The complete 2021 Suzuki lineup has finally been released. From RM-Zs and DR-Zs to GSX-Rs and KingQuads, Suzuki has refreshed and refined their models for the new year.

Motocross Models

Both the RM-Z450 and RM-Z250 have been fine-tuned for 2021. Complete with new graphics, an updated ignition system, and the added ability to tune the electronic fuel injection, the bikes are ready for the track right off the showroom floor. As in previous models, the 2021 bikes promise strong braking, controlled stopping power, nimble performance, and precise handling.

RM-Z 450 1

Off-Road Machines

For beginner riders, the DR-Z50 and DR-Z125L have been improved for the new year. The same performance, premium features, and RM-Z styling are included in the bikes, along with an all-new graphics kit for 2021.

As for the four wheelers, the King Quad will carry on Suzuki’s legacy of being durable, high-performing, and unbelievably versatile. All-new for 2021, the KingQuad 500 and 750 Power Steering Models will come with high-impact, multi-purpose rack carrier covers. The other models, the 2021 KingQuad400, 400ASi SE+, and 400FSi, will come in all-new colors like Mettalic Matte Rocky Gray and True Timber Kanati Camouflage.

KingQuad 750 1


The entire GSX-R line returns in 2021 with the same speed, agility, and style that made it such a popular bike. This year, the models will be sold in a limited edition, 100th Anniversy color scheme. The blue and silver colorway pays homage to Suzuki’s Grand Prix racing days in the 1960s.

GSX-R 1000R 1

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All of the 2021 models are becoming available at Suzuki dealerships. To see specific stock and pricing, contact your local Suzuki dealer. For more information on the 2021 lineup, read Suzuki’s full press release below.


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Official Suzuki Press Release

Suzuki Announces New and Returning 2021 Models
September 9, 2020

Suzuki Announces New and Returning 2021 Models

GSX-R, RM-Z, and KingQuad ATV models lead the way in 100th anniversary year.

Brea, CA (September 9, 2020) – 2020 marks Suzuki’s 100th anniversary as a company. Founded originally as a loom manufacturer in Hamamatsu, Japan, Suzuki has evolved into a global leader of automotive, marine, motorcycle, and ATV products. The performance-driven DNA of Suzuki is alive and well in all of its first release 2021 powersports models, including race-ready Suzuki GSX-R sportbikes, RM-Z motocross machines, DR-Z Off-Road/DualSport motorcycles, and KingQuad and QuadSport All Terrain Vehicles.

Sportbike models

In 1985, Suzuki revolutionized the sportbike category with the introduction of the original GSX-R750. This year also marks Suzuki’s 60th year in racing, a milestone celebrated with the MotoGP team’s retro-inspired livery. The MotoGP GSX-RR’s traditional blue and slate silver paint scheme pay homage to Suzuki’s early Grand Prix machines of the 1960s.

The family of GSX-R ultra-high performance motorcycles including the GSX-R600, GSX-R750, and GSX-R1000R continues this tradition of Suzuki excellence and all three models will sport the striking limited edition
100th Anniversary Edition color scheme featuring the iconic blue and slate silver from that historic Suzuki era. Available in limited numbers, these eye-catching GSX-R models may be nostalgic for some, yet love at first sight for others.

GSX-R 1000R 2

DualSport/SuperMoto models

Suzuki DualSport and SuperMoto machines are some of the most versatile, reliable, and fun-to-ride motorcycles available on the market.

The 2021 line-up of Suzuki DR-Z’s includes the tough and durable DR-Z400S for go-anywhere capability and the best-of-both-worlds SuperMoto, DR-Z400SM. The DR-Z400S and DR-Z400SM both return with new colors and stylish graphics treatments for 2021.

Off-Road models

If family fun is what you’re looking for, Suzuki off-road motorcycles are just what you need. Suzuki off-road
machines provide young and smaller stature riders with a great blend of durable off-road performance, premium features, and champion-approved RM-Z styling.

The DR-Z50 is the ideal way to introduce young, beginning riders to the sport of motorcycling. This compact,
Suzuki-built mini-bike brings ease and convenience to riders just getting started on two wheels. The DR-Z125L is the perfect next-step in Suzuki Off-Road motorcycles and is built to deliver big bike performance to a size-appropriate motorcycle. Both the DR-Z50 and DR-Z125L return with new graphics for 2021.

DR-Z 125 1

Motocross models

As one of the winningest brands in the history of the sport, Suzuki’s motocross machines remain the champion’s choice, as their sleek, cutting edge appearance, powerful, yet reliable engine, and natural ergonomics continue to deliver on Suzuki’s racing identity.

The RM-Z250 and RM-Z450 siblings epitomize Suzuki’s “Winning Balance” philosophy with strong brakes for
controlled stopping power, a wide spread of engine torque with high peak power, and a strong, light, and nimble chassis that remains the class standard for cornering performance and extraordinarily precise handling. Add to that leading ergonomics, beautiful styling and unmatched reliability and you’ve got the perfect race-ready machine.

The RM-Z250 and RM-Z450 return with updated graphics for 2021, as well as the ability to now tune the
electronic fuel injection, and ignition system for maximum performance, thanks to Suzuki’s mobile device-based MX-Tuner 2.0 and proven fuel-coupler system that are included with each 2021 RM-Z250 and RM-Z450. Now you can easily tune your motorcycle to suit track conditions or your riding preference from the convenience of your personal device.

RM-Z 250 1

The RM85 returns with updated graphics for 2021 and continues to carry on the powerful tradition of racing
excellence and like its larger RM-Z cousins, the RM85 delivers Suzuki’s renowned handling for both experienced junior racers and rookie riders alike. With its reliable two-stroke engine, smooth power delivery and lightweight handling, the RM85 is the perfect motocross bike for anyone learning to race—and striving to win.

KingQuad models

KingQuad ATVs are legendary for their performance, reliability, and ruggedness. The 2021 models will be no different as Suzuki, the inventor of the 4-wheel ATV continues its tradition of building the world’s best utility-sport ATVs. It’s not just an ATV, it’s a KingQuad ATV.

Suzuki KingQuad ATVs have long been known for the excellent performance and durability they provide. The
2021 KingQuad 750 and KingQuad 500 models offer two brand new colors including a new Metallic Matte Rocky Gray on KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering SE+ and KingQuad 500AXi Power Steering SE+ models and a fresh new True Timber Kanati camouflage pattern on KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering SE Camo and KingQuad 500AXi Power Steering SE Camo models.

All-new for 2021, Suzuki KingQuad 500 and KingQuad 750 Power Steering models now feature versatile new
rack carrier covers. Engineered from reinforced polypropylene plastic, these high-impact, multi-purpose rack
covers increase the functionality of your KingQuad. Designed to increase the usefulness of the steel cargo racks already found on the unit, these convenient new covers fit precisely to maximize versatility. Smooth, yet with a textured, grippy surface, you can easily secure an appropriate load or use as a flat working surface when in the field. The face of the covers have a deep and wide rib design for optimal water drain. Plus, the all-new carrier covers can be easily removed if needed. Their functional and modern design also gives the KingQuad an all-new clean and finished look that’s tough and rugged front to back. Standard KingQuad 500 and KingQuad 750 models can also accept the high-impact carrier covers as an optional add-on.

KingQuad 400 si 1

If a smaller KingQuad with all the performance, durability, and style is what you’re looking for, the 2021 KingQuad 400 ATVs will fit you just right. The 2021 KingQuad 400ASi SE+ also features the stunning new Metallic Matte Rocky Gray color, while the 2021 KingQuad 400ASi Camo and KingQuad 400FSi Camo get the striking new True Timber Kanati camouflage pattern as well.

QuadSport models

Suzuki QuadSport Youth ATVs are ideal for adult-supervised riders to develop their off-road riding skills. Convenient features like an automatic transmission and electric starter help make the QuadSport Z50 and QuadSport Z90 easy to operate while those skills are being formed.

The QuadSport Z50 is built for adult-supervised riders ages six and older, while the QuadSport Z90 fits adult-
supervised riders ages 12 and older properly. Get the little ones started on Suzuki QuadSport youth ATVs so
your whole family can experience the fun of the outdoors and the joy of riding a Suzuki! Both the QuadSport Z50 and QuadSport Z90 return with new graphics for 2021.

QuadSport Z90 1

Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. is excited for riders to see and experience the new 2021 Suzuki models.
Look for these new models to start arriving in your local Suzuki dealerships later this month.