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Dirt Bike Locks, Cables and Alarms

There’s nothing quite like having a bike so tricked out that it’s the envy of everyone around. Keep it safe with locks and security cables from Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. We have many options available, including brands like Kryptonite and On Guard. We even have the Xena disc lock, which doubles as an alarm. Not only will the lock make it difficult to steal, it will also emit an ear-piercing tone to alert everyone in the surrounding area. It will save your dirt bike.

Of course, protecting your motorcycle with locks and security cables is just one half of security you need to consider – you must also protect your bike during transport if it isn’t properly secured. A motorcycle bed rack can aid in stabilization when you’re heading down the road. A fork brace is a useful stabilization tool too. And nothing beats the Risk Racing Lock-N-Load transport system.

So whether you’re looking for a fork support or a lock with an alarm, you’ll find what you need at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC. Not convinced? Just take a look at the high quality products we stock. You won’t be disappointed!

Latest Dirt Bike Locks/Security Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Polisport Fork Saver

    Polisport Fork Saver

    Chris in CA

    Too short

    Description states this is for full size dirt bikes, but it is too short for my WR250R and WR450F. The 250 is pretty short and even on that bike I have to ratchet the forks MUCH farther than I normally would without the fork saver. Well into blown seal territory. Bummer

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  • Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Moto Transport System

    Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Moto Transport System

    Josh in IL

    Good Product

    Makes loading two dirt bikes in an enclosed trailer very easy and I like that it doesn’t put much pressure on the front forks. It is a little expensive but Worth it.

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  • Rider Cargo Motorcycle Fork Brace

    Rider Cargo Motorcycle Fork Brace

    Zeke in UT

    Affordable, Sturdy, and Gets the Job Done

    This fork protector fits great and is sturdy. Would recommend it! Super reliable.

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  • Motorsport Products Fork Saver

    Motorsport Products Fork Saver

    Lyle in AZ


    Some one makes a product that works. Used to use a contured 2 by 4. Then bought a plastic one from RM, it broke after a few uses. They sent me a free one which was nice. It lasted for about 6 months and it broke also. This brace is great, strong, adjustabe to any length and stays in place. Can now cinch the bike down so it doesn't bounce around without having to compress the forks. Price is right also.

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  • KTM Fork Support

    KTM Fork Support

    Hineman in AZ

    Perfect for bike transport!

    This fork support is great to ensure your motorcycle doesn’t bounce the forks when you are hitting bumps on the way to the ride site. This ensures your tie down doesn’t come loose allowing your bike to fall over of off the trailer/bed. I’ve been using one for years and haven’t had a bike come loose during travel.

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  • Husqvarna Fork Support

    Husqvarna Fork Support

    Mike in CA

    Good, but with caveat

    First time ever for using a fork support. I picked up a '17 TC250 Husky with the AR48 forks. Figured I'd be nice to them and get a support for trailering. After install, I cinched the tie-downs tight, even squashed the front tire by about a half. Drove to the track, which was about 6 miles from my house. Fork support: GONE! It fell out! I might as well have driven down the road and tossed money out the window. I ended up finding the support on the side of the road after I back-tracked. Then I realized what the slots were for in the ends of the cross -T's. I know, I'm Captain Obvious. A little note included with the product stating how to secure it would have helped me avoid that and possibly would help others too. I've attached a picture of how I lashed it down. Velcro strap on each wing, AND a back-up leash if somehow the Velcro straps were to let loose. If I had not of luckily found it, I literally would just use a 2x4 piece of lumber cut to the proper length.

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