The fifth round of the 2018 Rocky Mountain ATV/MC World Off-Road Championship Series took place April 27-29 at Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, UT.

Pro Motorcycle Report

Weather conditions at Sand Hollow made for extreme conditions as motorcycle racing got under way. High winds and sandy dirt made for changing terrain, limited visibility, and hidden obstacles since rocks and small ledges became concealed under drifts of blown sand. The conditions started claiming riders right out of the gate when Taylor Robert and Giacomo Redondi both crashed in the very first turn.

Taylor lost several positions and ended up at the back of the pack, but Redondi ran into trouble a few more times during the first lap. Once the two got used to the tough course conditions, they started moving back up to the front. Taylor mounted a great comeback and took 1st place after outrunning the rest of the competition. Redondi also had a great race and finished 2nd. Gary Sutherlin rounded out the podium in 3rd, and Justin Wallis took 4th.

Redondi’s 2nd-place finish was enough to keep him in 1st for overall points, but Sutherlin’s 3rd place put him in 2nd with only a 9-point deficit. Despite a disappointing 12th-place finish, Zach Bell still stands in 3rd overall. Sand Hollow marked Taylor Robert’s return to racing since round number one, but with two 1st-place finishes, he stands in 6th place with 50 championship points.

Motorcycle Results

Pos.No.NameBikePointsOverall Points
133Taylor Robert
281Giacomo Redondi
31Gary Sutherlin
4907Justin Wallis
522Travis Damon
6356Dante Oliveira
7140Richard Dietrich
8213Justin Seeds
977Danny Brocker
10768Cole Shondeck
11777Blayne Thompson
1211Zach Bell
1398Bryce Shondeck
14551Logan Chambers
1527Derek Kelly
1670Brock Reveal

Pro ATV Report

ATV racing got underway with Mike Sloan getting an early lead over Beau Baron, Felipe Velez, and Robbie Mitchell. Sloan held the lead through lap four and turned in some of the day’s fastest lap times and separated himself from the field. But Beau Baron was the rider Sloan could not shake. Baron consistently kept Sloan’s lead to less than ten seconds, and by the end of lap five, Baron had made a pass and taken the lead.

Baron held onto that lead for the remainder of the race and took the win. Sloan kept running a great race, but Baron had widened the gap to over one minute by the closing laps. Sloan still managed to cross the finish line in 2nd. Mitchell turned in a great performance, passing Velez in lap two, and finished the weekend with the 3rd spot on the podium. Velez finished in 4th, and John Rikerd took 5th.

The racing at Sand Hollow made the overall points race a close one. Sloan is currently in 1st overall with 89 points, but Baron is only one point down in 2nd. If that wasn’t close enough, Mitchell is currently in 3rd with 87 points. Rikerd is in 4th, but with a relatively distant 61 points. With the top-3 riders separated by three points, the coming rounds will play a large role into who becomes champion.

ATV Results

Pos.No.NameMachinePointsOverall Points
11Beau Baron
23Mike Sloan
35Robbie Mitchell
413Felipe Velez
5514John Rikerd
DNF9Matthew Hancock

Pro SXS Report

Nic Granlund took an early lead when the start flag waved for SXS racing, but a stacked field of riders meant it wouldn’t last long. By lap two, Granlund had lost the lead to Randy Romo and was being pressured from Ryan Piplic, who was running in 3rd. David Haagsma was also in the mix, but a slow start kept him back from the lead in 4th. The running order got mixed up again during laps two and three. Romo hit a snag and fell back to 4th while Granlund hit problems of his own and dropped to 5th.

Cody Bradbury capitalized on the craziness by rocketing up from 5th to 1st and running the fastest lap of the race during lap four. Piplic also moved up and pressured Bradbury, but couldn’t make a pass. At the finish line, Bradbury took 1st and Piplic came in 2nd just four seconds later. Haagsma took the 3rd spot on the podium and was followed up by Granlund in 4th and Romo in 5th.

Haagsma is still in 1st place for overall points, and Granlund is in a close 2nd with 71 points. Bradbury’s win moved him up to 3rd, just two points down from 2nd. Beau Baron is in a close 4th, but he’s getting his own pressure from Romo, who is tied with Baron in points.

SXS Results

Pos.No.NameMachinePointsOverall Points
122Cody Bradbury
215Ryan Piplic
31xDavid Haagsma
468Nic Granlund
574Randy Romo
693Matthew Hancock
71TBeau Baron
87Jeremiah Wagner
935Chris Johnson
1031Tyson Leaver
11369Jedd Packard
1286Larry Heidler
13514John Rickerd