The 13th round of the Monster Energy Supercross series took place at Rice Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 7, 2020. Heavy rain and slick mud made for a night show equal parts exciting and challenging – read all about it in the race report below!

450SX Start at SLC 3
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

You’d be hard pressed to find better racing than what the 450SX class provided on Sunday. The action started with the gate drop. Cooper Webb was leading around the first corner, but Zach Osborne came around the inside to steal the holeshot and the lead. Eli Tomac had gotten buried in the pack, but managed to fly past the drama and end the first lap in 3rd place. Ken Roczen and Jason Anderson were trailing just behind Tomac until Roczen cased a jump. Anderson made the pass for 4th and Tomac used their shuffle to pull away in the final podium position.

Zach Osborne at SLC 3
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Back up front, Webb was working hard to reel Osborne in. After a few turns, Webb had Osborne and made a quick pass for the lead. Tomac saw his opportunity and made a move on Osborne as well. By the end of just the second lap, the podium positions had all shifted. Behind the top 3, Roczen had managed to pass Anderson back, and Malcolm Stewart, Justin Brayton, and Martin Davalos were all on the gas to secure a top-5 finish.

Ken Roczen at SLC 3
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As the clock ticked down, Tomac was still making a play for the win. A small mistake in the rhythm section slowed Tomac down, however, allowing Webb to gain two seconds over 2nd place. Tomac had his work cut out for him, so he put his head down and started knocking out fast laps. Meanwhile, Roczen was trying to overtake Osborne in 3rd, but couldn’t find his way around the Husqvarna rider. Anderson took advantage of this, and used Roczen’s focus on 3rd to steal back 4th place. Anderson didn’t stop there, though, as he charged all the way past Osborne for 3rd. While this was happening, Tomac made his move for the lead and blew past Webb in the whoops. The top 5 running order was completely shuffled again, and the race wasn’t even halfway over!

Cooper Webb at SLC 3
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Webb got to work on passing Tomac. He tried to make a pass for a few turns after the whoops, but just couldn’t pull it together. Tomac then started to gap Webb, but then came the lap traffic. The lappers significantly slowed Tomac down, allowing Webb to catch back up to him and take back the lead in the whoops. Webb was all in, making mistakes but keeping it pinned. Tomac hung back for a while, but wasn’t going to let Webb keep the lead. He managed to take a different line around the rutted and slippery track and steal the lead after a few laps. Through their battles, Tomac and Webb were truly in a race of their own, lapping riders well into the top 10.

450SX Podium at SLC 3
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It was a heart pounding race from start to finish. Webb made a last-ditch effort to reclaim the lead, but Tomac held onto it until the end. The final podium was Tomac, Webb, and Anderson with Osborne and Stewart finishing in 4th and 5th place, respectively.

450SX Results

Pos. No. RiderBikePointsOverall
13Eli TomacKawsaki26301
21Cooper WebbKTM23269
321Jason AndersonHusqvarna21229
416Zach Osborne*Husqvarna19163
527Malcolm StewartHonda18198
615Dean WilsonHusqvarna17176
710Justin BraytonHonda16173
837Martin DavalosKTM15136
951Justin BarciaYamaha14239
1094Ken RoczenHonda13275
117Aaron PlessingerYamaha12159
124Blake BaggettKTM11145
1350Benny BlossKTM1064
1422Chad ReedKTM968
1546Justin HillHonda8169
1664Vince FrieseHonda7127
1720Broc Tickle Suzuki618
1811Kyle ChisholmYamaha562
1944Kyle CunninghamSuzuki444
2034Tyler BowersKawsaki368
2171Ryan BreeceSuzuki234
2288Logan KarnowKawsaki11


250SX Report

It was a familiar setup going into the 250SX main event: Shane McElrath and Chase Sexton had won their respective heat races and both were primed for a win in the main event. This week, however, the riders were tied for the red plate. The shared points lead was enough drama on its own, but the slick and muddy track had even more in store for the 250SX riders.

Shane McElrath at SLC 3
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With the drop of the gate, the riders tore down the start straight and rounded the first corner. Sexton had the holeshot, but McElrath took the inside line and quickly stole the lead. McElrath started picking up speed and gapping Sexton, and then Sexton went down. It was disastrous for the defending champ, and it seemed like McElrath already had the win wrapped up. He was flying around the track – only a serious mistake by McElrath would allow Sexton to catch up. Then, unexpectedly, Garrett Marchbanks went down hard. The red flag was soon flying, and Sexton had the chance of a lifetime for a restart.

Chase Sexton at SLC 3
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As the gate dropped for the second time, McElrath grabbed the holeshot and immediately started pulling away from Sexton in 2nd place. Sexton was still close, though, making it easy for him to make up some time when McElrath bobbled in the whoops. The two rode like this for a few minutes – McElrath gapping Sexton and Sexton catching up – until McElrath finally made a serious mistake. The lap traffic was heavy and difficult to navigate, something McElrath learned firsthand when he and Coty Schock collided and crashed into a berm. Sexton flew past the downed McElrath and rode onto the win uncontested.

250SX Podium at SLC 3
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

McElrath was able to pick up his bike and resume the race in 2nd place. He managed to hold onto the position all the way to the checkered flag, despite some pressure from his teammate, Colt Nichols, in 3rd place. Pierce Brown and Kyle Peters took the final top-5 positions.

250SX East Results

11EChase Sexton*Honda26166
212Shane McElrathYamaha23163
313Colt NicholsYamaha2152
4163Pierce BrownKTM1973
538Kyle PetersHonda1869
6352Jalek SwollHusqvarna1791
749Chris BloseHonda1641
866Enzo LopesYamaha1581
9159Jace OwenHonda1466
1043John ShortHonda1355
1184Jo ShimodaHonda1289
12367Hunter SaylesKTM1124
1356Justin StarlingHusqvarna1035
14128Carter HaplainYamaha914
15185Wilson FlemmingHonda812
1659Joshua OsbyYamaha726
1777Kevin MoranzKTM625
18157Darian SanayeiKawasaki58
1975Coty SchockHonda44
2047Lorenzo LocurcioKawasaki331
2173Chase MarquerHonda220
2236Garrett MarchbanksKawasaki1119


Eli Tomac will be returning to SLC with the red plate and a sizeable 26 point lead over Ken Roczen in 2nd place. Chase Sexton managed to hold onto the red plate for the 250s and now has a slim 3 point lead over Shane McElrath.

Chase Sexton Wins at SLC 3
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Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo