Buffalo Bill’s Resort and Casino in Primm, NV hosted this year’s Rocky Mountain ATV/MC WORCS Pro series, the first split series were motorcycles compete on weekends apart from the ATV and SXS classes. In addition to the regular sponsors, manufacturers such as Beta, Gas Gas, Honda, Husqvarna, Kawasaki, and KTM presented offerings to join in the progress of the series.

The races offer an extensive track designed specifically to challenge motorcycle riders, and a generous $10,000.00 cup to reward them. WORCS redid their infield section, and added some interesting off-road sections to the course. In addition to a quality motocross track, riders must now negotiate segments of rocks contrasting with high-speed desert sections. With temperatures near 60 degrees and dirt tracks settled by rains from the previous week, the experience couldn’t have been better.

Pro Motorcycle Report

Riding a KTM, Taylor Roberts took first despite a tough spill in practice. Zack Bell quickly followed atop his Kawasaki, with Blayne Thompson in 3rd, also astride a Kawasaki. Add Dante Oliveira and Giacomo Redondi for the top five.

Gaging fuel became a strategy on this extended, surprising track. Although Thompson veered off the track during his first lap, he took his 3rd place position from Oliveira who, joined with several others in the top ten including the besieged Gary Sutherlin, ran out of gas and had to push their bikes back to the pit. It was a bad case of arm pump, however, that pulled Redondi back to fifth from an unsurprising early lead. His KTM sporting the #1 plate, Redondi will make Glen Helen his last run in the U.S. before heading to Europe to compete.

Pro Motorcycle Results

Pos.No.NameBikePointsOverall Points
133Taylor RobertKTM2525
2167Zach BellKAW2222
3777Blayne ThompsonKAW2020
4356Dante OliveiraKTM1818
51Giacomo RedondiKTM1616
6324Gary SutherlinKTM1515
729Andrew ShortHQV1414
872Michael Del FanteKAW1313
922Travis DamonHON1212
1039Ricky DietrichHON1111
1114Ty TremaineBTA1010
1246Dalton ShirleyHQV99
13277Mitch CarvolthOTH88
14768Cole ShonedeckHON77
1598Bryce ShondeckYAM66
1677Danny BrockerHON55
1718Chris ConwayTM44

Watch Glen Helen Raceway in Devore, CA for the next WORCS round for motorcycles, this February 1–3.

Pro ATV Report

The ATV track includes a technical rock section that cuts nearly a minute off of a lap time, if riders choose to take it.

Beau Baron vindicated himself from last years’ disappointing one-point championship loss by winning the holeshot and keeping the lead to the end on his Honda.

Mike Sloan lost some time at the dead-engine start when his Yamaha failed to fire up. Despite starting last off the line, he managed to catch up to second place.

Logan Huff captured 3rd place, with Tyler Benally and John Rickerd completing the top five.

Pro ATV Results

Pos.No.NameATV Points Overall Points
1549Beau P. BaronHON2525
21Mike SloanYAM2222
34Logan HuffYAM2020
412Tyler BenallyHON1818
5514John RikerdSUZ1616
6465Travis MirandaYAM1515
7409Michael HarrisHON1414
833Auston BaxterHON1313

Pro SXS Report

Despite a third row position at the start, Ronnie Anderson took the race on adjusted time with his Polaris RZR Turbo S. Two seconds later, Cody Miller crossed the line in his Can-Am Maverick X3.

Cody Bradbury finished 1st physically in his Polaris Turbo S, but 3rd on adjusted time. With ten minutes added to the event this year, many racers adjusted their strategies to manage fuel mileage. Bradbury slowed to conserve his, but still had to stop for a top-off costing him his win in adjusted time.

The top five included Hunter Miller and Sierra Romo. Miller hustled to the top five from a fourth-row position at the start in his Can-Am Maverick X3, and would have finished sooner but for a broken axle. Romo is demonstrated her growing competence, decidedly taking and holding her 5th place in a regular Holz Built Polaris RZR.

Pro SXS Results

Pos.No.NameSXSPointsOverall Points
152Ronnie AndersonPOL2525
2122Cody MillerPOL2222
31xCody BradburyPOL2020
4190Hunter MillerPOL1818
5929Sierra RomoPOL1616
693Matthew HancockPOL1515
715Ryan PiplicPOL1414
874Randy RomoPOL1313
97Jeremiah WagnerPOL1212
1018Shawn SaxtonPOL1111
11517Brian WillisonPOL1010
12799Jeff OberingPOL99
132Matthew SpellmanPOL88
14422David HaagsmaPOL77
1586Larry HeidlerPOL66
161TBeau BaronPOL55
1768Nic GranlundYAM44
1827Jake ShireyPOL33
19956Beau JudgePOL22

Watch the next WORCS ATV and SXS races held during Spring Break weekend, February 22-24, in Lake Havasu, AZ.