The crew at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC went out to Devil’s Racetrack in the San Rafael Swell (Eastern Utah).

Devil’s Racetrack

The Racetrack is an incredibly scenic trail that will test even the best of riders. And with altitude changes that span roughly 1200 feet, you’ll feel like you’ve literally ventured down into the abyss and back again. But take heart, not only is there some amazingly technical riding that takes place, there’s also an entire history to the area just waiting to be discovered.


The trail’s round trip is just short of 53 miles, yet it can take more time than the mileage indicates. Featuring giant Kayenta sandstone monoliths that dot the landscape, one can find themselves in awe at the sheer beauty of the landscape. And with sections that have the rider either looking up or down sheer rock ledges, you’ll never find yourself looking for a view that is inspiring.

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The technical nature of the Racetrack is not so overwhelming that it is meant only for the advanced riders, but it’s still enough to keep them interested. So whether you’re looking for a trip through some gorgeous terrain or wanting to test the mettle of your machine, this is likely the trail to do it.

Watch our video below to see the ride for yourself!

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By Ryan Gillespie