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  • Spy Omen Goggle Replacement Lens

    Spy Omen Goggle Replacement Lens

    Michael in CO

    better than buying a $100 set of goggles

    simple to change out, depending on the weather conditions that day. but this lens works with just about every type of day mother nature can throw at you.

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  • Spy Foundation Goggle

    Spy Foundation Goggle

    DUANE in CA


    Best fit I have found around. Good luck ride safe. Jarvis 5 wins ya buddy

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  • Spy Woot/Woot Race Goggle Tear-Offs

    Spy Woot/Woot Race Goggle Tear-Offs

    Kyle in WA

    Loose fit with large gap to the lens on top. Worked...

    Didn't fit tight to the lens, probably a 1/4" gap across the top. The holes are probably spaced a bit too wide. They still worked fine, didn't get any dirt between then and the lens in my race, luckily. Ordering another pack and hoping they fit better. Not the end of the world, as tearoffs never fit perfectly tight anyway.

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  • Spy Woot Race Goggle

    Spy Woot Race Goggle

    Kyle in WA

    Impressed by the goggles, but the extra lens being ...

    Would have been good to know that the free extra lens doesn't match the one that comes in the goggles. Seems like that's implied when they don't say "comes with free clear lens." Oh well, the goggles are great and a clear lens can be good at times.

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  • Spy Woot Goggle

    Spy Woot Goggle

    Donald in CA

    Sweet Goggles

    These were a great purchase. The value gets five stars because I did get them on sale, otherwise for me, they would be expensive. As for the fit and performance, they are great goggles, so clear and breathable and the nose guard helps keep added dust, dirt or sand from entering in the goggle area. I mainly ride the dunes and in the desert, but will occasionally hit the dirt. Hope this helps! Have a great day!

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  • Spy Omen Goggle Tear-Offs

    Spy Omen Goggle Tear-Offs

    Douglas in NM

    Spy Omen Tear-offs

    Clear, good fit, easy to install, easy to tear off one at a time.

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