The 16th round of the Monster Energy Supercross series took place in Salt Lake City, Utah on June 17, 2020. The riders in both classes left it all on track as they made a play for points in the penultimate round of the series. Get a full recap of the main events and full list of the results by reading the article below.

450SX Start at SLC 6
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

Though SLC6 was not the final round of the series, it felt like it could be for the 450s. If Eli Tomac won or finished far enough ahead of Cooper Webb and Ken Roczen, he’d have enough points to take the title a whole race early. As we’ve seen Tomac win his fair share of races this season, it seemed plausible. After the start, however, not so much. As the 450 riders tore around the first corner, Tomac was close to last place. His top title contenders were in the top 5 and moving up positions quickly.

Zach Osborne at SLC 6
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Tomac had his work cut out for him. He wasted no time picking off the riders outside of the top 10 and, by the second lap, he was holding down 10th place. Back up front, Zach Osborne was still running in 1st place after ripping the holeshot, but Webb was closing in from 2nd place and leading a charging Roczen and Jason Anderson. Justin Brayton had been in the mix, but by lap nine, he’d fallen out of the top 5 and into 6th place.

Ken Roczen at SLC 6
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

With just over a third of the race completed, Tomac had made one of the fastest charges we’ve seen all season. He’d taken over 5th place from Brayton and wasn’t slowing down. Tomac had the speed, but Anderson wasn’t making it easy. The tight track didn’t make it easy, either, and it took Tomac a few laps to make a move around Anderson. Then in 4th place, Tomac had to overtake Roczen for the final podium position. It took some time, but Tomac saw his chance in the whoops and took it, blitzing right past Roczen. All he had to do was pass Webb, but there were only a few minutes left in the race.

450SX Podium at SLC 6
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Lap after lap, Tomac got closer to Webb. Lap after lap, the excitement grew, until Webb made a surprise pass on Osborne for the lead! Tomac was close enough to Webb that he made the pass as well, pushing Osborne back to 3rd place. There were only two laps remaining, and Tomac was on the throttle. Lap traffic complicated things for Tomac, however, and he wasn’t able to make a pass before the checkered flag. Webb took 1st with Tomac and Osborne filling out the podium. Roczen held onto 4th place and Anderson finished in 5th.

450SX Results

11Cooper WebbKTM26344
23Eli TomacKawasaki23366
316Zach Osborne*Husqvarna21226
494Ken RoczenHonda19338
521Jason AndersonHusqvarna18264
610Justin BraytonHonda17216
727Malcolm StewartHonda16233
837Martin DavalosKTM15172
951Justin BarciaYamaha14269
104Blake BaggettKTM13193
1150Benny BlossKTM1299
1246Justin HillHonda11199
1315Dean WilsonHusqvarna10218
147Aaron PlessingerYamaha9195
1522Chad ReedKTM8100
1620Broc TickleSuzuki742
1764Vince FrieseHonda6147
1844Kyle CunninghamSuzuki553
1911Kyle ChisholmYamaha480
2031Fredrik NorenSuzuki37
2134Tyler BowersKawasaki287
2261Alex RayKawasaki131


250SX Report

Since resuming in SLC, the 250SX East class has been dominated by Chase Sexton and Shane McElrath. The two have topped qualifying, won their respective heat races, and always been at the front of the main event battling for the lead. SLC 6 wasn’t any different. The pressure was on as Sexton and McElrath lined up for the main event with their 1st and 2nd gate pick and a mere three championship points separating them.

Pierce Brown at SLC 6
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Turning the first corner, however, neither Sexton nor McElrath was leading the race. Darian Sanayei took the early lead, but didn’t hold onto it for long. McElrath barreled right past Sanayei, and Sexton followed suit. McElrath and Sexton were once again set up for a battle for the win. Behind them, Pierce Brown, Colt Nichols, and John Short were holding down the final top-5 positions.

Shane McElrath at SLC 6
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

A few laps past and McElrath still had a slight lead over Sexton. The defending champ was waiting for the perfect spot to make a pass, and he found it around a turn. Sexton took the inside line, pushed McElrath wide, and made some contact as he sped away with 1st place. Sexton was absolutely flying, laying down his fastest lap of the night as he tore away from McElrath. After a few hot laps, Sexton had a several second lead over McElrath. By seven minutes in, the two started to hit lap traffic.

Colt Nichols at SLC 6
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As Sexton and McElrath competed in a race of their own up front, Brown was trying to defend 3rd place from an advancing Nichols. It didn’t work, though – Nichols had the speed and quickly overtook Brown. Meanwhile, Short had fallen out of the top 5 and eventually crashed out of the race, giving Jo Shimoda the final top 5 position.

250SX Podium at SLC 6
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The running order stayed the same for the rest of the race. By the final lap, Sexton had a six second lead over McElrath. No one was catching up to him, so Sexton crossed the finish line in 1st followed by McElrath, Nichols, Brown, and Shimoda.

250SX East Results

11EChase SextonHonda26192
212Shane McElrathYamaha23186
313Colt NicholsYamaha2173
4163Pierce BrownKTM1992
584Jo ShimodaHonda18107
638Kyle PetersHonda1786
766Enzo LopesYamaha1697
849Chris BloseHonda1556
947Lorenzo LocurcioKawasaki1445
1073Chase MarquierHonda1333
11981Curren ThurmanKTM1237
1256Justin StarlingHusqvarna1146
1377Kevin MoranzKTM1035
14352Jalek SwollHusqvarna9100
15157Darian Sanayei*Kawasaki816
1659Joshua OsbyYamaha733
17367Hunter SaylesKTM630
18125Luke NeeseHonda58
19258Justin RodbellKawasaki47
2043John ShortHonda358
2175Coty SchockHonda26
2267Jerry RobinHusqvarna112


The title chase for all three classes will come to a head next Sunday in SLC. Eli Tomac is leading the 450SX class by 22 points, but Cooper Webb has taken 2nd place overall from Ken Roczen once again. For the 250SX East class, Chase Sexton now has a 6-point cushion over Shane McElrath in 2nd place. As for the 250SX West class, Dylan Ferrandis is headed into the final round with a 7-point lead over Austin Forkner. SLC 7 is set to be an exciting night of racing – we’ll be back then.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo