The final MC/ATV round of the 2018 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC World Off-Road Championship Series took place October 26-28 at Buffalo Bill’s Casino in Primm, NV. The weekend was open to motorcycle and ATV racing only.

Motorcycle Pro Report

Taylor Robert got the early lead, followed by Justin Seeds and Zach Bell. Bell got around Seeds on lap 2 and then was able to get around Robert on lap 3. Bell and Robert battled, and while Robert controlled the lead for the majority of the race, Bell finally got ahead on the final lap. Gary Sutherlin took over 3rd, but he and Seeds went back and forth until Sutherlin finally ended in the position. Giacomo Redondi, the points leader, began the race near the end of the pack, but he worked he way forward and even passed Seeds for 4th on the final lap.

In the end, Bell took the win, with Robert placing 2nd and Sutherlin placing 3rd.

A lot was on the line with this being the last race of the season. Redondi went into the round with a healthy lead, and he was able to earn enough points to stay at the top, taking the championship. Bell finished the season in 2nd, and Robert finished in 3rd overall.

Motorcycle Pro Results

111Zach BellHusqvarna25154
233Taylor RobertKTM22147
31Gary SutherlinSuzuki20142
481Giacomo RedondiKTM18165
5213Justin SeedsKawasaki16107
627Derek KelleyHonda1536
7356Dante OliveiraKTM1478
8280Eric YorbaKTM13111
9777Blayne ThompsonKawasaki1277
10768Cole ShondeckHonda1174
1198Bryce ShondeckYamaha1043
DNF907Justin WallisHonda082

Motorcycle Pro Season Results

181Giacomo Redondi165
211Zach Bell154
333Taylor Robert147
41Gary Sutherlin142
5280Eric Yorba111
6213Justin Seeds107
7907Justin Wallis82
8356Dante Oliveira78
9777Blayne Thompson77
10768Cole Shondeck74
1198Bryce Shondeck43
12140Richard Dietrich39
1375Trevor Stewart38
1427Derek Kelly36
1542Justin Jones36
1614Ty Tremaine32
17754Steven Gibson31
1822Travis Damon31
1977Danny Brocker29
2030Mark Samuels21
2170Brock Reveal19
2232Robby Bell16
2346Dalton Shirey13
24551Logan Chambers13
25257Elijah Ware10
26520Hayden Roberts9
2772Michael Del Fante9
2837Alex Harvill6
2957Clayton Gerstner6
30341Tuffy Pearson6
31540Zac Wray2

ATV Pro Report

Mike Sloan got off to a great start, taking the lead while Beau Baron and Robbie Mitchell followed. Right from the beginning, they left the others behind, and the race was only ever about these three racers. However, they pulled away from each other, with no changes occurring between their positions.

Sloan finished with the win. Baron took 2nd. Mitchell placed 3rd.

The ATV Pro class was cancelled at the previous round due to the unfortunate passing of a motorcycle racer that day. Because of this, the Buffalo Bill’s round counted for double points. Because of this rule change, Sloan finished ahead of Baron in the overall points by only a single point. This marks the first time Baron has lost the championship in three years and only the second time he’s lost it in seven years. It is Sloan’s first ATV Pro championship. Mitchell finished the season comfortably in 3rd.

ATV Pro Results

13Mike SloanYamaha50183
21Beau BaronHonda44182
35Robbie MitchellHonda40165
4465Travis MirandaYamaha3651
5514John RikerdSuzuki32129
DNF718Brad AndersonHonda00

ATV Pro Season Results

13Mike Sloan183
21Beau Baron182
35Robbie Mitchell165
4514John Rikerd129
513Felipe Velez72
639Collins Webster70
7465Travis Miranda51
876Ryan Waldo15