Nothing beats getting a new dirt bike, but acquiring the bike is often just the first step. To really make a bike feel like it fits you and is equipped for the conditions you generally ride, some additional accessories are usually required. Since dirt bike riding can be a pricey hobby, we wanted to share some accessories that are each priced at or below $100 to help you take your bike to the next level. Check out our top 5 suggestions.

Handlebars and Grips

Handlebars are one of the most easily adjustable accessories on a dirt bike. If your positioning on the bike feels uncomfortable or unnatural, switching out your bars might be the difference that you need.

Rider preference plays the biggest role in which bend is best for each person. If you don’t already have specific type of bend that you prefer, see if you can try out a few different bends by possibly testing out your friends’ bikes, or maybe even ask around as to what other people find most comfortable.

Rider Grabbing onto the Grips

A comprehensive list of the bar diameter, width, height, and pull back of every handlebar that we carry at RMATVMC is available in our Handlebar Information sheet on for a reference of measurements. Each individual bar should also have a size chart in the description of the product page as well to help you find whatever bend combination you need.

Grips are also a good addition any time you get a new set of handlebars. Just like bars, grips come in plenty of different styles and compounds and are entirely up to rider preference. One type of grip we really like is the ODI Lock-On Grip set.

Picture of ODI Lock-On Grips

The ODI Lock-On Grips come in a variety of styles, compounds and colorways. They are also super easy to use, don’t require grip glue or safety wire, but just slide on with a plastic sleeve and tighten down on the bar with a small clamp. The ODI Lock-On grips also include a hard endcap which improves durability since you are much less likely to tear the grip if you end up going down while you ride.

One-Piece Handlebar Clamp from Ride Engineering

The next accessory we suggest is the One-Piece Handlebar Mount from Ride Engineering. The solid, one-piece design is made with aircraft grade aluminum for exceptional strength. Although it is a lightweight design, the handlebar mount offers great torsional strength, which in turn helps significantly to prevent your handlebars from twisting or tweaking in the event of a crash.

Picture of the One-Piece Handlebar Mount from Ride Engineering

The one-piece mount comes in options for both the standard 7/8” bar diameter, as well as a 1 1/8” option for big bars. It also features cutouts that help you properly line up the handlebars when you install them in the mount. The mount also allows for 6mm of adjustment so that you can find the placement where your bars are the most comfortable for you. It’s the perfect addition to your bike, especially for race situations when you don’t have time to straighten out your bars after a tip over.


If you have new tires on your bike, you may not need to change them out. Outside of replacing an old tire, the main reason for changing out your dirt bike tires would be to replace them for tires that are best suited for the type of riding you do the most often. If you want to get better performance and have confidence on your bike, a tire that compliments your riding terrain can go a long way. We have a massive inventory of dirt bike tires that will cater to any type of riding – from the track, to the desert, to singletrack mountain trails, to the sand, we’ve got the tire you need to get the most out of your ride and take your bike to the next level.

Picture of a Dirt Bike Tire

Realistically, you will probably not be able to find a front and a rear tire that are under $100 combined, but you can start with whichever tire needs to be replaced most. If you need help figuring out which type of tire would be best for your riding style or terrain, check out our video about which dirt bike tire is best for you.

Skid Plate

No matter what type of riding you do, it is well worth the investment and always a smart idea to protect your bike with a skid plate. Whether you ride MX or off-road, no one is exempt from riding hazards or crashes that can potentially damage a bike’s cases, frame, or pipes.

Picture of Works Connection Skid Plate and Tusk Foot Pegs on a Bike

If you ride MX, you probably try to keep your bike and the accessories you add to it lightweight – but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on protection. There are many hard plastic (or carbon fiber, though these might exceed the $100 mark) skid plate options that can still give your bike the protection it needs out on the track without weighing it down. Plastic skid plates are also usually quieter than aluminum, and don’t affect the flex or rigidity of the frame. They are generally easy to install, fit snug to the machine, and never a bad idea to include.

Picture of an Aluminum Skid Plate on a Dirt Bike

For more aggressive off-road, desert, or singletrack riding, a more rigid, heavy-duty skid plate might be a better option. A surprise rock or log on the trail can cause a lot of damage when you’re going fast and don’t have the foresight or capability to avoid them. In those instances, an aluminum skid plate might suit your bike best. With plenty of options to choose from, you are sure to find something that not only fits your budget, but your aesthetic goals and riding style as well.

Foot Pegs

When it comes to foot pegs these days, a lot of the newer bikes come stock from the factory with a decent pair. But if your bike leaves you feeling like you wish you had a more solid foundation to plant your feet when you ride, a good pair of foot pegs is a must. Need oversize pegs to feel more secure on the bike? Or, maybe you are looking for more traction? Maybe you would just like a pair that can last a little longer, so you want to find some foot pegs with replaceable cleats? Whatever your preference, foot pegs are fairly easy to install, and can help you feel increased confidence and comfort when you ride.

Picture of Aftermarket Foot Pegs on a Dirt Bike

Prices can range on foot pegs from less than $100 to well over that mark, but if you are looking to keep to a budget, there are several great options to choose from. One set we love for the oversize footprint, the interchangeable cleats, and the inexpensive price point are the Tusk Billet Race Foot Pegs. Not only will they keep you well under that $100 price point, they will give you a solid, grippy feel when you ride that will help keep you planted no matter how intense the terrain or how hard you ride.

Popular Runners-Up from Viewers

While those products – handlebars and grips, One-Piece Handlebar Clamp from Ride Engineering, tires, a skid plate, and foot pegs – round out our top 5 accessories under $100 for your dirt bike, our YouTube viewers had some suggestions of their own to add to the list. Here is a list of popular runners-up that you might consider instead of (or in addition to) some of the items we listed. They are:

We think those items are pretty good suggestions as well. In fact, many of them are on our list of top dirt bike accessories for under $50, but that’s another topic in and of itself.

Picture of Dirt Bike Riders on a Trail


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