The 14th round of the Monster Energy Supercross series took place in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 10, 2020. We may have just seen the 450SX class race on Sunday, but June 10 marked 123 days since the 250SX West riders have continued their battle for the title. Catch up on everything you might’ve missed last night by reading the race report below.

250SX Starts at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

The end of Sunday’s race seemed to be setting Eli Tomac up for an early title sweep. We saw him do it last year at Motocross, and with Ken Roczen a full 26 points behind him and Cooper Webb another six points behind that in Supercross point standings, Tomac appeared to be doing it again.

Ken Roczen in SLC 4
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That said, the pressure was on Roczen and Webb to put out not only good rides, but rides better than Tomac in the main event. After an intense battle of their own in their heat race, Roczen and Webb seemed up to the challenge. The action started as soon as the gate dropped. Webb tore down the start straight, nabbing the holeshot and just edging out Roczen and Zach Osborne for the lead. Webb and Roczen were right where they needed to be – up front – and Tomac was right where they wanted him – mid-pack after a bad start. In 11th place after the first corner, Tomac had his work cut out for him.

Eli Tomac at SLC 4
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Tomac’s charge started with Justin Barcia in 10th place. The two have gotten into it before this year (Atlanta, anyone?), and the last thing Tomac needed was to get held up by “Bam Bam” while Webb and Roczen were battling for the lead up front. As Tomac made his way up to Barcia, however, he passed without incident. That saved the points leader a lot of time and helped him move quickly around Justin Brayton and Malcolm Stewart to move into the top 10.

Cooper Webb at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Meanwhile, Webb and Roczen were still fighting for the lead. Roczen had finally made a pass on Webb, but it didn’t stick – Webb passed him back just a few turns later. The two continued to duke it out for a few more laps, but Roczen had been following Webb so closely and aggressively that he started to wear out around the midpoint of the race and fall a few seconds behind 1st place. Behind him, Blake Baggett was holding down 3rd place with an aggressive ride of his own, along with Osborne in 4th and Martin Davalos in 5th.

Blake Baggett at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

None of those top-5 positions were safe, though – Tomac was fast approaching. Davalos was the first to get passed, but before Tomac could catch Osborne, Osborne passed Baggett. That’s when Roczen started to really fade, allowing Osborne and Baggett to both make their way around the #94. Tomac passed him next, and used that momentum to make his way around Baggett before the checkered flag.

450SX Podium at SLC 4
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The final podium was Webb, Osborne, and Tomac with Baggett and Roczen earning the final top-5 positions. Going from 11th place to 3rd was an impressive feat, and it salvaged some important championship points for Tomac. While Tomac doesn’t have the championship in the bag per se, it will take some incredible rides from Webb and Roczen coupled with some terrible rides from Tomac to switch up the overall points.

450SX Results

11Cooper WebbKTM26295
216Zach OsborneHusqvarna23186
33Eli TomacKawasaki21322
44Blake BaggettKTM19164
594Ken Roczen*Honda18293
637Martin DavalosKTM17153
721Jason AndersonHusqvarna16245
815Dean WilsonHusqvarna15191
97Aaron PlessingerYamaha14173
1050Benny BlossKTM1377
1122Chad ReedHonda1280
1210Justin BraytonHonda11184
1346Justin HillHonda10179
1434Tyler BowersKawasaki977
1564Vince FrieseHonda8135
1611Kyle ChisholmYamaha769
1720Broc TickleSuzuki624
1861Alex RayKawasaki530
1944Kyle CunninghamSuzuki448
2069Carlen GardnerHonda36
2151Justin BarciaYamaha2241
2227Malcolm StewartHonda1199


250SX Report

The 250SX West riders always know how to put on a good show. After their extra long break from Supercross, too, it was clear they were itching to pick up things exactly where they left off. Dylan Ferrandis was coming in with the red plate and a decent lead over Justin Cooper in 2nd place and Austin Forkner in 3rd, but Cooper and Forkner showed up to the track with the speed to change that. That was certainly apparent as, after the gate drop, Cooper and Forkner rounded the first corner in 1st and 2nd place and Ferrandis took it in 6th. The stage was set for an exciting main event.

Justin Cooper at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Forkner wasted no time passing Cooper for the lead. As Forkner flew around the track, Cooper settled into 2nd place while riders shifted behind him. Cameron McAdoo passed Alex Martin for 3rd place, and Jett Lawrence struggled to hold off Ferrandis for 5th place. Farther back, GEICO Honda teammates Hunter Lawrence and Christian Craig were recovering from some crashes early in the race and making a charge for the top 10.

Dylan Ferrandis at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Just six laps in, and the running order was completely shifted. Forkner was still leading, but McAdoo had passed Cooper for 2nd and Ferrandis was closing in on his teammate from 4th place. Lawrence was in 5th place, just edging out Martin for the final top-5 position. Then, Ferrandis made his way around Cooper and picked off McAdoo the next lap. He was just behind Forkner, but had over four seconds to make up to overtake 1st place.

Austin Forkner at SLC 4
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Ferrandis wasn’t able to make a pass before the checkered flag. Though he closed the gap to just over two seconds, Forkner was absolutely flying around the track. He managed to hold onto 2nd place, however, finishing ahead of McAdoo in 3rd, Cooper in 4th, and Michael Mosiman, who had passed Jett Lawrence after he crashed in the whoops, in 5th.

250SX West Results

152Austin ForknerKawasaki26148
21WDylan FerrandisYamaha23158
329Cameron McAdooKawasaki2148
432Justin Cooper*Yamaha19147
528Michael MosimanHusqvarna18100
626Alex MartinSuzuki17115
730Brandon HartranftKTM16126
862Christian CraigHonda1544
957Derek DrakeKTM1492
1040Mitchell OldenburgHonda1385
1183Jett LawrenceHonda1258
12101Luke CloutHonda1194
1335Hunter LawrenceHonda1010
14227Derek KelleyHusqvarna922
1555Martin CasteloHusqvarna861
1660Mitchell FalkHonda731
1790Killian AubersonHusqvarna657
1888Logan KarnowKawasaki532
19118Cheyenne HarmonKawasaki421
20837Bryson GardnerHonda37
2195Carson BrownHusqvarna274
2272Robbie WagemanYamaha144


Eli Tomac still leads the 450SX overall points standing with a 27 point lead, but Cooper Webb has passed Ken Roczen in those standings. It’s a similar story for the 250SX West riders – Dylan Ferrandis still has the red plate and a 10 point lead over 2nd place, but Austin Forkner has passed Justin Cooper for that 2nd place slot.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo