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  • Tusk Clutch Spring Set

    Tusk Clutch Spring Set

    Ryan in MB

    Not 10% Stiffer

    I bought these springs because we needed stiffer springs. The description says they are 10% stiffer. They were cheap so I tried them. As soon as I had one in my hand and compressed it I could tell that they were not any stiffer than OEM. They were longer so I tried them anyways but they made no difference. I then bought much more expensive ones and I could tell by compressing the more expensive ones in my hand that they were actually stiffer than OEM and they worked way better on our bike. These are probably a decent choice to replace OEM if you aren't looking for stiffer springs but of no use otherwise.

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  • No Toil Air Box Washing Cover

    No Toil Air Box Washing Cover

    Jason in TN

    Not as advertised

    Video says it comes with a "soft rubber edge" to help seal out water. The one I was sent does NOT have that soft foam edge. Doesn't seal worth a darn.. Absolute waste of money.. 2007 KTM RFS

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  • Odi V2 Rogue MX Lock-On Grips

    Odi V2 Rogue MX Lock-On Grips

    JEFF in CA

    poor fit

    For some reason these lockons didn't lock on very well. The left grip would spin under stress. I thought I would like the larger grip size but it wasn't for me. The larger size gave me more arm pump.

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  • Trail Tech Complete Stator Kit

    Trail Tech Complete Stator Kit

    David in New Jersey

    Burned my hand

    5 hours into ta 10 hour race my bike died like it was out of gas. After pushing back to the pits and losing about a hour. We found that the battery was so hot you could fry a egg. We had not been running the lights over a hour at this point so there was no load on it. We checked the voltage charging the battery and it was 14v. I called TT and they said it was a bad battery. Then they tell me you do not even need it to run the lights. Just use all your stock stuff and get only the stator. ($130) not $280. I wish they but you can not buy just that stator from here. You have to call TT.

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  • Pivot Works Linkage Rebuild Kit

    Pivot Works Linkage Rebuild Kit

    ROBERT in FL

    Poor quality control

    Apparently pivot works is lacking in quality control. The kit came with one of the bearings missing a needle. Straight out of the packaging, not lost or fell out, just missing. I used all balls before, they weren't great but at least the bearings weren't missing any needles. I will skip the aftermarket for bearings from now on and pay a little more for oem.

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  • Twin Air - Air Filter

    Twin Air - Air Filter

    AARON in NE

    its a twin air

    as the title says, its a twin air. I have bought the cheap filters thinking I was saving money but I always come back to twin air because of their quality and performance. I have used the same filter on the same bike for over 5 years now and this filter is still in as good of shape today as the day I bought it. I wash it after every other ride, approx. twice a month

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