The 15th round of the Monster Energy Supercross series took place in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 14, 2020. Sunday gave the riders a completely different track to work with, which showed in the intense battles and exciting races for both classes. Read on for a pass-by-pass recount of the main events.

450SX Start at SLC 5
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

After watching Eli Tomac lay down some consistently good rides and Ken Roczen struggle to stay in the top 5 over the last several rounds, it’s seemed that the 450SX title chase has winded down. Just a cursory look at the 450SX qualifying for the day – Tomac in 1st and Roczen in 5th – all but confirmed this theory. That said, a few surprises like Benny Bloss qualifying in 2nd place and winning a heat race, along with Roczen edging out Tomac for his heat race win, had potential to shake up the field.

Cooper Webb at SLC 5
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With the main event gate drop, Cooper Webb led the field down the start straight. Jason Anderson was in 2nd place but fell in the second turn, letting Ken Roczen and Zach Osborne right by. Eli Tomac had gotten clipped by Webb around the first turn, but didn’t crash and managed to move back into the top 5 after just a few laps.

Eli Tomac at SLC 5
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

By the fifth lap, Roczen had already caught up to Webb. In a burst of speed, he made a move around the defending champ. It was quick, decisive, and reminiscent of the Roczen we saw in the first 10 rounds of the season. Roczen took off with the lead, leaving Webb to hold down 2nd place from some building pressure behind. Malcolm Stewart had made his way around Osborne for 3rd place, opening the door for Tomac to make another pass on Osborne for 4th. Tomac then picked off Stewart, stealing away the final podium position.

Benny Bloss at SLC 5
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Farther back, Anderson took another spill, this time because of a collision between Vince Friese and Benny Bloss. The pileup had Justin Hill and Justin Barica coming to a complete stop until the bikes were picked up and the riders were all able to resume the race.

Ken Roczen Wins at SLC 5
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

By the midpoint of the race, Webb and Tomac were still trying to reel in Roczen. Though Roczen’s lead had shrunk to just a few seconds, he held on to 1st until the end. Spots behind him didn’t shuffle much, either – Webb crossed the finish line in 2nd place with Tomac right behind in 3rd. Over 10 seconds behind them, Osborne and Stewart finished in 4th and 5th place, respectively.

450SX Results

194Ken RoczenHonda26319
21Cooper Webb*KTM23318
33Eli TomacKawasaki21343
416Zach OsborneHusqvarna19205
527Malcolm StewartHonda18217
615Dean WilsonHusqvarna17208
74Blake BaggettKTM16180
810Justin BraytonHonda15199
951Justin BarciaYamaha14255
107Aaron PlessingerYamaha13186
1122Chad ReedKTM1292
1220Broc Tickle Suzuki1135
1350Benny BlossKTM1087
1446Justin HillHonda9188
1534Tyler BowersKawasaki885
1611Kyle ChisholmYamaha776
1764Vince FrieseHonda6141
18722Adam EnticknapSuzuki521
1937Martin DavalosKTM4157
2071Ryan BreeceSuzuki337
21597Mason KerrKawasaki22
2221Jason AndersonHusqvarna1246


250SX Report

The 250SX West riders made the most of every gate drop of the night at SLC 5. The action started in the first heat with Austin Forkner, Jett Lawrence, Justin Cooper, and Hunter Lawrence all battling for the top position. In the second heat, Dylan Ferrandis, Cameron McAdoo, Derek Drake, and Christian Craig all tried to prove their speed for the main event. As evidenced by the crashes, passes, and speed showcased in just the heat races, the stage was set for an explosive main event.

Christian Craig at SLC 5
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Sure enough, a lot of the same riders were vying for a podium position as the gate dropped on the main event. Ferrandis made it around the corner first with the holeshot, but Craig and Hunter Lawrence weren’t far behind. A bobble from Hunter Lawrence, however, gave Forkner the opportunity to move into 3rd place. Forkner had his sights set on Ferrandis, and needed to get closer to the race leader if he was going to make a pass. It only took four laps to catch up to Craig. Once he was in 2nd place, Forkner was just over two seconds behind Ferrandis.

Michael Mosiman at SLC 5
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Behind the battle for 1st, Michael Mosiman broke into the top 5 by passing Hunter Lawrence. Craig, who was in 3rd, made a mistake before the dragons back and fell all the way back to 9th place. His crash pushed McAdoo up to 3rd and allowed time for the Lawrence brothers to battle for the final top-5 position. After a lap’s worth of pressure, Jett made his way around Hunter for 5th place.

Dylan Ferrandis at SLC 5
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Back up front, Forkner was all over Ferrandis. Heavy lap traffic made it difficult to seal the deal, but Forkner got his chance when Ferrandis took the whoops slower than normal. In an aggressive move to the inside, Forkner made his pass and pushed Ferrandis off of the track. When Ferrandis regrouped and reentered the track, he was over four seconds behind the new race leader.

Cameron McAdoo at SLC 5
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The other top-5 positions were shuffling behind Forkner and Ferrandis. Mosiman and Jett Lawrence both passed McAdoo, and then Jett tried to make his way past Mosiman and into 3rd place. His first attempt didn’t stick, but when the two hit lap traffic, Jett Lawrence used it to his advantage and made the pass with just a few minutes left on the clock. Mosiman tried to make a quick pass back, but his attempt hurt more than it helped – McAdoo, who had closed the gap between him and Mosiman, used the move as his way into 4th place.

Austin Forkner Wins at SLC 5
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

At the checkered flag, Forkner, Ferrandis, and Jett Lawrence took the podium. McAdoo finished in 4th place and Mosiman finished in 5th.

250SX West Results

152Austin ForknerKawasaki26174
21WDylan Ferrandis*Yamaha23181
383Jett LawrenceHonda2179
429Cameron McAdooKawasaki1967
528Michael MosimanHusqvarna18118
632Justin CooperYamaha17164
735Hunter LawrenceHonda1626
830Brandon HartranftKTM15141
957Derek DrakeKTM14106
1062Christian CraigHonda1357
11101Luke CloutHonda12106
1240Mitchell OldenburgHonda1196
1360Mitchell FalkHonda1041
1455Martin CasteloHusqvarna970
1590Killian AubersonHusqvarna865
1672Robbie WagemanYamaha751
1788Logan KarnowKawasaki638
1897Chris HowellHusqvarna511
19227Derek KelleyHusqvarna426
20914Geran StapeltonHonda33
2126Alex MartinSuzuki2117
22284Lorenzo CamporeseKawasaki18


Ken Roczen’s impressive ride moved him back into 2nd place in the overall points standings, albeit just one point ahead of Cooper Webb. Austin Forkner’s win over Dylan Ferrandis for the 250s has closed the gap to just 7 points, but Ferrandis will still have the red plate going into the next round.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo