Round 7 of WORCS took place at Straddleline ORV Park in McCleary, WA. Most WORCS events are desert races, but Straddleline is a woods course more akin to the GNCC. As such, it tends to favor technical skills more than speed compared most of the other WORCS events.

ATV Pro Report

There’s a reason that Beau Baron sits atop the points battle for the ATV Pro class. He’s good at what he does, and he proved it once more at Straddleline. It wasn’t long before he’d fought his way to the front of the pack and stayed there for the entire race. Robbie Mitchell started out in 1st with the holeshot. David Haagsma began in 2nd. Once Baron passed both of them, Mitchell was in 2nd and Haagsma was in 3rd, though eventually Haagsma was able to get by Mitchell as well, and he stayed in 2nd for the remainder of the race. Josh Row also managed to get past Mitchell, allowing him to take 3rd. Mitchell finished in 4th.

ATV Pro Results

11Beau BaronHonda25161
2422David HaagsmaHonda22141
3417Josh RowHonda20145
45Robbie Mitchell*Honda18120
545Garrin FullerHonda1692
6720Ruby DavisHonda1515


Motorcycle Pro Report

After a disappointing round at Iron Mine, Gary Sutherlin turned things around and got back on the top of the podium at Straddleline. However, he was seriously challenged by newcomer Ricky Russell. It was Russell’s first WORCS event of the season, although Russell is a regular contender in the GNCC series (XC2 Pro Lites class), and the woods course of Straddleline was right up his alley (and not too far away from his hometown, either). The final spot on the podium was taken by Rory Sullivan, who raced his first WORCS event of the season at Straddleline as well. He also hails from the northwest and is an experienced woods rider, so his podium performance isn’t too surprising.

Motorcycle Pro Results

1324Gary SutherlinKTM25161
2212Ricky RussellYamaha2222
3272Rory SullivanKTM2020
41Robby BellKawasaki18143
53Justin JonesKTM16122
634Justin McGovernKTM1515
777Joel TonsgardHusqvarna1414
8213Justin Seeds*Kawasaki13105
9692Todd HindersHonda1212
10979Brenden RitzmanKawasaki1111
DNF749Ryan GustineHonda00
DNF90Bobby PruchnauKTM00
DNS18Chris ConwayKawasaki00
DNS280Eric YorbaKTM096


SXS Pro Report

Once more, Beau Baron performed spectacularly in the SXS Pro class. While other competitors typically grab the holeshot over him on ATVs, Baron has a knack for holeshots when he’s in a UTV, and Straddleline was no different. After he had the holeshot, he pulled away for the win. Mitch Guthrie, Jr. started in 2nd and fought hard. Although Ryan Piplic managed to pass him, Guthrie maintained his position in 3rd through the end of the race. Towards the end, Piplic began to catch up to 1st due to some lappers that were slowing Baron down. However, Baron wouldn’t let him by.

SXS Pro Results

11Beau Baron*Honda25152
215Ryan PiplicPolaris22121
351Mitch Guthrie, Jr.Polaris20130
460Mark HolzPolaris1818
5176Nick ThompsonPolaris1654
6457Jeff OberingPolaris15111
723Pablo VegliaCan-Am1456
895Michael CampKawasaki1364
9990Zac ZakowskiCan-Am1212
10481Justin DawesPolaris1123
1117Stacey PikeArctic Cat1053
1213Kyle ChaneyCan-Am99
13435Ray BullochArctic Cat834
DNF11Doug EichnerPolaris040


By Jeff Baker