There are a lot of different aspects to think of when it comes to riding trails. Luckily, that means there are plenty of products that all make excellent holiday gifts. If you need some last-minute ideas, keep reading to see several gift ideas that any trail rider would love to unwrap on Christmas morning.

Enduro Engineering Skid Plate – $98.95–$99.99

enduro engineering skid plate

Best Features

  • Protects the engine, frame, and case covers
  • Is made from durable aluminum alloy plate
  • Includes all mounting hardware

A good skid plate is one of the staples for off-road bikes, and the Enduro Engineering Skid Plate offers some of the best protection and coverage you’ll find—making it a great choice for trail riders. Enduro Engineering Skid Plates are so good because they’re made from thick aluminum alloy plate that is accurately bent and TIG welded to be as tough as possible. The plates also feature cuts to reduce weight, maintenance cutouts to reach your bike’s drain plug, and a fitment that is unique to your make and model. All this ensures that your frame, engine, and side cases will be protected from the rocks and trail debris that are always getting kicked up in their direction.

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Geigerrig Tactical 700 Hydration Pack – $144.00–$148.50

geigerrig tactical 700 hydration pack

Best Features

  • Pressurized bladder system to bring water to your mouth without sucking
  • 2-liter hydration bladder with quick-release tubing connections
  • 700 cubic inches of storage for tools, snacks, layers, etc.

It’s important to stay hydrated on the trail, but it’s also important to have some storage space and a pack that’s comfortable. The Geigerrig Tactical 700 meets all those requirements by combining a 2-liter hydration bladder with 700 cubic inches of storage capacity. The pack is made even better by a hand-pump system that pressurizes the water bladder, making it so the rider doesn’t need to suck on the bite valve to get water. And when it comes to storage, the capacity is perfect for tools, snacks, rain layers, and other gear that’s nice to have on the trail.

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Tusk D-Flex Pro Handguards – $69.99

tusk d-flex pro handguards

Best Features

  • Protects the rider’s hands with a solid aluminum alloy bar
  • Features replaceable shields in several colors
  • Includes mounting hardware and clamps

Handguards are always a good idea, but when a rider is headed down narrow single track with trees on either side, they become a requirement. Tusk’s D-Flex Pro Handguards are a great choice because they’re full wraparound guards that use a solid, aluminum-alloy bar to deflect debris and protect the rider’s hands during rough crashes. The guards firmly attach to the bars in order to withstand significant hits, and the shields are replaceable should they ever get scraped up or damaged. Overall, they’re a great functional accessory, but with several colors available, they can also add a pop of color to your bike.

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Shinko R505 Cheater – $62.88–$70.88

shinko r505 cheater hybrid tire

Best Features

  • Features a hybrid pattern for all-around performance
  • Has a soft, sticky rubber compound that always finds traction
  • Boasts performance that doesn’t fade as the tire wears

Shinko’s R505 first started as something of a cult classic among trail riders, only to become one of the best-known and highest-rated hybrid tires available today. The Cheater earned its stellar reputation because of its high amount of traction and long lifespan that most riders say does not affect the tire’s performance. Shinko made the R505 so good by giving it a soft, sticky rubber compound that finds grip on nearly any terrain. The tire also features a tread pattern that splits the difference between a trials tire and a knobby, resulting in great cornering but loads of traction on slick, technical trails.

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Petzl TIKKA Headlamp – $29.95

petzl tikka headlamp

Best Features

  • Simple single-button design that weighs only 86 grams
  • Three different light modes with 200 lumen output
  • Hybrid design compatible with AAA batteries and rechargeable CORE battery

A good headlamp bridges the gap between convenience and necessity since it’s nice to have around camp but critical if you end up getting stranded at night. The Petzl TIKKA Headlamp is worth considering because it combines reliability, versatility, and affordability into a single lamp. The compact, single-button design is exceptionally easy to use, and yet the light features three different modes and 200 lumens of light output. It’s also great because it’s compatible with regular batteries or the CORE rechargeable battery (sold separately). It’s one of the most important tools a rider can have.

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