to get around Brayton so quickly. As Roczen tried to take a line around Brayton, Webb went around the other side and shot past both of them. In the next turn, Brayton went wide to give Roczen and Webb some room, and somehow that gave Justin Barcia enough space to shoot right past Brayton and into 3rd place.

Cooper Webb at Orlando 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

It was a fast few laps for Webb, Roczen, and Barica after that. They put distance between the other top-10 riders and got on the throttle to try and maintain their positions. The track was breaking down with each lap, though, making for some close calls in the whoops for pretty much every rider. The mistake that was the costliest was Barcia’s because it let Osborne slide back into a podium position. Barcia stayed close and tried to pass Osborne back but wasn’t able to make anything stick before the checkered flag. In the end, it was Webb, Roczen, and Osborne on the podium with Barcia and Eli Tomac finishing in the final top-5 positions.

450SX Results

12Cooper WebbKTM26148
294Ken RoczenHonda23161
316Zach Osborne*Husqvarna21108
451Justin BarciaGASGAS19115
51Eli TomacKawasaki18132
67Aaron PlessingerYamaha1799
725Marvin MusquinKTM16110
821Jason AndersonHusqvarna1582
927Malcolm StewartYamaha14109
109Adam CianciaruloKawasaki13118
1110Justin BraytonHonda1286
1215Dean WilsonHusqvarna1146
1317Joey SavatgyKTM1077
1437Benny BlossHonda936
1540Vince FrieseHonda842
1636Martin DavalosKTM744
1712Shane McElrathHonda66
1819Justin BogleKTM529
1911Kyle ChisholmYamaha439
2081Justin StarlingKTM33
2143Fredrik NorenKawasaki22
2214Dylan FerrandisYamaha197


250SX Report

The 250SX East title chase is between Colt Nichols and Christian Craig, and it showed as they rounded the first corner in the top 3. Unlike previous races, however, neither of them were in the lead – that belonged to Jett Lawrence, and he wasn’t letting it go without a fight. After ripping the holeshot, Lawrence found a good rhythm and began to pull away from Nichols in 2nd place and Craig in 3rd. Behind them, Jo Shimoda and Mitchell Oldenburg were rounding out the top 5 pretty effortlessly.

Christian Craig at Orlando 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Lawrence has raced in 1st place before, but he’s been known to make mistakes or go down in the final laps when he has. Nichols may have been counting on that as he was trying to close the gap between him and Lawrence. Nichols would reel Lawrence in, only for Lawrence to slingshot back out even farther. With lap traffic added to the mix, Nichols had his work cut out for him. But when Lawrence didn’t make any serious mistakes, it was a done deal for the HRC Honda rider. Lawrence took the checkered flag in 1st place and was joined by Nichols and Craig on the podium. Shimoda and Oldenburg finished in their same positions as well.

Cooper Webb at Orlando 1 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

All things considered, it was a pretty miraculous night for Lawrence and Craig. Lawrence has a DNS to make up for, and a win like this certainly helps bolster his overall points standings. As for Craig, he managed to salvage a podium and stay in the title chase after a crash in his heat race left him with an injured and hurting hand. There’s no doubt that these are some tough riders, but they’ll be getting a well-deserved break as the 250SX West riders take over for the next few weeks.

250SX East Results

118Jett Lawrence*Honda26128
264Colt NicholsYamaha23166
329Christian CraigYamaha21158
430Jo ShimodaKawasaki19138
549Mitchell OldenburgHonda1897
6241Joshua VarizeKTM1781
785Kevin MoranzKTM1670
895Joshua OsbyHonda15103
9193Hunter SchlosserYamaha1430
1088Logan KarnowKawasaki1361
11170Devin SimonsonKawasaki1239
12125Luke NeeseKawasaki1144
13124Lane ShawKTM1033
14773Thomas DoKTM974
15509Alexander NagyKTM88
1676Grant HarlanHonda771
17441Scott MesheyHusqvarna611
18185Wilson FlemingHonda535
19162Maxwell SanfordHonda410
20384Lorenzo CamporeseKawasaki319
2199Hunter SaylesKTM246
22122Jeremy HandHonda159


Ken Roczen is still in the points lead for the 450s with Colt Nichols in the lead for the 250s. Both riders have a nice cushion of their respective 2nd-placers, but there are still plenty of rounds left to change that. We’ll have to see what happens when Supercross returns this Saturday.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo