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Latest StreetFX Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • StreetFX Flag Whip-Light

    StreetFX Flag Whip-Light

    mmanelli in AZ

    for Artic Cat

    It works great. Very easy installation.

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  • StreetFX Motion Activated Valve Stem Cap Light

    StreetFX Motion Activated Valve Stem Cap Light

    Tyson in UT

    Great night visibility Aid

    I got these for my street bike to help me be more visible at night. They do a great job at that! I'm afraid it throws off my tire balance. The issues with them are that I can't control when they are on because motion turns them on. Therefore, they run all day and only lasted 2 weeks on new batteries.

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  • StreetFX Rectangle Lightpod

    StreetFX Rectangle Lightpod

    Morgan in UT

    StreetFX Rectangle Lighpod

    The lightpod i bought was the coolest thing i have ever bought. I rigged it up to my dirt bike so it shines underneath like a glow-light. When I ride at night, these help me to see better because I don't have a headlight. I would give this lightpod a 5 star rating because they are dope as heck and are cool to see when I ride in the night. All of my biddies who have dirt bikes want them too, but don't know how to rig them up. Once again I would just like to say these things are amazing to ride with and to see, so for me it's a 5 star rating.

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