Dirt Bike Wheel Chocks

Stabilize your bike while on the road with a wheel chock. Regardless of whether you’re headed to the motocross track or your favorite trail, a wheel chock will secure your bike in your trailer during travel.

Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has several options of dirt bike wheel chocks to choose from. We carry brands like Moose Racing, Rider Cargo and WPS. Since we know that you won’t be using your trailer exclusively for hauling your motorcycle from place to place, many of the chocks we carry are removable, making it a breeze to quickly equip your vehicle for dirt bike transport after the initial installation is over. If you ever intend to leave your bike strapped in overnight in between two riding days, a locking wheel chock will allow you to sleep peacefully without worrying about your motorcycle.

If you’ve been putting it off, today’s the day to get yourself a wheel chock to keep your bike better stabilized during transportation. Take a look at our options to decide what works best for you.

Latest Dirt Bike Wheel Chocks Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Rider Cargo Wheel Chock Quick Release Kit

    Rider Cargo Wheel Chock Quick Release Kit

    Doug in WA

    Works, sloppy tolerances.

    We'll it sort of works. Installed as-delivered and the chocks have a fair amount of rotational play, meaning they won't necessarily stay parallel and if the rear of your bike is free to slide a bit that can actually rotate the chock in the mount a fair bit. The kit is probably a good 3/8-1/2" narrower than the chocks, and even if bolted tight to the floor don't really keep the chocks nice and snug, they just keep the chocks from sliding forward. I remedied this by mounting 3/4" plywood squares that are tight between the chocks onto 3/16"-1/4" plywood squares that are larger and fit under the chock legs (between the floor and the leg). This takes up all play, and keeps the chocks from rotating, but the chocks can still be removed to carry other stuff in the trailer besides bikes.

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  • Rider Cargo Motorcycle Wheel Chock

    Rider Cargo Motorcycle Wheel Chock

    Doug in WA

    Good price/value for enclosed trailers/dirt bikes

    4 stars really because of price/value. These are functional, are the right size for dirt bike tires, and would be best bolted directly to the floor of the trailer. Read my review of the mounting system why that is. Note they are installed inside of an enclosed trailer so I have no reference on how durable they would be exposed on an open trailer.

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  • WPS Removable Motorcycle Wheel Chock

    WPS Removable Motorcycle Wheel Chock

    Timothy in NY

    Great Product

    I currently have 4 WPS removable wheel chocks in my motorhome. They are a great product for the money. I have bought the more expensive ones and these work the same.

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  • Universal Samson Bed Rack

    Universal Samson Bed Rack

    Kevin in MN

    Samson Bed Rack in S10/Sonoma

    The fit and finish on the product is excellent. Install on a 2003 S10/Sonoma was simple. Chock spacing allows two full size dirt bikes to be loaded without a backing block for handlebar clearance. Nice!!

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  • SPS Motorcycle Bed Rack

    SPS Motorcycle Bed Rack

    Marco in PA

    It works, but mounting was very difficult.

    Plain and simple, it works, and it works very well. Very simple robust design. Mounting was a pain, especially in a new Chevy truck where the room between the bed and cab is too small to fit a hand down there to hold the locknut. I tied fishing line around the bolt end, fed it through the hole I drilled in the cab and through the rack with long needle-nose pliers, and pulled the bolt through from the back. Only way to get it mounted.

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  • Universal Treo Rack Extender for Samson Bed Rack

    Universal Treo Rack Extender for Samson Bed Rack

    TODD in GA

    seems ok

    I am using it inside my (sprinter) van ...seems a little flimsy because it is aluminum.... works fine though

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