The 17th and final round of the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross series took place at Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah, on May 1, 2021. All three championships – 450SX, 250SX West, 250SX East – were settled in the stadium, and it was an exciting end to a hard-fought season.

The Track at SLC 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

With a 22-point lead over Ken Roczen, Cooper Webb had the 450SX championship all but locked down before the gate drop. He just needed to finish 19th or better, and after starting just behind Roczen in the main event, his odds were looking pretty good. Roczen had taken the holeshot and slotted into 1st place early on, but Webb was on the gas and looking for a way into the lead.

Marvin Musquin at SLC 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As the two championship contenders battled up front, Chase Sexton and Marvin Musquin were in a battle of their own for 3rd place. Sexton made a move in just a few turns and quickly worked his way up to Webb. The heat from Sexton put Webb on the defensive, allowing Roczen to gain some breathing room. Not for long, though – Sexton got on the throttle and blew past Webb in the whoops. That momentum was enough to push past Roczen, too, and Sexton began to gap the other riders from 1st place.

Chase Sexton at SLC 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Sexton’s trip to the top took almost half the race, and he had grown a two-second lead by the halfway point. Roczen seemed stable in 2nd, but Webb started to gain on him from 3rd and Roczen lost steam after that. Webb made his way around for 2nd, and Roczen succumbed to Musquin, Dylan Ferrandis, Malcolm Stewart, Aaron Plessinger, Joey Savatgy, and Justin Barica over the next several laps. In the final laps of the race, Eli Tomac made his way around Roczen, and the two battled it out until Tomac eventually finished one spot ahead. A battle between those two riders should have been within podium positions – instead it was between 9th and 10th place.

Cooper Webb Wins  at SLC 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Back up front, Webb had secured the championship. He didn’t check out of the race, though, and turned on that signature end-of-race speed to make a last-minute pass for the lead. Sexton didn’t stand a chance, and the race win went to the Webb in the end. Musquin tried to make his way around the 450SX rookie before the checkered flag, but Sexton held on for 2nd place and Musquin finished in 3rd. Ferrandis and Stewart finished in the top 5.

Cooper Webb and Team at SLC 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Webb took his second 450SX championship, with Ken Roczen finishing in 2nd place and Eli Tomac finishing in 3rd. Justin Barcia took 4th overall, and Aaron Plessinger finished in 5th.

450SX Results

12Cooper WebbKTM26388
225Marvin MusquinKTM23231
323Chase SextonHonda21162
414Dylan FerrandisYamaha19237
527Malcolm StewartYamaha18248
617Joey SavatgyKTM17207
751Justin BarciaGASGAS16289
87Aaron PlessingerYamaha15264
91Eli TomacKawasaki14326
1094Ken Roczen*Honda13353
1115Dean WilsonHusqvarna12165
1234Max AnstieSuzuki1176
1337Benny BlossHonda1066
1444Tyler BowersKawasaki948
1511Kyle ChisholmYamaha888
1620Broc TickleHonda7128
1781Justin StarlingKTM627
1883Alex RayKawasaki532
19280Cade ClasonKawasaki441
2043Fredrik NorenKawasaki312
21848Joan CrosKawasaki23
2221Jason AndersonHusqvarna1237


450SX Points Standings

Pos.No.NameOverall Points
12Cooper Webb388
294Ken Roczen353
31Eli Tomac326
451Justin Barcia289
57Aaron Plessinger264
627Malcolm Stewart248
714Dylan Ferrandis237
821Jason Anderson237
925Marvin Musquin231
1017Joey Savatgy207
1115Dean Wilson165
1223Chase Sexton162
1320Broc Tickle128
1436Martin Davalos124
1516Zach Osborne123
169Adam Cianciarulo120
1710Justin Brayton96
1840Vince Friese94
1911Kyle Chisholm88
2019Justin Bogle78
2134Max Anstie76
2237Benny Bloss66
2344Tyler Bowers48
24280Cade Clason41
2528Brandon Hartranft37
2683Alex Ray32
2749Mitchell Oldenburg29
2881Justin Starling27
2912Shane McElrath15
3084Josh Hill13
31805Carlen Gardner12
3243Fredrik Noren12
3385Kevin Moranz11
34722Adam Enticknap9
3570Henry Miller7
36184Scott Champion5
37981Austin Politelli3
38848Joan Cros3
39519Joshua Cartwright1

250SX Report

Justin Cooper and Colt Nichols came into SLC 2 as the leaders for their respective classes, both with at least a 20-point lead over 2nd place. So, as long as Cooper finished 17th or better and Nichols finished 20th or better, the titles were theirs.

Colt Nichols at SLC 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Knowing these scenarios, Nichols and Cooper employed different strategies. After avoiding a pileup at the start, Nichols ripped the holeshot and took the early lead, while Cooper started in 6th, then eventually fell to 9th. Nicols was all alone up front, and Cooper was taking it easy at the bottom of the top 10.

Jett Lawrence at SLC 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Behind Nichols, Seth Hammaker, Jett Lawrence, Hunter Lawrence, and Cameron McAdoo were all coming in fast. Jett Lawrence made it around Hammaker first and was seemingly paving the way for his brother to do the same, but Hunter Lawrence went down in the process. Things quieted down for a few laps, but McAdoo eventually had enough speed to make his move around Hammaker as well. Hunter Lawrence, who had climbed back up to the top 5, inserted himself in the action, knowing that if he passed McAdoo, he’d finish 2nd in his championship.

Hunter Lawrence at SLC 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The fight between McAdoo and Hunter Lawrence was the real story of the race. It’s true that Jett Lawrence made a move around Nichols, but Nichols didn’t put up much of a fight as his championship was virtually already won, anyway. The battle for 3rd lasted until the last few laps of the race, and it was a bobble from McAdoo that decided it. Hunter Lawrence pounced on this mistake and overtook 3rd, making the final podium Jett Lawrence, Nichols, and Hunter Lawrence. McAdoo and Hammaker rounded out the top 5.

Justin Cooper and Colt Nichols Win at SLC 2 2021
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With those finishes, Cooper took the 250SX West championship with Hunter Lawrence finishing in 2nd place and McAdoo finishing in 3rd. Nichols won the 250SX East championship, leading Jo Shimoda in 2nd and Jett Lawrence in 3rd.

250SX East/West Showdown Results

118Jett LawrenceHonda26177
264Colt Nichols *Yamaha23210
341Hunter LawrenceHonda21181
431Cameron McAdooKawasaki19177
5150Seth HammakerKawasaki18160
630Jo ShimodaKawasaki17181
745Pierce BrownGASGAS1675
847Jalek SwollHusqvarna15153
932Justin CooperYamaha14194
1056Kyle PetersHonda13124
1148Garrett MarchbanksYamaha12137
1250Enzo LopesHonda1151
1359Jarrett FryeYamaha1055
14773Thomas DoKTM9101
1542Michael MosimanGASGAS8124
1695Joshua OsbyHonda7111
17241Joshua VarizeKTM6104
1872Coty SchockHonda5104
19125Luke NeeseKawasaki460
2088Logan KarnowKawasaki380
2190Dilan SchwartzSuzuki225
22914Geran StapletonHonda116


250SX West Coast Standings

Pos.No.NameOverall Points
132Justin Cooper194
241Hunter Lawrence181
331Cameron McAdoo177
4150Seth Hammaker160
547Jalek Swoll153
648Garrett Marchbanks137
791Nate Thrasher127
856Kyle Peters124
972Coty Schock104
1035Mitchell Harrison90
1160Chris Blose88
1245Pierce Brown75
1367Stilez Roberton58
14201Cedric Soubeyras56
1559Jarrett Frye55
1650Enzo Lopes51
1768Jace Owen51
1875Ty Masterpool38
19220Ramyller Alves38
2069Robbie Wageman37
2180Jordon Smith33
2226Alex Martin26
2390Dialn Schwartz25
24464Dominique Thury22
2539Carson Mumford20
2666Jordan Bailey19
2773Derek Kelley17
28264Ryan Sipes13
2993Hardy Munoz13
3091Joey Crown10
3177Jerry Robin10
32951Ryan Surratt8
33137Sean Cantrell6
34118Cheyenne Harmon5
35611Calvin Fonvieille4
3633Derek Drake4
37726Gared Steinke3
386Jeremy Martin2
39460Michael Hicks2

250SX East Coast Standings

Pos.No.NameOverall Points
164Colt Nichols210
230Jo Shimoda181
318Jett Lawrence177
429Christian Craig158
542Michal Mosiman124
695Joshua Osby11
7241Joshua Varize104
8773Thomas Do101
949Mitchell Oldenburg91
1088Logan Karnow80
1176Grant Harlan71
1285Kevin Moranz70
1355John Short68
14125Luke Neese60
15122Jeremy Hand59
16170Devin Simonson50
17115Max Vohland46
1899Hunter Sayles46
19193Hunter Schlosser44
20185Wilson Fleming41
2138Austin Forkner40
22124Lane Shaw35
2324RJ Hampshire32
24384Lorenzo Camporese19
25162Maxwell Sanford18
26509Alexander Nagy17
27914Geran Stapleton16
28261Devin Harriman14
29116TJ Albright14
30437Vincent Luhovey13
31441Scott Meshey11
32604Max Miller11
33621RJ Wageman10
3487Curren Thurman10
35637Bobby Piazza8
3657Justin Rodbell7
37625Jonah Geistler6
38260Dylan Woodcock5
39974Brian Marty4
40597Mason Kerr3

Well, that does it for the 2021 Monster Energy Supercross championship. Don’t worry, though – our favorite riders were all be back in just under a month for the 2021 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross championship. We’ll see you then.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo