The second round of the 2020 Supercross series did not disappoint! The action and electricity from A1 carried through to St. Louis, making for an exciting main event for both classes.

The Start of the 2020 STL
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450SX Report

It was an explosive start to the 450SX main event. Teammates Zach Osborne and Jason Anderson tore out of the gate bar-to-bar, battling for the lead. They didn’t anticipate Ken Roczen, though, who forced his way into the mix and pushed Anderson out of 2nd place. Justin Barcia then made his way into the top 3, pushing Anderson further back into 4th place where he collided with another rider and made way for Adam Cianciarulo to move up to 4th place.

Zach Osborne at 2020 STL Supercross
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From there, it was a battle for the podium positions. Roczen, tired of waiting in 2nd place, finally made a move on Osborne. He was leading the race for the first time in a long time, and his lead was only growing. Behind him, Barcia passed Osborne, too. Cianciarulo thought it was his turn to pass the Husqvarna rider as well, but Osborne was having none of it. Cianciarulo went by for a few turns, but Osborne passed him back aggressively, sending the 450SX rookie into the tough blocks and all the way back into 6th place.

Ken Roczen at 2020 STL Supercross
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Expected contenders Eli Tomac and Cooper Webb were in none of this drama. Tomac was riding in a puzzling 8th place again and didn’t seem to be trying too hard to make passes. Webb, on the other hand, was all the way back in 13th place battling a chest infection and just trying to salvage some points. That meant that at the 16 minute mark, it was Roczen, Barcia, Osborne, Anderson, and Justin Brayton in the top 5 spots.

Adam Cianciarulo at 2020 STL Supercross
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As the laps continued to wear on, a few spots swapped. Tomac passed Malcolm Stewart for 7th place while Anderson made the pass on Osborne for 3rd. Cianciarulo, who was in 6th, managed to pass Brayton, getting a buffer rider between him and the suddenly charging Tomac. That said, Tomac got hung up on Brayton for a while, leaving Cianciarulo open to execute a clean and quick pass on Osborne. Tomac then finally made his way around Brayton and used his momentum to get right past Osborne as well. By the white flag, it was Barcia, Anderson, Tomac, and Cianciarulo trailing far behind the leading Roczen.

450SX Podium at 2020 STL Supercross
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Emotions were high as Roczen started his final lap. Since his devastating injury in 2017, Roczen hadn’t taken a SX main event win, and it finally seemed like that losing streak would come to an end. As he came into the final corner, the crowd burst into cheers, and Roczen joined in as he triumphantly crossed the finish line. It was a moment to remember, perhaps one of the most popular and arguably well-deserved wins in Supercross history.

450SX Results

194Ken RoczenHonda2643
251Justin Barcia Yamaha2349
321Jason AndersonHusqvarna2139
43Eli TomacKawasaki1935
516Zach Osborne*Kawasaki1827
627Malcolm StewartHonda1731
79Adam CianciaruloKawasaki1639
810Justin BraytonHonda1530
94Blake Baggett KTM1433
107Aaron PlessingerYamaha1324
1146Justin HillHonda1224
121Cooper WebbKTM1132
1315Dean WilsonHusqvarna1020
1464Vince FrieseHonda922
1519Justin BogleKTM815
1644Kyle CunninghamSuzuki77
1750Benny BlossYamaha66
1849Chris BloseHonda58
1961Alex RayKawasaki44
2053James DecotisSuzuki34
2122Chad ReedHonda27
2237Martin DavalosKTM19


250SX Results

The stage was set for the 250SX main event in St. Louis the second Justin Cooper took the win at Anaheim 1. Both Dylan Ferrandis and Austin Forkner – two riders considered title contenders – expressed their frustration with Cooper’s win and desire for one of their own in St. Louis.

Dylan Ferrandis at 2020 STL Supercross
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With that tension and pressure, the gates dropped on the main event. As they did, a few simultaneous storylines began to play out. First was Ferrandis who, after getting yet another poor start, got pushed off the track by Michael Mosiman just after the first corner. Second was Jett Lawrence who, after starting out front, was riding blow for blow with Forkner around the track. Third was Cooper who, after getting a start in the middle of the pack, had some ground to make up from 7th place. It was a lot to take in before the end of the first lap, but it was clear we were in for an exciting main event.

Jett Lawrence at 2020 STL Supercross
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Ferrandis was able to pick himself back up and start riding, but it wasn’t long before he was back off the track and in the mechanic’s area. After getting his bike serviced, he rejoined the race right behind Forkner and Lawrence – a full lap behind the race leaders. Back up front, Lawrence was keeping pace with Forkner, not letting him get more than two seconds ahead. Christian Craig was holding steady in 3rd place while Cooper was starting to climb up the ranks from 7th.

Justin Cooper at 2020 STL Supercross
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As the clock ticked down, Cooper had worked his way up to 4th place. His charge didn’t slow down for Craig – the Honda rider got quickly and methodically edged out of a podium position by Cooper. Lawrence was next, but Cooper didn’t have to put in the work to pass him – a slight clip of the tough block sent Lawrence down and off of the track.

250SX Podium at 2020 STL Supercross
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That was just the start of the mayhem for team GEICO Honda. Lawrence’s crash sent him to the mechanic’s area for a quick fix of the brake pedal. While he was there, Craig crashed into a tough block, too, sending him out of the race completely. Lawrence was able to salvage a 5th place, but it was only a small victory compared to the two podiums GEICO Honda seemed to have secured. At the checkered flag, it was Forkner in 1st, Cooper in 2nd, and a surprising (and surprised) Brandon Hartranft in 3rd.

250SX West Results

152Austin Forkner*Kawasaki2644
232Justin Cooper Yamaha2349
330Brandon HartranftKTM2137
426Alex MartinSuzuki1932
583Jett LawrenceHonda1832
645Jacob HayesHusqvarna1729
7101Luke CloutHonda1618
840Mitchell OldenburgHonda1522
995Carson BrownHusqvarna1422
1057Derek DrakeKTM1328
1155Martin CasteloHusqvarna1212
121WDylan FerrandisYamaha1134
13108Aaron TantiYamaha1010
14227Derek KelleyHusqvarna913
1590Killian AubersonHusqvarna817
1660Mitchell FalkHonda78
17170Michael LeibHusqvarna617
1872Robbie WagemanYamaha515
19118Cheyenne HarmonHonda44
2028Michael MosimanHusqvarna322
21952Ludovic MaclerKawasaki22
2262Christain CraigHonda122


Ken Roczen Wins at 2020 STL Supercross
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Yamaha still holds the red plates for both classes with both Justin Cooper and Justin Barcia staying the points leaders headed into Anaheim 2. We’ll see if it stays that way next week!

Photo Credit for All Gallery Images: Kardy Photo