The season finale of the 2018 World Off-Road Championship Series, the SXS World Championship, took place over the weekend of November 2-4 at Buffalo Bills in Primm, NV.

SXS Pro Report

The SXS World Championship consisted of two rounds – a short course on the Lucas Oil track for the first race and a desert race on Primm’s off-road circuit for the second. The points in the first race were to be counted as double due to the cancellation of SXS races in round 8. With a light breeze blowing and temperatures in the mid 80s, the weather was perfect for the SXS drivers to hit the tracks.

With both races taking place on Friday, it was a busy day. In the short course race, Beau Judge and RJ Anderson took their battle into the final laps of the course, almost causing each other to crash near the end of the race when their tires collided going up a big jump side by side. Judge, who was racing a brand new Can-Am Maverick X3, went on to take the win over Anderson in his RZR Turbo S, who was having fuel issues. In an attempt to conserve weight, Anderson had opted to race with less fuel in his tank to conserve car weight; however, his machine began to stall out around corners when fuel levels changed. Anderson finished the first race in 2nd place, while Cody Bradbury, who entered the weekend 2nd overall in points, took 3rd place. The points leader, David Haagsma, began the race with a seven-point lead but surrendered the lead to Bradbury due to his 7th place finish and the points counting as double.

SXS Pro Results – Round 1

1956Beau JudgeCan Am2525
2367RJ AndersonPolaris2222
322Cody BradburyPolaris20136
415Ryan PiplicPolaris18107
568Nic GranlundYamaha16112
67Jeremiah WagnerPolaris1586
71XDavid HaagsmaPolaris14137
81TBeau BaronPolaris13121
935Chris JohnsonPolaris1278
1093Matthew HancockPolaris1172
1186Larry HeidlerPolaris1075
1274Randy RomoPolaris991
1327Jake ShireyPolaris858
14514John RikerdSuzuki725
15911J.D. MarshPolaris66

The desert race got underway later that afternoon. RJ Anderson was once again a top contender, starting on the second row and slowly working his way through the pack and towards the front throughout the race. Nic Granlund, who raced in multiple classes over the weekend, got off to a 4th place start in the desert race but also worked his way towards the front as the race went on. Though Granlund went on to finish 1st physically, Anderson ended up taking the overall win once the time had been adjusted. Granlund was given 2nd place, and Judge took third. Haagsma experienced electrical issues during the desert race and finished in 9th, which set him back even further in the battle for the championship. Anderson took the overall win for the weekend, Judge took 2nd and Granlund took 3rd.

The championship standings were significantly altered over the weekend. Whereas the lineup coming into the weekend saw David Haagsma in line for the overall championship, with Cody Bradbury behind him for 2nd, Bradbury was able to grab the win with 169 points. A mere six points behind Bradbury, Haagsma finished the season with 163 points and a second place overall. Granlund beat Beau Baron for the final podium position with 150 points, one point more than Baron’s 4th place overall with 149. Ryan Piplic finished out the top 5 overall with 141 points.

SXS Pro Results – Round 2

1637RJ AndersonPolaris2569
268Nic GranlundYamaha22150
3956Beau JudgeCan Am2070
493Matthew HancockPolaris18101
515Ryan PiplicPolaris16141
61TBeau BaronPolaris15149
77Jeremiah WagnerPolaris14115
822Cody BradburyPolaris13169
91XDavid HaagsmaPolaris12163
1027Jake ShireyPolaris1177
1186Larry HeidlerPolaris1095
12514John RikerdSuzuki941
13911J.D. MarshPolaris820

SXS Pro Season Results

122Cody Bradbury169
21XDavid Haagsma163
368Nic Granlund150
41TBeau Baron149
515Ryan Piplic141
67Jeremiah Wagner115
793Matthew Hancock101
874Randy Romo100
986Larry Heidler95
1035Chris Johnson90
1127Jake Shirey77
12956Beau Judge70
13637RJ Anderson69
1431Tyson Leaver47
1552Ronnie Anderson43
16514John Rikerd41
1790Cameron Dessaints33
18911J.D. Marsh20
1914Cody Wemple15
205Shelby Anderson12
2158Ryan Holz11
22181Chris Redden11
23369Jedd Packard10
24111Daxten Dotson8
25212Jason Soucie6