The third and fourth rounds (for ATV/SXS) of the 2018 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC World Off-Road Championship Series took place March 16-18 at Crazy Horse in Lake Havasu City, AZ. The weekend was open to ATV and SXS racing only, and the results are already shaking up the field early in the season.

ATV Pro Report

At the start of the ATV Pro race, Robbie Mitchell got the jump on Mike Sloan and took the early lead coming off the starting line. Sloan pushed to make up ground on Mitchell and keep Felipe Velez, who was in 3rd, from catching up to him. By the second lap, Sloan caught Mitchell and overtook him for the lead. Mitchell held onto 2nd until the third lap when Beau Baron capitalized on his excellent come-from-behind ride. After a less-than-ideal start in 4th, Baron tried to advance but actually lost a position by the second lap.

Baron turned it around in the third lap, put in the fastest lap of the race (4:16.554), and stormed up to 2nd place. Sloan and Baron ran one and two for several laps, trading places multiple times throughout laps six through eight. Unfortunately, Baron ran into trouble and was unable to finish the race. Sloan continued in 1st until the checkered flag, with Mitchell and Velez rounding out the podium in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The results from Crazy Horse put Mitchell in 1st overall, Sloan in 2nd, and Baron in 3rd. Mitchell and Sloan are currently tied with 67 points, which will make for some real sparks in the coming rounds. Baron’s 63 points mean he’s very much in the fight, despite his disappointing weekend.

ATV Pro Results

Pos.No.NameMachinePointsSeries Points
Mike SloanYam2567
25Robbie MitchellHon2267
313Felipe VelezHon2036
439Collins WebsterYam1854
51Beau BaronHon1663
6514John RikerdSuz1545

SXS Pro Report

The SXS Pro race started with David Haagsma taking the lead inside the first lap while being chased by Chris Johnson in 2nd and Nic Granlund in 3rd. Haagsma raced extremely well and held onto his lead until he crossed the finish line in 1st place. Behind Haagsma’s dominant performance, Granlund and Johnson jockeyed for position as they traded between 2nd and 3rd.

Their exciting battle lasted all the way to lap five, but it left the door open for Cody Bradbury, who had moved up to 4th after regrouping from a disappointing 10th-place start. Once Bradbury was in position, he turned on the jets and ran the fastest lap of the day in lap six (5:09.283). The hot lap was enough for Bradbury to muscle his way into 2nd past Granlund and Johnson. At the checkers, Haagsma took 1st, Bradbury earned 2nd, Granlund held onto 3rd, and Johnson finished just off the podium in 4th.

Haagsma’s impressive performance puts him further ahead in the overall points race. With 63 points, Haagsma is 10 ahead of Granlund in 2nd (53 points) and 11 ahead of Baron in 3rd (52 points). Randy Romo took 7th at Crazy Horse and sits in 4th overall. Bradbury’s comeback ride puts him in 5th place with 44 points, especially impressive considering the DNS he earned in round two.

SXS Pro Results

Pos.No.NameMachinePointsSeries Points
11xDavid HaagsmaPol2563
222Cody BradburyPol2244
368Nic GranlundYam2053
435Chris JohnsonPol1842
531Tyler LeaverPol1636
627Jake ShireyPol1540
71tBeau BaronPol1452
815Ryan PiplicPol1342
974Randy RomoPol1250
1093Matthew HancockPol1118
1190Cameron DessaintsPol1021
127Jeremiah WagnerPol930
13111Daxton DotsonCan88
1486Larry HeidlerPol730
DNF514John RikerdPol00