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Dirt Bike Loading Ramps

Lifting a 200 lb. dirt bike several feet off the ground and into the back of a pickup truck is no small feat. Fortunately, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC’s got you covered with our selection of motorcycle loading ramps. With well over a dozen options, we’ve got something that’s perfect for you.

Loading ramps are designed to make the process easier, and that’s why we only carry ramps crafted out of high quality aluminum. In fact, many are built using aircraft-grade T6 aluminum. If you prefer a folding dirt bike ramp, we have several to choose from. Folding ramps are generally more manageable to store and transport. Aside from loading ramps that are designed exclusively for motorcycles, we also carry bi-fold and tri-fold ramps which work great for any off-road vehicle (like a quad). These are excellent if you own multiple powersport vehicles and only want a single loading ramp.

We choose to carry brands that are dedicated to high quality – after all, you’re loading a heavy and valuable machine. That’s why we’ve got Fly Racing, MSR and Motorsport Products. We even have the Ready Ramp bed extender, which doubles as a bed extension rail once your bike is loaded. Go ahead and check out our offerings. When you’re looking for a dirt bike loading ramp, you can’t go wrong with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC.

Latest Dirt Bike Loading Ramps Reviews – You could win up to $500 for reviewing products!

  • Fly Racing Folding Aluminum Motorcycle Ramp

    Fly Racing Folding Aluminum Motorcycle Ramp

    Kyler in ID

    Solid ramp

    Good ramp for the price. A bit narrow but gets the job done

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  • Ultimate MX Hauler Motorcycle Carrier

    Ultimate MX Hauler Motorcycle Carrier

    Erik in WV

    Overall this product is excelkent

    Makes loading and unloading easy. Great for after a long day of riding when you are tired. Durable and sturdy and holds the bike in place with a strap or 2 to help.

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  • All Jacked Up Switch Hauler with Foot Peg Restraint

    All Jacked Up Switch Hauler with Foot Peg Restraint

    Jason in TX

    Durability is a Problem and it may lead to Legal Tr...

    The Bad •Owner admitted that they are having quality issues with the Jacks. I experienced a jack failure where it would not lift the bike to the top. Had to physically lift weight of bike to align safety bolt holes. •Safety Bolts will back out on you while driving down the road. Owner offered to dill hole in them and instructed me to use a bungie cord to keep them from backing out. •Plastic stick-on protector / spacers he procures from 3M do not stay in place, will block safety bolt hole. He said they do not make adhesive that sticks to powder coating. •Jack Handle is too small in diameter, they use plastic shrink wrap to increase tube diameter but it does not last when jacking, makes insertion into hole challenging. •Obstructs the view of the rear license plate. Legally (varies by state) you might need to put your license plate on the back of the hauler where police can see it. Yet the hauler has no consideration for plate mounting. •Replacement parts are expensive and pricing is inconsistent. After having these problems they tried to charge me $30 for a jack handle, my buddy got two for less than that. •They might convince you to spend another $30 or so for additional safety tabs if you have a 2500 truck. They were not needed. •It is quicker to load your bike in the back of a truck than it is to use this. •When expressing concerns to the owner he told me that I could resell it on eBay when I told him I would likely not use it anymore. The Good •Super easy to Wash your Bike •If you do not have a truck bed this is likely your best option on the market. I have not seen anything better.

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  • RevArc MX Loading Ramp

    RevArc MX Loading Ramp

    Alan in UT

    I've owned many ramps in my life, and this one's my favorite. Perfect width for dirt bike, useful arc curve in the ramp, good quality build. Plastic washers at the pivot joint and a robust vulcanized contact tip would have made it better thought. Definitely recommend as is.

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  • Ultimate MX Hauler Ramp Single Motorcycle Carrier

    Ultimate MX Hauler Ramp Single Motorcycle Carrier

    Mark in AZ

    Great Hauler!

    Exactly as described. I have been using it for a year and have always loaded my CRF250L by myself with no issues. There are two pieces which makes it easy to attach. Make sure you follow the instructions and you shouldn’t have any issues. The unit seems to be very high quality. If you have any questions the company offers great customer service. When I first got it I was constantly checking my rear view mirror but now I no longer worry. I would highly recommend it!

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  • RevArc Dirt Bike Loading System

    RevArc Dirt Bike Loading System

    Barry in FL

    Works great

    I like the systems compactness which makes it easy when traveling and storing in the garage. I was able to load and unload very easily. For dudes like me (over 50) this is a great system.

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