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  • Stubby Slim Tire Tool

    Stubby Slim Tire Tool

    Ryan in MN

    Great product - do your rims a favor!

    A big fan of these. Nice piece of mind not worrying about scuffing black rims. If changing a tire as you should, they're great. Have broken one before, but was being lazy and prying too hard when the bead had reset. Great product.

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  • Stubby Pro Tire Tool

    Stubby Pro Tire Tool

    Cody in FL

    Best tire tool ever!

    If you are changing tires without this tool, you have no clue what your missing.

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  • Stubby Fanny Packer Tire Tool

    Stubby Fanny Packer Tire Tool

    Richard in NV

    No mar on rims

    great for final seating of tire. Must take small bites of tire bead as it is plastic, but it does not mark rims. I use it in conjunction with a steel tire iron.

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