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Safari Fuel Tanks

Latest Safari Fuel Tanks Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Safari Fuel Tanks - Fuel Tank

    Quoc in CO

    Pricey but sweet!

    Fits my 03 KLX400SR really well. Didn't even need to modify my Unabiker radiator guards. Cross bracket will align once you attach it to the frame first.

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  • Safari Fuel Tanks Fairing

    Kathleen in IA

    Very prone to cracking in minor crashes, etc

    I bought this fairing to supplement my Safari tank. I was looking for better wind protection and to get the dash up from the low stock position. First, I wished to have it in Suzuki Blue color, so I got spray paint made for plastics and fiberglass, did three coats and finished with a clear coat. The paint would chip away at the slightest contact with anything. If you wish to add color, do so with vinyl sticker sheeting, since the white coating is actually pretty nicely done. Second, this mounts directly to the tank by four screws. Not a good setup. One surprise is that plastic tanks expand as they are used. My Safari tank actually holds nearly 8.5 gallons because of this expansion. However, the holes in the tank for the fairing no longer lined up because of this fact. Was a real pain needing two people, one person pushing in on the tank and the other screwing in the mounting screw. I could see this causing the thread to strip after repeated mountings after maintenance. Lastly, I went on a mild Dual sport ride, went down in deep ruts twice, once on each side. The fairing cracked badly each side, on the ride side the dash panel actually became detached from the faring by a couple of inches. So no, I don't recommend this fairing, unless you don't use your DR as a dual sport where you could go down. But you would still have the expansion/mounting problems if this was say, on a supermoto. I ended up getting the custom made fairing from a maker also in Australia (some research and you will find it, can't mention here because RMATVMC doesn't sell it), and it is based on the rally design, mounting to the frame of the bike, and doesn't touch the tank at all. MUCH better.

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