Yamaha recently introduced its complete MX lineup for 2020 including the YZ450F, YZ250F, YZ125, YZ250, YZ85, and YZ65. The race-ready models all feature exciting refinements and upgrades, starting with the completely redesigned YZ450F.

2020 YZ450F

With a new engine, frame, and other upgraded parts, the YZ450F has been totally overhauled for 2020. Starting with the engine, Yamaha installed a 449cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke, electric start engine in a compact cylinder head. The combustion chamber was redesigned to slim down the bike, featuring steeper valve angles and more aggressive cam profiles. Moving on, the transmission was also reworked to offer improved and more efficient shifting.

All of this power is packed into a lightweight aluminum bilateral beam frame. Yamaha’s latest iteration of this frame has all-new flex characteristics to help the bike’s cornering and handling. Other chassis components that got redesigned are the engine mounts, front axle, top triple clamp, and the KYB suspension. These changes are all aimed to create a lighter, faster, more controllable YZ450F.

The other components that made the previous YZ450F models so popular like an electric start, lithium battery, EFI, and wrap-around exhaust, will all be featured on the 2020 model. The new bike will be available in July of 2019 in two colors – Team Yamaha Blue and Gray – for $9,299 MSRP.

2020 YZ250F

The YZ250F saw most of its updates in 2019 when a new engine, frame, and bodywork was introduced. For 2020, the focus for the YZ250F was to refine those industry-leading changes to keep the bike a leader in technology and performance. As in 2019, the 2020 Yamaha will feature the aluminum bilateral beam frame, KYB suspension, and Yamaha’s proprietary tech for dual-mode switchable engine mapping with wireless connectivity to the Yamaha Power Tuner App.

Yamaha plans to roll out the newest YZ250Fs later this month in both Team Yamaha Blue and Gray. MSRP is set at $8,199.

2020 YZ125X

An all new model for 2020, the YZ125X is a two-stroke being added to Yamaha’s off-road lineup. The new bike has the Yamaha Power Valve System, a two-stroke, reed-valve-inducted engine, and a six-speed transmission. All of this packed into a lightweight aluminum frame optimize the YZ125X for enduro and off-road riding. With fully adjustable spring-type suspension from KYB and other refined stock parts, the newest Yamaha is coming into showrooms ready to rip.

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Keep reading below for Yamaha’s official press release to get more information on these popular MX bikes and the other YZs in Yamaha’s lineup.

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Yamaha Official Press Release

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, introduces its complete lineup of race-ready 2020 motocross bikes, including the newly redesigned YZ450F, featuring a new engine, frame, and host of other features to deliver a lighter, more powerful, and better handling motocross experience.

“The 2020 YZ450F features design changes which resulted in a lighter, faster, and more nimble handling machine that will once again raise the bar in the 450 class,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s motorsports marketing manager. “Yamaha’s 2020 lineup of four-stroke motocross bikes boasts the most advanced, race-ready machines of their respective classes.”

Also returning for 2020 is the championship-winning Yamaha YZ250F four-stroke motocross bike, along with Yamaha’s legendary two-stroke lineup featuring the YZ250, YZ125, YZ85, and YZ65.

Welcome to the victorYZone

Yamaha off-road competition bikes offer the very latest technology and performance features designed to make enthusiasts the best riders possible, win races and help riders become one with their machine—putting them in the zone and atop the podium.


The new 2020 Yamaha YZ450F has been redesigned to provide a lighter, more powerful, and better handling motocross experience. The new 449cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, electric start engine features an all-new compact cylinder head with redesigned combustion chamber shape, steeper valve angles and more aggressive cam profiles. The reward-slanted cylinder houses a higher compression piston with low friction rings attached to a longer connecting rod. The transmission has been refined to provide smoother shifting, and a more efficient crank breather system has been adopted to decrease pumping losses. In all, the lighter, more compact engine produces increased power across the entire RPM range for stronger and more linear pulling power.

The new motor is housed in the latest evolution of Yamaha’s lightweight aluminum bilateral beam frame, which has been redesigned with all-new flex characteristics and provides improved cornering performance, traction and bump reaction to give the rider more confidence to push harder. Other chassis components such as engine mounts, top triple clamp and front axle, as well as the class-leading KYB® suspension with enhanced compression and rebound characteristics were carefully refined to reduce weight while improving handling and performance. To bring the new package to a stop, the 2020 YZ450F features a newly designed front brake caliper, brake pads and front and rear disc. The overall changes of the 2020 YZ450F deliver increased power output with more controllable linear acceleration and lightweight handling characteristics that mimic a YZ250F.

Featuring Yamaha’s advanced racing technology, the new 2020 YZ450F has been updated to give racers the edge right out of the gate. Standard equipment including electric start, a lightweight lithium battery, advanced fuel injection, and a wrap around rear-positioned exhaust deliver powerful and reliable performance while balancing weight for excellent mass-centralization. Racers can achieve quicker, smoother race starts through Yamaha’s Launch Control System, adjust their on-track performance using wireless connectivity through the Yamaha Power Tuner App right from their phone, and now choose between two user defined ECU maps on the fly through the handlebar mounted dual-mode engine map switch.

The new 2020 YZ450F will be available from dealers next month in Team Yamaha Blue and Gray for $9,299 MSRP.

2020 YZ250F: TUNE, RACE, WIN

Last year, the 2019 YZ250F introduced all-new engine, frame, and bodywork designs with features never-before seen on a 250cc class motorcycle to deliver more mid-range and top-end power, and class-leading engine performance. Yamaha’s championship-winning design returns with the 2020 YZ250F.

Sporting an electric start, 250cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke engine housed in an aluminum bilateral beam frame, and suspended by industry leading KYB spring type forks and KYB rear shock, the 2020 YZ250F provides the ultimate balance of race-winning performance, rideability and comfort. The motorcycle also continues to feature Yamaha’s advanced racing technology including dual-mode switchable engine mapping and wireless connectivity for the Yamaha Power Tuner App.

The 2020 YZ250F will be available from dealers this month in Team Yamaha Blue and Gray for $8,199 MSRP.

2020 YZ125 AND YZ250

Yamaha’s YZ125 and YZ250 models return for 2020 to complete Yamaha’s full-size lineup of motocross bikes. Lightweight aluminum frames, Yamaha’s patented Power Valve System (YPVSTM), and reed-valve inducted engines provide an incredible power-to-weight ratio while maintaining Yamaha’s excellent reliability and durability. Both the YZ125 and YZ250 each sport industry leading KYB spring-type fork and KYB rear shock for unmatched comfort and performance on the track.

The 2020 YZ125 and YZ250 will begin arriving at Yamaha dealerships this month in Team Yamaha Blue for $6,499 and $7,399 MSRP, respectively.

2020 YZ85 AND YZ65

Yamaha’s 2020 youth models, the YZ85 and YZ65, are ready to tackle the track with winning performance out of the gate.

They are respectively powered by confidence-inspiring 85cc and 65cc two-stroke engines featuring YPVS for broad, tractable power across the rev range without losing peak power at high RPM — improving rideability and reducing the need for frequent shifting. Industry-leading 36mm KYB spring type forks and KYB rear shock are fully adjustable for compression and rebound, and contribute to class-leading handling and performance in a wide range of conditions. Four-way, adjustable handlebar positioning as well as lever reach adjustability are designed for ultimate rider comfort regardless of size. Finally, with two-stroke ease of maintenance and Yamaha’s proven durability, the 2020 YZ85 and YZ65 are built to keep kids on the track.

The 2020 YZ85 and YZ65 will both be available from dealers this month in Team Yamaha Blue for $4,599 MSRP.