Packing for a Great Adventure is Easy To Do

Packing for an adventure ride is a science – an art, really – that is honed after plenty of trial and error experiences. The more you do it, the better you get at it. You learn what you wished you had out on the trail and what you’ve discovered you really didn’t need after all. Obviously, packing for an adventure motorcycle trip is entirely dependent on the length, terrain, weather conditions, sleeping arrangements, and many other factors of the ride. After many adventures over the years, we’ve come up with a system that helps us pack the essentials we’ve discovered we need when we are riding. In our video below, we’ve packed for a four day trip to give you an idea of what and how much gear to bring. Check it out to see our guide to adventure motorcycle packing and then scroll down to get a better look at some of the products we pack and use from

Gear Up!


There is a lot of great adventure luggage out there, but some of our favorites we use on our rides come from Wolfman and Tusk. You can mix and match to meet your needs, or use any other kind of luggage you like. Here’s the luggage we highlighted in the video:

Wolfman Enduro Dry Duffle Bag Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffel Bag Wolfman Rocky Mountain Saddle Bags
Wolfman Enduro Dry Duffle Bag Wolfman Expedition Dry Duffle Bag Wolfman Rocky Mountain Saddle Bags
Wolfman Enduro Dry Saddle Bags Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag Wolfman Tank Panniers
Wolfman Enduro Dry Saddle Bags Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag Wolfman Tank Panniers
Tusk Aluminum Panniers Wolfman Wolf Bottle Holster
Tusk Aluminum Panniers Wolfman Wolf Bottle Holster

For the Bike:

You want to make sure to set aside some space in your luggage to carry some essentials you might need along the way for your motorcycle. These essentials might include: tools (check out our post on tool essentials for dual sport riding), tubes, tire repair kits and air pumps, cargo and tow straps, oil, air gauges, portable chargers, etc. Make sure you are prepared to do some trailside mechanics if the need arises.

Tusk Portable Power and Jump Starter Motorcycle Tubes Slime Power Sport Smart Spair Kit with Compressor
Portable Power and Jump Starter Front and Rear Tubes Air Compressor Kit
Tusk Tire Repair Kit Tusk Low Pressure Tire Gauge Oil
Tire Repair Kit Tire Gauge Oil
Tools ROK Straps Pack Adjustable Cargo Straps Tusk Motorcycle Tow Strap
Tools Cargo Straps Tow Straps

For the Ride:

You’ll already be wearing your riding gear, like your helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and boots, so bringing those is a given. But you will want to be prepared for additional conditions you might face. Depending on the ride, we like to pack for a range of temperatures, elements and conditions. These items should typically be placed in a saddle bag or tank bag that can be easily accessible in a hurry:

Clear Lens Glasses Gloves NoNoise Motorcport Noise Filter Hearing Protection
Tinted and Clear Lens Glasses Extra Gloves Ear Protection
Shield Care Giant Loop Bushwackers Handguards Beanie
Shield Care Handguards or Handshields Beanie
Light Balaclava Cold Weather Balaclava Mid Layer
Light Balaclava Cold Weather Balaclava Mid Layers
Heated Gear Maps GPS
Heated Gear Maps GPS Navigation Systems

For Camp:

Your camping supplies depend entirely on how long and where you will be camping, and whether you will be spending any nights in hotels or hostels. When you are planning to spend a week or weekend out under the stars, we’ve found the following items are very reliable, pack up small and come in quite handy:

Eureka Midori 2 Tent Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 Degree Sleeping Bag Big Agnes Q-Core Sleeping Pad
Eureka Midori 2 Tent Big Agnes Lost Ranger 15 Degree Sleeping Bag Big Agnes Q-Core Sleeping Pad
TravelChair Ultra-Light Joey Jetboil Flash Cooking System
TravelChair Ultra-Light Joey Chair Jetboil Flash Cooking System

For Clothing:

Clothing is all up to you. We like to pack a fresh set of clothes for each day, including a fresh pair of underwear, riding socks, riding jersey with wicking materials, and whatever base layers we plan to wear that day. We also pack one set of leisure clothes, which typically consists of a t-shirt, a pair of shorts, some regular socks and usually a light pair of sandals or shoes. If we just want to lounge around at the end of the day or spend some time in town out of our full gear, these leisure clothes work perfectly. We separate each day’s set of clothes by gallon Ziploc bags and just reuse that day’s bag for the previous day’s used clothes. It keeps everything nice and tight, and separates the dirty and clean sets. Also, don’t forget your toiletries, like: toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, baby wipes, etc.

Camping Along the Trail

For Food:

Food again is entirely dependent on the ride you plan to do, whether you plan to camp or use hotels, and how often you plan to eat out. Freeze dried or dehydrated foods are easy to pack and your Jetboil gives you hot water in a matter of minutes to help cook them up. Other easy meals to pack can include soups, cup o’ noodles or ramen. None of these take up much space and can usually be eaten right out of the can or package. Also make sure to bring any needed utensils, matches or lighters you might need to help you cook and eat your meals.

As for water, make sure you have enough to cover all your bases: drinking, cleaning, cooking and whatever else you might need it for. If there are not going to be water sources available along your route, just be sure to plan accordingly.

The Miscellaneous Stuff:

There are plenty of little things that don’t take up much space that might just make your life a whole lot easier and more comfortable out on the ride, like:

  • Snacks
  • Medicine
  • Phone or accessory chargers
  • Ziploc bags
  • A headlamp
  • Bug repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Gum
  • Hand sanitizer
  • And whatever else you’d like!

All Geared Up!

All Packed and Ready to Go!

Just remember one thing: pack for the ride. You’re going to know better than anyone else what you will need along the way for your specific ride. Hopefully we’ve given you a pretty good idea as to the essential items you should have on hand for a week or weekend adventure ride. Just pack for your needs, anticipate the unexpected and you’re sure to have an excellent adventure.

Think you’ve got adventure packing down? Let us know what you like to take on your rides!

By Rachel Bretzing