When it comes to sport quads, it’s hard to beat how fun the dunes can be. Riding in sand offers a killer experience that you can’t get any other way. If you’ve never been to the dunes with your ATV, it’s time to look at your calendar, schedule some time off and pick up a few accessories to help you get the most out of your dune experience.

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1. Sand Tires

When it comes to sand, knobbies are okay, but you’ll have far more fun with a set of paddle tires. It’s a completely different experience. Rear sand tires have paddles to give you better traction in loose terrain like sand. The front tires are bald, often with ribs running around the center of the tire. The lack of treads help the tires float on top of the sand, and the ribs assist with steering. Not all front sand tires have ribs, however, and completely bald tires are preferred by drag racers or hill climbers who don’t need the bite of a rib to turn.

While you’re switching your quad’s tires, you might want to pick up some new wheels as well. Consider spun aluminum wheels, which are light and strong – excellent for the dunes. For example, many sand drag riders use the Douglas DWT .125 wheels since they aren’t jumping and need the lightest equipment.

If you want a hassle-free solution to getting tires and wheels, we have a convenient tire/wheel package builder. All you need to do is select the tires and wheels you want, and we mount and balance them for you at no extra charge.

ITP Sand Star Rear Tire 1

We’ve specifically chosen ITP Sand Star tires for this quad. The Sand Star is one of our best-selling tires year after year.

2. Exhaust

Turning wheels on loose sand – even with sand-specific paddle tires – makes your machine work hard. The traction is minimal, so you lose momentum. One of the best ways to overcome this problem is to put on a new exhaust. That will open it up and let it breathe a little better, adding some power.

Lexx MXe Slip-On Silencer with Mid-Pipe 2

For this machine, we chose the Lexx MXe Silencer, which is one of our best-selling exhausts. A cool feature about the Lexx exhaust is that it comes with a quiet core silencer, so it will keep your sound below 96 dB. If you go trail riding, it has a spark arrestor, but with just three screws, you can switch it out to a 46mm race tip that will open the exhaust flow up a little bit more.

3. Airbox Lid / Air Filter Skin

The stock airbox lid only has a limited area for air to get through, but replacing it with a Pro-Tech Moflo Airbox Lid will allow as much airflow as possible. And that’s going to help your aftermarket exhaust reach its full potential of adding power to your quad. This is only one advantage, however. The Pro-Tech Moflo also acts as a pre-filter, keeping sand out of the airbox. And since sand gets everywhere, this is a good thing.

Pro-Tech Moflow Airbox Lid 3

In this same vein, a filter skin or pre-filter can also protect against sand. (A pre-filter is used for a K&N-style filter, while a filter skin is used for a foam air filter.) Keeping sand out of your filter will keep your filter clean for longer.

Outerwears Pre-Filter 4

Opening up the airflow is great because it gives your quad more power, but remember that it could affect the jetting. Check out our jet kits.

4. Flag Pole and Flag

It’s a general requirement to mount a flag to your ATV at the dunes, and there’s a good reason for that. The dunes actually drown out noise pretty well, making it hard to hear where other riders might be. A flag allows other riders to see where you are even if you’re still hidden behind a dune. It’s a huge safety factor.

Tusk Flag Pole and Flag 5

We chose a Tusk flag pole and flag for this machine. The Tusk pole is made of two pieces, so you can take it apart and store it more easily. Another accessory we recommend is the Tusk Quick Release Flag Pole Holder, which allows the pole to pop right out with just a little twisting.

5. Nerf Bars

Regardless of where you ride, nerf bars are just nice to have. They offer a big platform so that if your foot slips off the foot peg, it’s not going to hit the ground. Heel guards are also important. They prevent your foot from getting caught underneath the rear tire.

Tusk Comp Series Nerf Bars 6

We used the Tusk Nerf Bars. There is also an option that includes heel guards, but in this particular case, we opted to use the stock heel guards. The Tusk Nerf Bars are made out of 1 3/8″ anodized aluminum and include webbing. They’re a good choice.


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These are our picks for must-have ATV dune accessories. What do you think about our list? Would you add anything? Do you disagree about how important some of these are? Give us your thoughts in the comments!