The 17th and final round of the Monster Energy Supercross series took place in Salt Lake City, UT on June 21, 2020. With three titles up for grabs, the riders in both classes left it all on the line and gave us an explosive end to an unprecedented Supercross season. It’s all included below, along with the results and final points standings.

250SX Start at SLC 7
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

450SX Report

Of all the titles to be decided, the 450’s was the most set in stone. Eli Tomac had a sizeable 22-point lead to work with – he essentially just needed to finish the race. Still, all eyes were on the #3 as the start gates dropped on the final 450SX main event of the season.

Dean Wilson at SLC 7
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On par with the last several races, Tomac got a slower start and rounded the first corner in the middle of the pack. Up front, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna was dominating the podium positions with Dean Wilson leading Jason Anderson and Zach Osborne. Behind the trio, Benny Bloss, Broc Tickle, and Malcolm Stewart were fighting for top-5 positions. Tomac’s closest title rival, Cooper Webb, was behind the points leader and outside of the top 10, along with Ken Roczen who was holding down 10th place.

Benny Bloss at SLC 7
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As Tomac made a slower climb to the top, it seemed that winning the race wasn’t his priority – he was ahead of Webb and set up nicely to take 1st overall. Back up front, however, the competition was only heating up. Anderson had made his way around Wilson, leaving the door open for Osborne to do the same. Then in 3rd place, Wilson started to get some heat from Bloss in 4th. Bloss was closing in on the final podium position, but a small bobble had him tipping over in a turn. This gave Wilson some breathing room to try and catch up to Osborne and let Stewart and a trailing Tomac right by.

Jason Anderson at SLC 7
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As the clock ticked down, the track wore down and became extremely slick and technical. Anderson was still holding down 1st place with a 4-second lead over Osborne. It seemed like making a pass would be difficult for Osborne, but he got his shot when Anderson’s seat flew off his bike! Osborne quickly reeled Anderson in, and it didn’t take long for him to make a pass for the lead. Once in 1st, Osborne bolted – Anderson had no chance of catching up to him by the checkered flag.

Osborne led his teammates across the finish line – Anderson finished in 2nd place and Wilson finished in 3rd. Stewart and Tomac rounded out the top 5, and Roczen and Webb finished in 7th and 8th place, respectively.

Eli Tomac Takes the Title at SLC 7
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

In the end, Tomac had more than enough points to take the title. With seven overall wins and an additional five podiums on top of that, it was a hard-fought and well-deserved championship. Webb took 2nd place overall and Roczen joined them on the podium with 3rd.

450SX Results

116Zach Osborne*Husqvarna26252
221Jason AndersonHusqvarna23287
315Dean WilsonHusqvarna21239
427Malcolm StewartHonda19252
53Eli TomacKawasaki18384
620Broc TickleSuzuki1759
794Ken RoczenHonda16354
81Cooper WebbKTM15359
946Justin HillHonda14213
1022Chad ReedKTM13113
117Aaron PlessingerYamaha12207
1210Justin BraytonHonda11227
1334Tyler BowersKawasaki1097
1450Benny BlossKTM9108
1564Vince FrieseHonda8155
164Blake BaggettKTM7200
1737Martin DavalosKTM6178
1811Kyle ChisholmYamaha585
1931Fredrik NorenSuzuki411
2051Justin BarciaYamaha3272
2161Alex RayKawasaki233
2269Carlen GardnerHonda17


450SX Points Standings

Pos.No.NameOverall Points
13Eli Tomac384
21Cooper Webb359
394Ken Roczen354
421Jason Anderson287
551Justin Barcia272
616Zach Osborne252
727Malcolm Stewart252
815Dean Wilson239
910Justin Brayton227
1046Justin Hill213
117Aaron Plessinger207
124Blake Baggett200
1337Martin Davalos178
1464Vince Friese155
159Adam Cianciarulo129
1622Chad Reed113
1750Benny Bloss108
1834Tyler Bowers97
1911Kyle Chisholm85
2020Broc Tickle59
2144Kyle Cunningham53
2271Ryan Breece37
2361Alex Ray33
2419Justin Bogle24
25722Adan Enticknap21
2649Chris Blose18
2731Fredrik Noren11
28393Daniel Herrlein8
2991Ryan Sipes7
3065James Weeks7
3169Carlen Gardner7
3248Henry Miller6
3353James Decotis4
34606Ronnie Stewart3
35817Jason Clermont3
3682Cade Autenrieth3
37597Mason Kerr2
3867Jerry Robin1
3986Joshua Cartwright1
4088Logan Karnow1

250SX Report

Nothing makes for an exciting main event quite like an East/West Showdown and two very close points standings. The 250SX main event was truly a race for the titles, and the riders were on the gas the second the gates dropped. It was immediately clear that Chase Sexton, the points leader for the East and defending champ, was in trouble. His inside gate pick didn’t do him any favors – he’d gotten pinched off at the start and was sitting near 10th place around the first corner. Shane McElrath had fared much better, starting up front and taking the early lead of the race. Sexton needed to make it into the top 3 to take the title, so he put his head down and started laying down some fast laps, some over a second and a half faster than McElrath’s.

Dylan Ferrandis at SLC 7
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

The West Coast points leader, Dylan Ferrandis, was also in danger of losing his lead and the title. Austin Forkner had gotten a great start and was charging on McElrath from 2nd place while Ferrandis was fighting from the fringes of the top 5. Between him and his main title competition, Christain Craig, Cameron McAdoo, Jett Lawrence, and a speeding Sexton were all going to be tough riders to pass. Then, Forkner went over his bars and into a berm, landing hard. When he didn’t immediately get up, the red flag came out. Just like that, Ferrandis’ main competition was out and McElrath’s lead over Sexton was lost to a full restart.

Chase Sexton at SLC 7
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

On the second gate drop, Sexton’s gate pick served him much better. Jett Lawrence got the holeshot and McElrath started in 2nd again, but this time, Sexton was right in the thick of it in 3rd place. McElrath was putting some serious pressure on Lawrence for the lead, but the 250SX rookie held his own and held McElrath up long enough for Sexton to blow past both of them. McElrath passed Lawrence not long after that and started to chase down Sexton in 1st. With Forkner out of the race, Ferrandis had all but settled into 5th place, leaving the most intense racing to the East Coast title contenders.

Shane McElrath at SLC 7
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

As McElrath closed in on 1st, Sexton did something surprising: slowed down and let McElrath by. In 2nd place, Sexton would still have a 3-point lead over McElrath and wouldn’t be subject to any aggressive last-minute passes. McElrath retaliated by slowing down and letting Sexton by a few laps later, but Sexton was done playing games. He got on the throttle and immediately started working on a gap that McElrath wouldn’t be able to make up.

Justin Cooper at SLC 7
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

Behind them, McAdoo was defending 3rd place from Ferrandis in 4th. A small mistake from Ferrandis, however, ended with him on the ground and Michael Mosiman closing in on the final podium position. In just a few laps, Mosiman made his was around McAdoo, and Ferrandis was right back on McAdoo’s rear wheel. The two passed each other a few times before Ferrandis finally made his pass stick. McAdoo faded after that, letting Jett Lawrence and Brandon Hartranft right by. Justin Cooper even made his way around McAdoo in the final lap.

Chase Sexton and Dylan Ferrandis Win at SLC 7
Photo Credit: Kardy Photo

McElrath was never able to catch up to Sexton before the checkered flag. Sexton crossed the finish line ahead of McElrath in 2nd and Mosiman in 3rd. Ferrandis finished in 4th and Lawrence took 5th. The titles ultimately went to Sexton for the East and Ferrandis for the West.

250SX East/West Showdown Results

11EChase SextonHonda26218
212Shane McElrathYamaha23209
328Michael MosimanHusqvarna21139
41WDylan FerrandisYamaha19200
583Jett LawrenceHonda1897
630Brandon HartranftKTM17158
732Justin CooperYamaha16180
884Jo ShimodaHonda15122
957Derek DrakeKTM14120
1040Mitchell OldenburgHonda13109
1129Cameron McAdooKawasaki1279
1262Christian CraigHonda1168
1366Enzo LopesYamaha10107
1449Chris BloseHonda965
1538Kyle PetersHonda894
1626Alex MartinSuzuki7124
1743John ShortHonda664
1855Martin CasteloHusqvarna575
19352Jalek Swoll*Husqvarna4104
20159Jace OwenHonda369
2152Austin ForknerKawasaki2176
2213Colt NicholsYamaha174


250SX West Coast Standings

Pos.No.NameOverall Points
11WDylan Ferrandis200
232Justin Cooper180
352Austin Forkner176
430Brandon Hartranft158
528Michael Mosiman139
626Alex Martin124
757Derek Drake120
840Mitchell Oldenburg109
9101Luke Clout106
1083Jett Lawrence97
1145Jacob Hayes89
1229Cameron McAdoo79
1355Martin Castelo75
1495Carson Brown74
1562Christian Craig68
1690Killian Auberson65
1772Robbie Wageman51
18108Aaron Tanti50
19106Jay Wilson45
2060Mitchell Falk41
2188Logan Karnow38
22170Michael Leib32
2335Hunter Lawrence26
24227Derek Kelley26
25118Cheyenne Harmon21
26952Ludovic Macler12
2797Chris Howell11
28284Lorenzo Camporese8
29837Bryson Gardner7
30929Taiki Koga5
31914Geran Stapleton3

250SX East Coast Standings

Pos.No.NameOverall Points
11EChase Sexton218
212Shane McElrath209
384Jo Shimoda122
436Garrett Marchbanks119
566Enzo Lopes107
66Jeremy Martin105
7352Jalek Swoll104
838Kyle Peters94
9163Pierce Brown92
1024RJ Hampshire80
1113Colt Nichols74
12159Jace Owen69
1349Chris Blose65
1443John Short64
1539Jordan Bailey64
1654Jordon Smith48
1756Justin Starling46
1847Lorenzo Locurcio45
19175Joshua Hill43
20981Curren Thurman37
21207Cedric Soubeyras35
2277Kevin Moranz35
2373Chase Marquier33
2459Joshua Osby33
25355Joey Crown31
26367Hunter Sayles30
2768Nick Gaines28
2853James Decotis24
29349Grant Harlan24
30332Dustin Winter20
31157Darian Sanayei16
32128Carter Halpain14
33185Wilson Fleming12
3467Jerry Robin12
35125Luke Neese8
36258Justin Rodbell7
37725Richard Jackson6
3875Coty Schock6
3979Isaac Teasdale5
40194Lance Kobusch1

SLC 7 was a fitting end to 2020’s incredible Supercross season. Despite the long break and challenges in wake of the global pandemic, the riders and teams pulled off a thrilling title chase. We’re excited that the series was able to be completed, and we’re already looking forward to the start of Motocross.

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo